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Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Vavra to retire

Excerpts from a Daily Herald article:

Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Terry Vavra is retiring after nearly seven years at the helm of the village’s fire department, officials said Monday. Vavra, who has spent 39 years in the firefighting profession, joined the Buffalo Grove Fire Department in 2008 after 28 years with the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District, where he left at the rank of deputy chief.

In Buffalo Grove, Vavra helped negotiate two labor agreements, instituted a battalion chiefs testing process and served on the Lake County Fire Chiefs Board for the last five years, most recently serving as board chair. He’s also taught classes in firefighter safety and had articles published in trade magazines, according to a news release.

Deputy Fire Chief Michael Baker will become interim fire chief, while the village considers Vavra’s replacement. Vavra’s last day is Friday.

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Excerpts from the Chicago Tribune:

Buffalo Grove is losing it’s fire chief. Terrance “Terry” Vavra will step down on Feb. 13.

“It was a tough decision, but I need to be going in a different direction,” Vavra said Feb. 9.

After serving 28 years in the Lisle-Woodridge Fire District, Vavra retired from that department as its deputy chief, and spent that “retirement” by taking the lead in Buffalo Grove in March 2008. But by Vavra’s calculations, his time is coming to an end.

“They say that the lifespan of a chief is about seven years,” he said.

He said he knew what he would be doing first on Feb. 14: “I’m told I have a wife, who I haven’t seen much of in the past seven years,” he said. “And I want to spend more time with my granddaughter.”

As far as the industry, though, he thinks more traveling and teaching may be on the horizon.

In looking for Vavra’s replacement, village manager Dane Bragg will bring to completion his team of department heads. Hired in 2010, Bragg has since selected new leaders for the police and public works departments, as well as a new deputy village manager and a community development director, a new position he created last year.

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First fire for Buffalo Grove tower

Buffalo Grove firefighter Andy Russell breast cancer awareness

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Buffalo Grove firefighters join other fire departments around the country by wearing pink. Larry Shapiro

At the height of the morning storm yesterday and within a ½ hour of shift change, four calls for service came into Northwest Central Dispatch for the Buffalo Grove Fire Department within minutes of each other. There were two ambulance calls, a reported transformer fire with extension to a shed, and a working fire in a townhouse. As companies scrambled to each call, the transformer fire was just that and had not extended to the shed, but smoke met firefighters on arrival at a center unit in a four-unit townhouse. The fire was upgraded immediately and companies that were already en-route to the shed fire were rerouted providing quick back-up to first-due units.

Buffalo Grove’s 2010 Ferrara Inferno tower ladder was the first fire suppression unit on the scene and was deployed for the first time at a Buffalo Grove fire.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department 2010 Ferrara Inferno tower ladder townhouse fire

Tower Ladder 25 (235) is deployed at a townhouse fire at 161 Old Oak Court E during the storm on Tuesday morning. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove townhouse fire at 161 Old Oak Court E

The storm did not let up during fire fighting operations Tuesday morning as high winds knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses. Larry Shapiro photo

More images from this fire can be seen HERE.

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Buffalo Grove updates

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine in service early this summer and the tower ladder went into service several weeks ago. This required some shuffling of apparatus among the stations and the site now reflects the moves.

Station 25 houses both the new Ferrara tower ladder 25 (235) and the reserve E-ONE tower ladder (236) along with an ambulance and Utility 26. The utility goes into service if daily manning is sufficient to staff the unit with two firefighters. The utility responds on ambulance calls to save wear and tear on the tower ladder and also responds on MVAs and fire calls as well.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Officer's side view of Buffalo Grove Tower Ladder 25 (235) as photographed by Bob Altwasser

Station 26 is where the new Ferrara engine (217) is located plus the reserve E-ONE engine (213). There is an in-service ambulance and a reserve ambulance, the squad, the battalion, the dive trailer, the new Polaris ATV, and several staff vehicles.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Igniter pumper

At Station 27 is the KME quint, the KME reserve engine (218), an ambulance, and a boat.

There is speculation that in the months to come, the tower ladder may move to Station 26 in the center of town. If this happens, then the KME quint would move to Station 25 and the new Ferrara engine would go to Station 27.

Thanks to Bob Altwasser for submitting a shot of the Ferrara tower ladder.

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Buffalo Grove FD Open House

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Open House

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New Polaris in Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove Polaris

From "The Fire Plug Monthly Bulletin," the monthly newsletter from the Buffalo Grove Fire Department

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Pink Heals Tour with Buffalo Grove Fire Department

The Pink Heals Tour 2010 has visited Rockford, the IAFC trade show in Chicago, Matteson, Naperville, and now Buffalo Grove during it’s time in Illinois. Last night in Buffalo Grove, the three pink fire engines were joined by a Mount Prospect police car with pink graphics and the Buffalo Grove IAFF Honor Guard. The three trucks (two EONE Hush engines and a Spartan FMC Sentinel) served in Bangor, ME; Tyler, TX; and Henry, Va.

On the Pink Heals Tour Facebook page, they describe themselves as:

We are the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink”: Guardians of the Ribbon”
An organization that drives PINK Fire Trucks across the United States to support women in their fight against cancer and inspire men to get involved. It was started in Phoenix, Arizona by firefighter Dave Graybill. We are making our way across the country and it is our job to also spread the word worldwide. Guardians of The Ribbons is a group of firefighters, police officers and leaders in the community; our purpose is raising awareness for the fight against cancer and inspire men to support the women of their community. On October 25, 26 and 27 we would like to have the public safety, local leaders and citizens of the community wear something pink to show support for those women battling cancer. It is in our nature to fight for those who have lost the ability to fight for themselves and we are asking the public for support. It will not only bring us together, but also give those who are battling this disease an overwhelming feeling of HOPE.
Men supporting women!

Firefighter Steve Rusin, the Buffalo Grove Fire Department representative working with the Pink Heals Tour, has been selling pink and blue t-shirts to raise money for the Pink Heals Tour.

Pink Heals Tour 2010

These three pink fire trucks that are touring the country made several stops in Illiois. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010

Each truck is covered with messages from people whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010

Another message is added to 'Karen' the FMC Sentinel pumper. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010 Buffalo Grove Fire Department IAFF Honor Guard

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department IAFF Honor Guard. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010 Buffalo Grove Fire Department IAFF Honor Guard

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department IAFF Honor Guard escorted the trucks to the baseball game and exhibition event. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010

The trucks along with Buffalo Grove firefighters and a Mount Prospect police car make their way to the baseball field. Larry Shapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour 2010

Families greet the arrival of the Pink Heals Tour fire trucks. Larry Shapiro photo

A photo gallery with complete coverage can be seen HERE.

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Pink Fire Trucks Come to Buffalo Grove

From today’s Daily Herald:

Charity event, pink fire trucks a prelude to Buffalo Grove days

Buffalo Grove Days traditionally kicks off with a charity softball game involving village officials and local volunteers on the Wednesday before Labor Day.

This year, the game, which is sponsored by the Buffalo Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, will take place, as it usually does, at 6:30 p.m. today at Emmerich Park, at Lake-Cook Road and Raupp Boulevard.

What’s new is that four pink fire trucks will be parked near the field.

The four trucks are part of the Pink Heals Tour, during which firefighters from across the country drive a fleet of pink fire engines across the United States to raise cancer awareness, particularly cancer affecting women. The trucks began traveling in mid-August and will continue their journey until the end of October. One of the drivers will be Buffalo Grove Firefighter Steve Rusin, who, driving on his own time, will pilot one of the trucks from Florida through Texas.

Buffalo Grove Trustee and cancer survivor DeAnn Glover, liaison to the committee in charge of Buffalo Grove Days, said, “Kids can climb on them, and everybody can sign and leave a message of hope and honor for those who are fighting the battle or those who have lost the fight.”

Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Terry Vavra said he has been in contact with Dave Graybill, the Arizona firefighter who spearheaded the effort. “The reason why he started this is that as men we need to respond to the people that mean the most to us, our families and particularly our mothers, because if you ever watched a sports player, he doesn’t say, ‘Hi, Dad.’ He says, ‘Hi, Mom.'”

Vavra said Graybill is also starting a blue fire truck program to raise awareness of cancer in men.

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department sold just less than 600 Pink Heals shirts this year, up from a little less than 300 last year.

Pink Heals Tour

Steve Rusin at the show wearing the pink turnout gear which is associated with the Pink Heals Tour. Larry Shapiro photo

Last week, one of the pink trucks was at the IAFC trade show at McCormick Place. Buffalo Grove Firefighter Steve Rusin was on hand at the booth along with Dave Graybill.

Pink Heals Tour

One of the trucks was at the trade show last week in CHicago. Larry SHapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour

Betty Ganschow, Dave Graybill, and Steve Rusin at the trade show. Larry Shapiro photo

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Buffalo Grove to Sponsor Breast Cancer Awareness Tour

The following article from today’s Daily Herald describes the efforts of Buffalo Grove firefighter Steve Rusin and the entire department with their efforts in support of promoting breast cancer awareness and the Pink Heals Tour.

Pink Heals Tour

A woman signs one of the pink fire trucks. Daily Herald photo

Buffalo Grove firefighters go pink in fight against cancer

Red is the color associated in most minds with fire departments.

In Buffalo Grove, however, pink predominates.

That is due to the fire department’s commitment to the fight against cancer in women.

During September and October, Buffalo Grove firefighters – as well as village employees and officials – will be wearing pink shirts bearing the logo of the Pink Heals Tour, which will feature a fleet of pink fire engines touring the country to spread awareness.

In September, Buffalo Grove Firefighter/Paramedic Steve Rusin will be one of the drivers guiding the pink posse.

The 2010 version of the Pink Heals Tour kicks off on Aug. 18 and runs through Oct. 31. From Aug. 27-29, trucks will be on display at the Fire Chiefs Conference in Chicago. And at 6 p.m. on Sept. 1, Buffalo Grove residents, as well as neighbors from surrounding towns, can view four of the trucks near the corner of Lake-Cook Road and Raupp Boulevard, one-half hour before the annual Buffalo Grove Days charity softball game between the Village of Buffalo Grove and the Buffalo Grove Area Chamber of Commerce.

The tour began with an Arizona firefighter, Dave Graybill, manning a single fire truck out of Glendale, Ariz. The firefighter spread awareness by driving his truck across the country. The truck now bears 38,000 signatures from survivors and relatives and friends of survivors.

Buffalo Grove’s involvement started last year with an effort to sell 30 T-shirts to his fellow firefighters. Rusin’s expectations were greatly exceeded when the department raised $2,500 after selling more than 400 shirts.

“(Graybill) took the money after we donated it and gave it to the Wellness Place in Palatine,” Rusin said.

This year, Rusin is once again selling the shirts, which will be available on the village’s website. In addition, one can also purchase sweatshirts with a hoodie. This year Buffalo Grove Firefighter Frank Doll has designed a local version of the T-shirt with the addition of a village logo.

“They say that the fire department is a macho tough guy thing, and I think the fire service has grasped the pink T-shirt concept to support cancer awareness,” Rusin said.

At this week’s village board meeting, Fire Chief Terry Vavra praised Rusin’s efforts, as well as the sacrifice of everyone in Rusin’s family. “Everybody in his family has bought into this, enough that they have given up their dad and their husband for a week,” as Rusin drives one of the trucks through the southern part of the country.

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Area updates for new apparatus

Troy has taken delivery of their second Pierce Arrow XT engine bearing their new color scheme. This is Engine 2221 (the previous one was 2211).

Troy FD Pierce Arrow XT engine

The second Pierce Arrow XT engine for Troy shown in the new colors. Pierce photo

Algonquin has two new units in production at Ferrara. Similar to Buffalo Grove, they purchased an engine and a tower ladder. Reportedly, that’s where the similarities end though as the Algonquin units are said to be fully loaded. The first set of production photos at the Ferrara plant can be seen HERE for both units.

Algonquin also received a new ambulance from Medtec this spring.

The Countryside FPD is Lake County is expecting a new Horton ambulance and a tender from US Tank very soon.

Countryside FPD US Tank production

Production history of the new tender being built by US Tank for Countryside. US Tank photos

Glenview has reportedly placed an order now for two engines from Pierce. Though both will feature the Arrow XT cab and chassis, one will have a conventional pumper body similar to engines 6 & 7 while the second will have a rescue style body like engine 8 which was shown HERE.

Huntley is expecting a new IHC 4300 Type I ambulance from Medtec.

Highland Park is in the initial stages of designing specifications for a new ambulance. Currently, their ambulances are Type III units on E-Series Ford chassis. The new unit will reportedly be a departure from this style and will be a Type I design featuring an F-Series chassis from Ford.

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New engine goes right into service

Buffalo Grove Ferrara Igniter engine

Buffalo Grove 2010 Ferrara Igniter engine (217) on-scene after going into service. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove extrication

Buffalo Grove firefighters remove the victim from a car that drove into a building on the north end of town. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Engine 26 (217) on-scene at an extrication within hours of being put into service today in Buffalo Grove. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine into service just after lunch today and within 3 hours it responded on two medical runs and a car into a building that required extrication.  Reports came in to the police that a car had driven into the Rainbow Cleaners at 482 Half Day Road (at Buffalo Grove Road). When police arrived they reported three injuries including the driver who was unable to get out of the car. Firefighters removed the roof of the Lexus inside the cleaners before pulling out the driver who did not appear to be seriously injured. The other victims signed releases and were not transported.

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