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House fire in Elgin, 3-12-22

Images from a house fire at 277 Gifford Place in Elgin, 3-12-22; #ZacharyCox; #ElginFD; #FireTruck

Zachary Cox photo

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Former Elgin ladder truck for sale

Found at

2007 Seagrave 100? Aerial Ladder

YEAR 2007
WARRANTY 90 Day Power Train
DELIVERY OPTION Low Cost Delivery Available

Former Elgin FD Truck 1 for sale

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Elgin Fire Department news (more)

Excerpts from the

Elgin Fire Chief Robb Cagann addressed some misperceptions by the public Wednesday by definitively saying Station 6 will not close, no matter what service cuts — if any — are put in place. The proposed changes at the station would involve reducing expenses by about $430,000 by replacing an engine at Station 6 with an ambulance once staffing reaches overtime levels, which would be about 77% of the time. The cost savings comes from sending out a two-person crew with an ambulance, as opposed to three on an engine.

With pandemic-related budget shortfalls projected, the proposal comes after city officials had asked the firefighters union to defer their contractual 2.5% salary increase for one year and extend their contract through 2022. City administrators said nonunion Elgin employees and managers have foregone raises, helping to keep the budget out of the red. Collective bargaining units like the firefighters were exempt from other furloughs, pay cuts, and layoffs city workers have endured. So far the union has refused to defer the increase. Negotiations continued Wednesday between the two parties, but no agreement was reached.

A public relations battle has been taking place on social media between the city and the Elgin Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local 439 since Tuesday, with each side accusing the other of spreading misinformation.

Cagann said the vast majority of District 6 can still be covered within the recommended four-minute response time by engines from other stations on the 280 or so days this year that they expect Engine 6 to be out of service. The difference in service would come from when the last vehicle were to arrive on a fire scene, which could be delayed by about 2½ minutes under the proposal.

Some council members expressed concerns despite his explanation as the neighborhoods surrounding Station 6 are a lot of low-income households or properties that may not be as expensive as others.


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Elgin Fire Department news

From the Elgin Association of Firefighters, IAFF Local 439 @IAFF.Local.439 Facebook page:

Due to a budget cut imposed onto the Elgin Fire Department, Elgin, Illinois, Engine 6, located at 707 W. Chicago St. will be out of service for at least 280 days a year. Last year, Engine 6 responded to over 3,000 Emergency calls!

The Union and Fire Chief agree that this is a reduction in overall service to the residents of Elgin. If you live, work, or own a business in Elgin, it is imperative that you contact the Council Members listed below to state your opposition to this reduction in service!
steffen_j@cityofelgin.orgElgin Fire Department places an engine out of service because of budgetary reasons

City of Elgin-Government, City Services and Community News Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin IL Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois International Association of Fire Fighters #downtownElgin #ElginIL #cityofelgin #Local439atWork #AFFIatWork #IAFF #IAFFatWork


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New quint for Elgin FD


Elgin FD Quint 1

Pierce Enforcer PUC Ascendent quint

Pierce composite

Pierce Enforcer PUC Ascendent quint

Elgin FD photo

  • Job Number: 35087
  • Chassis: Enforcer™
  • Body: Ascendant® 107’ Heavy-Duty Aerial Ladder
  • Engine: Cummins L9
  • Horsepower: 450 hp
  • Front Suspension: Leaf
  • Rear Suspension: Spring
  • Electrical System: Command Zone™
  • Pump: Pierce PUC™ Midship
  • Pump GPM: 1,500-GPM
  • Tank: Water
  • Tank Size: 500 gallons

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Elgin Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Elgin firefighters went above and beyond to lift the spirits of a patient at a suburban rehabilitation hospital.

The only way for patients to visit with family members at that the Avondale Estates facility is to do so through a window, which makes Mary Moore’s third-floor room a big hurdle. She has been suffering from serious respiratory illness and transferred there  this week. She’s the matriarch of a large, tightly-knit family. Concerned relatives flew in from around the country to see her, except they weren’t really going to be able to see much looking up from the parking lot. When Elgin’s fire chief heard about it, he offered the solution; a ladder truck to bring them to the window.

The family kept the visit a secret, waiting to just appear in front of her window Thursday afternoon – and the reaction was worth it.

While her family was only here to visit Mary Moore, administrators said everybody in the facility got a boost at a time when many may need it the most.

“It’s not something we can do every day, take another ladder truck out of service,” Elgin Fire Chief Robb Cagann said. “But the circumstances around this particular situation gave us the opportunity to do it and we thought it warranted our ability to do that.”

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New ambulance for Elgin

From the Fire Service, Inc Facebook page:

Congratulations Elgin Fire Department on the recent delivery of a new 2020 Wheeled Coach Type I! 

We are proud to provide an emergency vehicle your department community can depend on! 

Specs: Ford F-450 4×4 chassis, CoolBAR HVAC, DuraSeam doors, liquid spring suspension, Whelen LED warning light package, Stryker Powerload, & marine-grade plywood cabinets.

Wheeled Coach Type I ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Wheeled Coach Type I ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

chevron striping on back of ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

Stryker Powerload system in ambulance

Fire Service, Inc. photo

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Elgin Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Water rescues near dams can be harrowing as churning waters pull in people and rescuers. The Elgin Fire Department is painfully familiar with that, after two of its own died in 1974 during a rescue near the city’s dam in the Fox River.

The department now has a Waterwog 3 rescue boat made by Creature Craft, a new boat to enhance safety. Its most salient feature is an overhead roll cage. The nearly 14-foot boat has backup safety in the form of a rope about 300 feet long that can be pulled from shore. The total cost was $33,800 including training, but the city spent $14,910 after a grant from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. The new boat replaced a 20-year-old dam entry watercraft, one of three Elgin Fire Department boats.

Elgin’s water rescue and recovery team has responded to 69 calls in the last decade, mostly in Elgin but also in Algonquin, Carpentersville, St. Charles, Bartlett, Gilberts, South Elgin, and Wilmington. The team also receives requests for trainings.

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Fire service news – Coronavirus COVID-19, Elgin Fire Department

Excerpts from the

A third Elgin firefighter tested positive for COVID-19. One firefighter is under quarantine at a hotel where the city reserved a block of rooms for personnel that allows them to keep their family safe from any possible exposure.  Two other firefighters chose to isolate at home.

Over the last few weeks, the Elgin Fire Department has had seven firefighters who’ve been isolated due to possible exposure to COVID-19. Only those who showed symptoms were tested.  The test results are available within 24 hours, and the positive cases came back April 23, April 30, and May 1.

The fire department has notified its employees and has recommended that they stay home should they begin to feel ill. Shifts are being covered with overtime if needed.

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New ambulance for Elgin FD

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Congratulations to Elgin Fire Department on the order of their 2020 Wheeled Coach Type 1 Ambulance!

We are eager to begin the process of building an emergency vehicle your community can depend on and is familiar with! Thank you for your continued loyalty!

Specs: Patented Cool Bar HVAC system, 4-point IMMI restraints, Stryker PowerLoad System, Whelen warning lights, Change Notice 11 Compliant, and 6 “ drop skirt design to help maximize storage and ease of entrance.

new ambulance for the Elgin FD

new ambulance for the Elgin FD

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