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New apparatus for Bolingbrook

The Bolingbrook Fire Department has two new pieces of apparatus coming:

  • 2011 Ford F450/Wheeled Coach 174 is expected to be in town next week and in-service by Christmas (for Medic 2)
  • 2012 Pierce Impel PUC 1250/500 for Engine 5 on Rodeo Drive is expected next summer

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Hometown gets new ambulance

The Hometown Fire Department received a new Type I ambulance from Wheeled Coach.

Hometown Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Hometown Ambulance 471 is a 2011 Ford F350 built by Wheeled Coach. Fire Service Inc., photo

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Oak Park updated

The Oak Park Fire Department has three stations and is a member of  MABAS Division 11. Oak Park runs three ambulances, all of which run out of Station 1. They staff an engine in Stations 2 & 3 with a 104′ tower ladder quint running out of Station 1. Oak Park also houses several MABAS assets. They have the Division 11 Air Unit, the Division 11 TRT Squad, and a MABAS supply trailer.

Several images are missing from the station pages and will be forthcoming.

Oak Park Fire Department headquarters Station 1

Oak Park Fire Department headquarters Station 1. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Park Fire Department Ambulance 614

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New ambulance in Gurnee

The Gurnee Fire Department in MABAS Division 4 has recently received a new ambulance which was donated by one of their fire districts. Ambulance 1343 is a 2010 IHC 4300 Type I built by Wheeled Coach. The unit previously numbered as 1343, a 1998 IHC 4700 with a Road Rescue body, has been traded in.

Gurnee Fire Department new ambulance Wheeled Coach

Gurnee put this new Wheeled Coach ambulance into service at their Station 2. Larry Shapiro photo


Gurnee Fire Department ambulance 1343

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Barrington is on the site

Barrington Fire Department patchIn MABAS Division 4, the Barrington Fire Department and the Barrington & Countryside Fire Protection District cover areas in Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties, plus their district borders areas of DuPage and Kane counties. This district includes the town of Barrington, plus portions of Barrington Hills, South Barrington, Inverness, and Lake Barrington. They are also responsible for some unincorporated areas of Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties. The fire district responds from three stations, one of which is located in Barrington, one is in Barrington Hills, and the third is in Lake Barrington. All stations have at least one engine or quint plus an ambulance, and the district has two tankers to bring water to the many areas that they cover which do not have a system of hydrants.

Their apparatus is a mixture of E-ONE, Pierce, US Tanker, and Wheeled Coach.

Barrington Fire Department US Tanker

An interesting and somewhat complex explanation of fire district coverage throughout the ‘Barrington’ area is addressed in the FAQ section of the Barrington & Countryside FPD website, which states in part that “… there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.”

Who provides my fire and paramedic services?

The Barrington Fire Department provides services to all of the Village of Barrington and the Barrington countryside Fire Protection District. The B.C.F.P.D. covers much of the surrounding Barrington Area. However, there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.

If you are outside of the limits of the Village of Barrington, you can tell who provides your fire and paramedic services by looking at your property tax bill. The bill will identify the fire district you are covered by.
In general, the Barrington Area is covered as follows:

Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District:

  • All of Barrington Hills with the exception of:
    • The N. Side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • The S. side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Rock Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas N. of Spring Creek Rd. and W. of Meadow Hill (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. in Kane County (Algonquin F.P.D.)
  • All of South Barrington with the exception of:
    • The S. end of Pentwater (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • All of Windemere (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
    • Star Ln. up to Saucer Circle & Saucer Circle in Magnolia Pointe (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. of the entrance to the South Barrington Club (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
  • Lake Barrington with the exception of:
    • Areas N. or E. of Kelsey and River roads (Wauconda F.P.D.)
    • Areas in McHenry County (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
  • Inverness:
    • Areas E. of Ela Rd. & N. of Palatine /Rd. (Palatine Rural F.P.D.)
      • Braymore
      • Harrowgate
      • The far W. end of Abbotsford in Chevoit Hills
      • Shetland Hills
      • Whispering Pines
      • The Sanctuary
      • Inverness West
      • Inverlake
      • The W. end of Glencrest
      • Hillshire Estates
      • Cedar Knoll
  • Unicorporated Cook County:
    • Areas E. of Barrington and W. of Deerpath
      • The “College Streets” N. of Cornell
      • Hillcrest Acres
      • Fielding Place
      • Barrington Trails
  • Unincorporated Lake County:
    • Areas near Rt. 59 S. of Scott Rd.
    • Fairhaven
    • Cuba Rd. E. of 59 to Sylvander
    • Cuba Rd. W. of 59
    • Harbor Rd.
    • Hart Rd.
    • Old Barrington Rd. to Country Estates Rd.
    • Country Estates Rd.
    • Countryside Ln.
    • Flynn Creek Rd.
    • Prestwick
    • 18th St. through 24th St., Highland Rd., & Taylor St.
    • Brandt Rd., Merton, and Scott Ave.
  • Unincorporated McHenry County:
    • Hill & Dale Farm

Lake Zurich Fire Protection District:

  • Biltmore
  • North Barrington
  • Deer Park
  • Areas N. of Scott Rd. & E. of 59

Wauconda Fire Protection District:

  • Lake Barrington Shores
  • Lake Barrington not covered by the B.C.F.P.D
  • Timber Lakes
  • Tower Lakes
  • Wynstone
  • Fox River Valley Gardens
  • Areas N. of Miller Rd.

Fox River Grove Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills N. of Spring Creek Rd. not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.
  • Lake Barrington in McHenry County

Algonquin Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills in Kane County

Carpentersville Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills near the corner of 68 & Bateman.

East Dundee Fire Protection District:

  • The South end of Pentwater in South Barrington.
  • Star Ln. to Saucer Ct. in Magnolia Pointe (South Barrington)
  • Rt. 59 S. of Penny Rd.

Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District:

  • Windemere in South Barrington.
  • Barrington Rd. S of the entrance to the South Barrington Club.

Palatine Rural Fire Protection District:

  • All of Inverness not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.



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Local apparatus updates

Dennis McGuire, Jr found two area rigs in production at Ferrara which can be seen HERE.

He tells us that one of them is for the Calumet Park FD in MABAS 22. They’re buying a 100′ tower ladder on an HME chassis (a first for them) which will replace a ladder truck and a engine. Both are already gone as trade-ins.

Calumet Park FD Ferrara tower ladder

The 100-foot tower at Ferrara on an HME chassis being built for Calumet Park. Ferrara Fire Apparatus photo

The second is a pumper for the Huntley FD which is in both MABAS 2 & 5. They’ve ordered a top-mount pumper on a Ferrara Ember chassis with a 1,500-GPM pump and 750 gallons of water.

Huntley Fire Department Ferrara engine

The new engine for Huntley undergoing pump tests at Ferrara. Ferrara Fire Apparatus photo

Fire Service, Inc., the local dealer representing Wheeled Coach Ambulances has photos of the following recent deliveries.

Berwyn Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulances

Two new ambulances in Berwyn. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Melrose Park Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Ambulance 701 in Melrose Park has a new unit. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Summit Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Summit has a new Type I ambulance that was recently delivered. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Oak Lawn Fire Department Wheeled Coach ambulance

Oak Lawn took delivery of a new unit for Ambulance 1 last year and recently took delivery of another for Ambulance 2. Fire Service, Inc. photo

Thanks to Martin Nowak for spotting the new Wheeled Coach units.


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Evanston apparatus photos updated

Taking advantage of a sunny day last week, Larry Shapiro stopped by Evanston Station 23 and was able to get some images for the website that were missing. The apparatus shots that were added to Station 23 include Engine 23, the 2010 Pierce Arrow XT; Ambulance 23, a 1999 Freightliner/Wheeled Coach Type I; and R-21, the 1990/1998 Pierce Arrow 105-foot rear mount aerial which is Evanston’s spare truck. The truck was reportedly purchased by the local and donated to the department for use as a spare. Bill Friedrich tells us that it was formerly owned by San Antonio, TX.

Evanston Fire Department Engine 23 Pierce Arrow XT

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FDIC 2011 highlights

FDIC 2011

An overview of the stadium exhibits. Many of the apparatus exhibitors moved into the new convention center this year. Larry Shapiro photo

The 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) just ended. The convention center was filled with exhibitors who displayed everything from fire apparatus and gear to shirts and trinkets. There were two local area rigs on display this year. A  Medtec Type III ambulance for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills was in the Pierce booth and a Cyclone II 95-foot rear mount tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth.

FDIC 2011 Algonquin Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills had a Medtec ambulance in the Pierce booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 University Park Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

This new tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Other interesting apparatus displayed included four pieces for the FDNY including a Wheeled Coach ambulance on a four-door Ford chassis, an engine in the Seagrave booth, plus Rescue 4 and Ladder 137 in the Ferrara booth.

FDIC 2011 Seagrave FDNY

Seagrave displayed FDNY Engine 222. Larry Shapiro

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY R4

Ferrara had FDNY Rescue 4 from Queens in their booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY L137

Ferrara also had FDNY Ladder 137 on dispkay. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson had a tandem axle rescue for Elizabeth, NJ, KME had a tiller for Norwalk, CT, American LaFrance had a tiller for Ventura County, CA and HME had a Type III wildland pumper for CALFIRE.

FDIC 2011 Crimson Elizabeth Fire Department Rescue 1

This tandem axle heavy rescue for Elizabeth, NJ Rescue 1 was in the Crimson booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME TDA Norwalk, CT

A tiller for Norwalk, CT was shown by KME. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance LTI TDA Ventura County, CA

This LTI tiller for Ventura County, CA by American LaFrance was in the Lucas Oil Stadium. Larry Shapiro photo


HME brought a Type III engine from CALFIRE. Larry Shapiro photo

As regards new introductions:

Pierce showed the new Dash CF chassis under a PUC rescue pumper;

FDIC 2011 Pierce Dash CF PUC

One of two Pierce Dash CF units that were unveiled at the show. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Pierce tracked mini pumper

Pierce also showed this mini pumper on rubber tracks BP. Larry Shapiro photo

Rosenbauer introduced their Smart Cab enclosure for adding a crew area to units built on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

Rosenbauer introduced the 'Smart Cab' enclosure for three firefighters on a commercial chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

The Smart Cab has a two-step unit which swings out with the door for easy egress and entrance to the crew enclosure along with an option for a full-lenght glass covered door. Larry Shapiro photo

KME brought out the Predator Pro Series (Pumper Rescue Operations) integrated pumper and a new 79-foot ladder;

FDIC 2011 KME Predator PRO

The KME Predator PRO is a rescue pumper on the new Predator chassis and features a short wheelbase and compact operator's panel. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME 75' Aerial Cat

The new 76-foor Aerial Cat quint on a new Predator chassis was in the KME booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson highlighted their new acquisition of Classic Fire and showed their ‘Transformer’ on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Crimson Fire Classic Series

Crimson had a min pumper in their new Classic Series which originates from their recent purchase of Classic Fire in Ocala, FL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance announced that they are now offering their Eagle custom chassis to other manufacturers and that the LTI aerials can also be purchased by others;

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance Eagle chassis

A 2010 emissions compliant Eagle cab and chassis was on display by American LaFrance. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE showed the eMAX pumper series with a narrow operator’s panel.


The E-ONE eMAX was shown on a Typhoon chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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New ambulance for Gurnee

An article in the Trib Local for Gurnee describes the new 2011 IHC 4300/Wheeled Coach Type I ambulance for Gurnee. Funds for the new ambulance were donated by one of the Fire Protection Districts that contracts with the Gurnee Fire Department for service.

Thanks to the Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District, which works closely with the Gurnee department to cover 32 square miles of incorporated and unincorporated land from Waukegan to Route 45, the Gurnee department will replace an old ambulance with a brand new, high-tech one, said Chief Fred Friedl.

Warren-Waukegan FPD President Phillip DeRuntz will present keys to the new vehicle to the department at 10 a.m. on Friday as part of a ceremony at Gurnee Fire Station No. 2, 6581 Dada Drive.

The entire article along with a photo of the new unit can be seen HERE.

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for finding the article.

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South Chicago Heights is added to the site

The second department in MABAS Division 27 has been added. South Chicago Heights, a single station department that covers 1.5 square miles operates two ambulances and two engines. Ambulances are from Wheeled Coach and Osage. Engines are from Crimson and American LaFrance (before it was bought by Freightliner). This is one of the few departments in the area operating a Type II style ambulance. Images were provided by Jack Connors.

South Chicago Heights Fire Department station

The South Chicago Heights station at 2729 Jackson Avenue. Jack Connors photo

South Chicago Heights Fire Department Type II ambulance

South Chicago Heights Fire Department American LaFrance Century pumper

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