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Inverness house fire 3-27-13

The Palatine Rural FPD received a report from a citizen that had observed smoke coming from a house at 124 Poteet in Inverness, two blocks from the fire station. Engine 36 requested a fire response and then upgraded it to a working fire (Code 4) minutes later upon arrival at the scene. Companies from Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Barrington, East Dundee, West Dundee, Palatine, Long Grove, Buffalo Grove, and Prospect Heights were called to assist.

Companies had smoke from a first floor kitchen window, and the occupants were not at home. Firefighters encountered conditions inside the house consistent with a collier’s mansion, and were able to contain and extinguish the fire within 20 minutes.

Larry Shapiro went to the scene and arrived after the fire was knocked down. Here are several images from the scene.

Inverness house fire on Poteet 3-27-13

Hoffman Estates firefighters await an assignment outside the house. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine Rural FPD Engine 36 at a fire scene

Palatine Rural FPD Engine 36 had two lines off. Larry Shapiro photo

Palatine Rural FPD tanker 36

Palatine Rural Tanker 36 dropped their portable tank in case the fire required additional water from the East Dundee and Prospect Heights tankers that were in staging. Larry Shapiro photo

Inverness house fire on Poteet 3-27-13

Palatine Rural FPD Tanker 36 nurses Engine 36 in this subdivision without hydrants. Larry Shapiro photo

Hoffman Estates Fire Department Reserve Truck 24

Hoffman Estates Truck 22 is running with the reserve aerial. The tower ladder will be out of service undergoing paint and bodywork by RPI for the next several months. Larry Shapiro photo

Rolling Meadows FD Engine 16

Rolling Meadows Engine 16. Larry Shapiro photo

West Dundee FPD aerial ladder truck

The West Dundee FD is running with their reserve ladder truck while their tower ladder is down for bodywork. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD Tower Ladder 25

Buffalo Grove Tower 25 was the RIT company. Larry Shapiro photo

fire scene commander with accountability board

Rolling Meadows Battalion 15 was in command of the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Additional images from the scene can be found HERE.

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Hillside has been added to the site

Hillside Fire Department

The Hillside Fire Station has been modified since this photo was taken and now has a second floor. Bill Friedrich photo

In MABAS Division 20, the Hillside Fire Department has been added to the site. Hillside operates out of one station at 523 N. Wolf Road, and they house two ambulances, two engines, a truck company, and a light-duty rescue. Apparatus is a mixture of Road Rescue, Medtec, Pierce, American LaFrance, KME, and Grumman. Any day now the Grumman will be retired and replaced with a new Pierce quint as seen HERE.

Hillside Fire Department Grumman AerialCat

This tower ladder is being replaced by a new Pierce 105' ladder.

Hillside Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT PUC

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FDIC 2011 highlights

FDIC 2011

An overview of the stadium exhibits. Many of the apparatus exhibitors moved into the new convention center this year. Larry Shapiro photo

The 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) just ended. The convention center was filled with exhibitors who displayed everything from fire apparatus and gear to shirts and trinkets. There were two local area rigs on display this year. A  Medtec Type III ambulance for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills was in the Pierce booth and a Cyclone II 95-foot rear mount tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth.

FDIC 2011 Algonquin Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills had a Medtec ambulance in the Pierce booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 University Park Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

This new tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Other interesting apparatus displayed included four pieces for the FDNY including a Wheeled Coach ambulance on a four-door Ford chassis, an engine in the Seagrave booth, plus Rescue 4 and Ladder 137 in the Ferrara booth.

FDIC 2011 Seagrave FDNY

Seagrave displayed FDNY Engine 222. Larry Shapiro

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY R4

Ferrara had FDNY Rescue 4 from Queens in their booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY L137

Ferrara also had FDNY Ladder 137 on dispkay. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson had a tandem axle rescue for Elizabeth, NJ, KME had a tiller for Norwalk, CT, American LaFrance had a tiller for Ventura County, CA and HME had a Type III wildland pumper for CALFIRE.

FDIC 2011 Crimson Elizabeth Fire Department Rescue 1

This tandem axle heavy rescue for Elizabeth, NJ Rescue 1 was in the Crimson booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME TDA Norwalk, CT

A tiller for Norwalk, CT was shown by KME. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance LTI TDA Ventura County, CA

This LTI tiller for Ventura County, CA by American LaFrance was in the Lucas Oil Stadium. Larry Shapiro photo


HME brought a Type III engine from CALFIRE. Larry Shapiro photo

As regards new introductions:

Pierce showed the new Dash CF chassis under a PUC rescue pumper;

FDIC 2011 Pierce Dash CF PUC

One of two Pierce Dash CF units that were unveiled at the show. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Pierce tracked mini pumper

Pierce also showed this mini pumper on rubber tracks BP. Larry Shapiro photo

Rosenbauer introduced their Smart Cab enclosure for adding a crew area to units built on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

Rosenbauer introduced the 'Smart Cab' enclosure for three firefighters on a commercial chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

The Smart Cab has a two-step unit which swings out with the door for easy egress and entrance to the crew enclosure along with an option for a full-lenght glass covered door. Larry Shapiro photo

KME brought out the Predator Pro Series (Pumper Rescue Operations) integrated pumper and a new 79-foot ladder;

FDIC 2011 KME Predator PRO

The KME Predator PRO is a rescue pumper on the new Predator chassis and features a short wheelbase and compact operator's panel. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME 75' Aerial Cat

The new 76-foor Aerial Cat quint on a new Predator chassis was in the KME booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson highlighted their new acquisition of Classic Fire and showed their ‘Transformer’ on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Crimson Fire Classic Series

Crimson had a min pumper in their new Classic Series which originates from their recent purchase of Classic Fire in Ocala, FL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance announced that they are now offering their Eagle custom chassis to other manufacturers and that the LTI aerials can also be purchased by others;

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance Eagle chassis

A 2010 emissions compliant Eagle cab and chassis was on display by American LaFrance. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE showed the eMAX pumper series with a narrow operator’s panel.


The E-ONE eMAX was shown on a Typhoon chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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South Elgin 2nd Alarm 1-20-11

South Elgin had a house fire on Thursday at 10N917 Gale Street in Elgin Township (Kane County). The fire was apparently blamed on a bird’s nest which ignited and sent fire into the attic of the home. It was a 15-degree day that felt like 5 degrees with the wind.

Scott Peterson submitted several shots from the scene after the fire was brought under control.

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

A view from the front of the one-story house at 10N917 Gayle Street in unincorporated Kane County.  Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

Firefighters work on the roof of the house after the fire was knocked down. Multiple attics required several vent holes. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

This shot from the rear shows the extent of the attic fire. Scott Peterson photo

From The Courier-News:

According to preliminary reports, firefighters were called to the home just after 9:30 a.m. by the home’s two occupants. Firefighters found fire in a wall and a deep-seated fire in the attic, with flames coming out of windows on both sides of the structure. Reports stated that the home actually had multiple attic units as a result of remodeling projects and the fire had spread among them.

The Courier-News has an article about the fire HERE.

Departments that responded to provide mutual aid included Elgin, Pingree Grove, Elburn, Bartlett, Hanover Park, and West Dundee.

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Crimson tower

South Elgin’s new Spartan/Crimson mid-mount tower ladder staged at the fire. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Elburn Fire District

Elburn Tender 307, a 3000-gallon pumper/tanker built by Alexis on a 1988 Peterbilt chassis was also on the scene. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Elgin engine

Elgin Engine 4 was on a hydrant down the street from the fire. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011 Pingree Grove Fire District

Pingree Grove responded to the fire with this tandem-axle pumper/tanker on a Spartan Gladiator chassis. Scott Peterson photo

South Elgin Fire Department house fire Jan 20, 2011

South Elgin had two engines, a tower, and a tanker on the scene. Here is Engine 1, a Spartan/Crimson parked down the street. Scott Peterson photo

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back-to-back fires caught early

Within two hours of each other, neighboring Buffalo Grove and Long Grove fire departments responded to fires within their districts. Both fires could have destroyed the homes had they occurred just a few hours later when the residents were asleep. Buffalo Grove was the first to respond after 11PM to what was a fire in a dryer vent in the crawl space of a small house on St. Marys Parkway. Then, shortly after the still company returned to quarters, they were due to assist the Long Grove Fire Department.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Tower 25

A supply line is secured to the tower ladder as firefighters investigate smoke at 410 St Marys Parkway in Buffalo Grove. Larry shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Tower 25

A hydrant sits directly in front of the house where firefighters found a dryer vent fire in the crawl space. Tower 25 was delivered in 2010 by Ferrara. Larry Shapiro photo

The Long Grove fire was contained to one bedroom after a resident ran across the street to the fire station after midnight and notified staff that there was a fire in his house. When the battalion chief pulled out of quarters, he saw fire in one room. The first company was able to extinguish the fire quickly. There were no hydrants at the scene and a tanker was used to supplement the engine’s tank water.

Long Grove Fire Protection District KME Squad 55

Long Grove Squad 55 had to cross the street from the fire station to arrive on-scene at a small house fire last night at 1160 Old McHenry Road. Larry SHapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District KME Tanker 55

Long Grove FPD Tanker 55 supplements the squad's water supply in the event that the fire would have spread beyond the room of origin. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove FPD house fire 1160 Old McHenry Road

A quick hit resulted in the fire being held to the room of origin. Larry Shapiro photo

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New orders

  • The Waukegan Fire Department, in Division 4 (Lake County) recently placed an order for a KME Severe Service engine.
  • The Long Grove Fire Protection District, in Division 4 (Lake County) recently placed an order with Alexis for a brush rig on a Ford chassis with a body similar in design to Rescue 55 which was built by KME. The new unit will have 300 gallons of water, 10 gallons of foam, and a 500-GPM pump.
  • The Lake Villa Fire District (also in Division 4, Lake County) has two new ambulances on order from Osage Ambulance in Linn, MO. Both will match the fleet and be Type III designs on Ford E450 chassis with one exception. These ambulances will arrive painted red instead of the blue and white color scheme of the existing ambulances which were part of the Lake Villa Rescue Squad. The new units are expected to be delivered in March of 2011.
  • The Evanston Fire Department has ordered a Pierce Arrow XT tractor-drawn aerial. They received a grant to pay for the unit which is expected to be completed in March of 2011.
  • Evanston also is ordering a new ambulance. As of now, we do not have the specs although it is believed to be coming with an IHC chassis like their current units.

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Buffalo Grove updates

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine in service early this summer and the tower ladder went into service several weeks ago. This required some shuffling of apparatus among the stations and the site now reflects the moves.

Station 25 houses both the new Ferrara tower ladder 25 (235) and the reserve E-ONE tower ladder (236) along with an ambulance and Utility 26. The utility goes into service if daily manning is sufficient to staff the unit with two firefighters. The utility responds on ambulance calls to save wear and tear on the tower ladder and also responds on MVAs and fire calls as well.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Officer's side view of Buffalo Grove Tower Ladder 25 (235) as photographed by Bob Altwasser

Station 26 is where the new Ferrara engine (217) is located plus the reserve E-ONE engine (213). There is an in-service ambulance and a reserve ambulance, the squad, the battalion, the dive trailer, the new Polaris ATV, and several staff vehicles.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Igniter pumper

At Station 27 is the KME quint, the KME reserve engine (218), an ambulance, and a boat.

There is speculation that in the months to come, the tower ladder may move to Station 26 in the center of town. If this happens, then the KME quint would move to Station 25 and the new Ferrara engine would go to Station 27.

Thanks to Bob Altwasser for submitting a shot of the Ferrara tower ladder.

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Frankfort opens station 4

Karl Klotz has sent word that Frankfort has officially opened Station 4. They are running and engine and ambulance out of that house. Although the current KME engine is ‘Engine 2’, the real KME Engine 4 will be back soon from having some work done on it.

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Lansing is added to Division 24

The Lansing Fire Department with three stations in Division 24 has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. Lansing has stations 2,3, and 4. They no longer actively use their station 1 which is currently being utilized for storage. Lansing recently took delivery of a Pierce 100′ aerial platform (PAP) on a Velocity chassis which was previously mentioned HERE. Their fleet is a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, 3D, KME, Osage, Horton and a large squad built on a KME chassis that is painted white and black.

Lansing FD Pierce Velocity tower ladder

Photo by Karl Klotz

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