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Division 24 Canteen Golf Outing

MABAS Division 24 is holding a Golf Outing Fundraiser this month for the area Canteen and still has openings for players and sponsors.

MABAS Division 24 Golf Outing

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More site updates

The following images have been added to the site to replace ‘coming soon’ placeholders:

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Dolton is on the site

Another department in Division 24 has been added to the site; Dolton, with two stations. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and the station photos are from Karl Klotz. Dolton has 35 full-time firefighters and several suppression rigs. They contract EMS from Bud’s Ambulance Service. The frontline engines are from Sutphen as is one of the two aerial devices. Dolton has a beautiful backup engine built by Pirsch on a CF Mack chassis.

Dolton FIre Department Sutphen pumper

Dolton Squad 1455 is an IHC 4700/E-ONE medium duty rescue unit that the department won through a nationwide coloring contest for kids that was sponsored by E-ONE.  The winning artist’s name was Nicole, and the squad was named in her honor.

Dolton Fire Department IHC E-ONE rescue

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Patches added

Glenwood Fire Department patchMundelein Fire Department patch

Several interesting patches have been added to the department pages. Mundelein and Libertyville patches have been added in Division 4, Peotone has been added in Division 19, and Glenwood in Division 24 has been posted as well. If your department is on the site and no patch is shown with the listings, we would appreciate the opportunity of getting a patch to complete the posting

Peotone Fire Department patch

Libertyville Fire Department patch

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Flossmoor is added to Division 24 departments

Another department in Division 24 has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. Minus the brush rig, the entire Flossmoor fleet is now available to view HERE. Flossmoor was one of the first area departments to embrace the maximum height cab extensions beginning in 1990 with an early Pierce Lance followed in 1994 by an even larger cab from HME on a unit built by Luverne. Both of these units featured fully enclosed top mounted pump modules. Their newest engine also features a raised roof cab from HME although it is shorter and lower than the earlier model. This 2000 model year Central States engine also features a top mount pump panel but it is not enclosed within the cab. Rounding out their suppression fleet is a 1996 custom Sutphen 70′ mid-ship tower ladder. All of their apparatus are painted black over red.

Flossmoor Engine 1340 HME Central States

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Lansing is added to Division 24

The Lansing Fire Department with three stations in Division 24 has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. Lansing has stations 2,3, and 4. They no longer actively use their station 1 which is currently being utilized for storage. Lansing recently took delivery of a Pierce 100′ aerial platform (PAP) on a Velocity chassis which was previously mentioned HERE. Their fleet is a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, 3D, KME, Osage, Horton and a large squad built on a KME chassis that is painted white and black.

Lansing FD Pierce Velocity tower ladder

Photo by Karl Klotz

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Glenwood is added to Division 24

Karl Klotz has been busy photographing departments in Division 24.  Thanks to Karl, The Glenwood Fire Department has been added to the site. Glenwood has two stations which include a pair of the first HME Ahrens Fox apparatus to have been sold in Illinois back in 2004.

Glenwood Fire Department HME Ahrens Fox quint

Photo by Karl Klotz

Glenwood FD HME Ahrens Fox warehouse fire

Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Updates to Division 24

Karl Klotz has contributed several images to update the Riverdale and East Hazel Crest department pages in Division 24.

Riverdale now has a shot of the station.

East Hazel Crest has a shot of the station and a shot of engine 1670 an EONE Sentry.


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more Division 24 departments go online

Dennis McGuire, Jr. and Karl Klotz have been busy contributing images to bring Division 24 online. The following departments are now on this site:

Tinley Park with 4 stations (images by Karl)

East Hazel Crest (images by Dennis)

Hazel Crest (images by Karl)

Riverdale (images by Dennis)

As a matter of interest, the first three of these departments listed above have the same black over red color scheme in common.

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Division 24 is now represented by 2 departments online

The Phoenix Fire Department in Division 24 has been uploaded to the site minus a photo of the firehouse.  In addition, all four stations in Harvey have also been posted except for one spare engine. Karl Klotz provided images for 3 of the Harvey stations and we welcome the submissions of Dennis McGuire, Jr. to the site. Dennis provided the images for the Phoenix and Harvey rigs along with the image of Harvey Sta 2.

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