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Crash with car fire in the Prospect Heights Fire District, 11-1-23

Firefighters from Buffalo Grove, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling along with police officers from Buffalo Grove and the Cook County Sheriff’s Police responded to a reported car fire Wednesday night near Dundee Road and Buffalo Grove Road. The police arrived first and reported a vehicle fully engulfed by fire on Buffalo Grove Road at East Park Place, which is almost a quarter of a mile south of Dundee Road in a small area of unincorporated Cook County that is within the Prospect Heights Fire District (PHFD).; #buffaloGroveFD; #ProspectHeightsFD; #crashscene; #carfire; #carengulfedbyfire;

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The area which is without hydrants, is served through an agreement between the PHFD and Buffalo Grove. The initial response included Prospect Heights Battalion 9 with Ambulance 9 along with Buffalo Grove Tower 25. While en route, Battalion 9 requested a second engine after the report of a well-involved car fire and Wheeling Engine 24 was added to the response.  A Buffalo Grove ambulance was sent at the request of Tower 25 upon their arrival and the discovery of a two-vehicle crash. Prospect Heights Tanker 9 was added to the response in lieu of using a several block supply line as it became evident that the tank water from both the tower and the engine was not going to be sufficient.; #E-ONE; #EONEStrength; #Cyclone; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene;

Larry Shapiro photo; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo

The car’s occupant self extricated and it appeared that the driver of the pickup truck may have fled the scene before the police arrived. One person was transported to the hospital and several others signed releases at the scene.; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;; #crashscene; #carfire; #firefighters; #ProspectHeightsFD;

Larry Shapiro photo; #E-ONE; #EONEStrength; #Cyclone; #FireTruck; #BuffaloGroveFD; #larryshapiro;;

Larry Shapiro photo

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Wheeling Fire Department news; #WheelingFD; #firestation;

Rendering of the new Fire Station 24 in Wheeling

Excerpts from the

Wheeling trustees unanimously approved construction for Fire Station 42 to be rebuilt at 135 McHenry Rd. with a maximum price tag of $7,699,244. Village officials say they have saved the money to make this happen, and would not need the support of taxpayers by referendum or lenders. Wheeling has been saving funds for this since 2019. Based on call volume and call location studies, the village needed to have two stations on the west side of the railroad tracks.

The project was introduced with a budget goal of $5 million, but flood detention fix costs exceeded the $5 million, prompting a higher expected cost. Construction on the 10,700 sq. ft. building should to break ground this spring and take a year to complete.

The new station will be substantially the same as Fire Station 23 at 780 S. Wheeling Rd. Since 2009, the current Station 42 has been shared with the Wheeling Police Department on Dundee Road. It was meant to be a temporary solution. 

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Apartment fire in Wheeling, 3-11-23

Wheeling and Prospect Heights firefighters responded to a fire alarm at 375 Plum Creek Drive Saturday morning. Companies arrived to find fire from a third floor balcony on the south side of the building. The alarm was upgraded to a Working Fire which brought additional units from Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, Glenview, Des Plaines, Niles, the North Maine FPD, and Northbrook.; #WheelingFD;

submitted photo; #WheelingFD;

submitted photo; #WheelingFD;

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Firefighters from Wheeling Truck 24 made an initial transitional attack from the exterior with a 2 1/2″ line at ground level. Companies from Engines 23 and 24 made an interior attack to extinguish the fire within the apartment. One resident was transported to an area hospital.; #larryshapiro;; #WheelingFD; #FireTruck; #rosenbaueramerica; #Commander;

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New ARFF for the Wheeling FD

This from RB:

Sneak Peek, 3 shots. Demo ARFF.
Wheeling IL; #WheelingFD; #Oshkosh; #Striker; #firetruck;

Wheeling FD Crash Truck 23; #WheelingFD; #Oshkosh; #Striker; #firetruck;; #WheelingFD; #Oshkosh; #Striker; #firetruck;

Oshkosh Striker 4×4 for the Wheeling Fire Department

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Wheeling Fire Department news; #WheelingFD; #NorthwestCentralDispatch; #REDCenter;

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Wheeling Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

On August 30, Christian Flores called 911 because his mother, Amy, was unconscious and unresponsive, wasn’t breathing, and she didn’t have a pulse.

While sending Wheeling and Long Grove crews to the scene, Regional Emergency Dispatch alarm operator Jacqueline Miller began instructing Flores how to perform CPR. He did so for more than eight minutes until Wheeling firefighters arrived and took over CPR. They also used a defibrillator to shock Flores’ heart into a proper rhythm. A Long Grove FPD ambulance arrived and took Flores to the hospital. Working together, they saved Amy Flores’ life.

Christian Flores, Miller, and the firefighters who responded to the emergency were publicly lauded during Monday’s Wheeling village board meeting for their heroic efforts. Amy Flores was in the audience and received hearty applause from the crowd when Wheeling Fire Chief Mike McGreal introduced her.

Miller was called to the dais to receive a Life Saving Award. Christian Flores was unable to attend the presentation but also received a Life Saving Award.

Company Citation Awards were given to Wheeling Fire Department Battalion Chief Mark Menzel, Lt. Jason Macauley, Firefighter/Paramedic Jeff Goolish, and Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician Joe Dina. Company Citation Awards also went to Long Grove firefighter/paramedics Mike Gallagher and Nick McDowell.

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House fire in Wheeling, 12-4-22

This from Larry Shapiro:

Firefighters from Wheeling and Prospect Heights responded to an outside fire at 25 Versailles Court Sunday morning at 9:30. Wheeling Engine 23 arrived and reported a fire on the ‘D’ side of the house and upgraded the alarm to a working fire. Flames engulfed the west side of the house along with an outdoor structure, and impinged on the second floor. There was an exposure concern to the house on the ‘D’ side but the fire was contained with what was apparently only damage to the vinyl siding on the neighbor’s house.

Several lines were deployed and Tower 24 went to the roof. The fire appeared to be contained within 15 minutes.

Mutual aid on the working fire came from Mount Prospect, Buffalo Grove, Northbrook, Glenview, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, and the North Maine FPD.; #larryshapiro;; #WheelingFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #WheelingFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #WheelingFD; #housefire;

Larry Shapiro photo

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New engine for Wheeling (more)

sneak peek of Wheeling’s new Engine 23; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #WheelingFD;

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New engine for Wheeling

From MacqueenEmergency:

Wheeling FD – Job: #37176 | Illinois | Enforcer pumper; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #WheelingFD;

MacQueen Emergency photo; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #WheelingFD;

MacQueen Emergency photo

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House fire in Wheeling, 2-5-22 (more)

Photos from Jimmy Bolf of the House fire in Wheeling, 2-5-22 

Firefighters battle house fire at night

Jimmy Bolf photo

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