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Manhattan has been added to the site

Another department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Manhattan Fire Protection District covers 72 square miles from two stations. Their staffing consists of 9 full-time personnel, 35 part-time, and 35 POCs. The Manhattan fleet includes three IHC 4300/Road Rescue Type I ambulances and engines from Pierce and Alexis. They just received their newest engine which is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic, Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 750 gallons of water. Manhattan received a new heavy rescue last year built by SVI Trucks which was also on a Spartan chassis with an extended, super command, Gladiator Classic cab. The old squad was built in 1986 on a Chevy Kodiak chassis by Marion, and is now owned by the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan SVI HDR

The 2009 Spartan Gladiator Classic/SVI heavy rescue/air unit/light unit assigned as Squad 1216 in Manhattan. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District Chevy Kodiak Marion HDR for Manhattan EMA

Manhattan's previous squad 1216 was this 1986 Marion Body unit on a Chevy Kodiak chassis. This rig is now with the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Karl Klotz photo

When the new Alexis engine was put into service, Manhattan donated old engine 1211, a 1984, IHC/Pierce with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank to the Hurst Fire and Rescue Department in Southern Illinois.

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

Manhattan's newest piece is this recently delivered Alexis engine on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. It replaces a 1984 Pierce engine on an International chassis with a four-door cab. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District 1984 IHC Pierce engine donated to the Hurst Fire Department

Old engine 1211 was this 1984 Pierce commercial pumper that was built with an IHC cab and chassis. Members of the Manhattan FPD recently drove this unit to Southern Illinois where they presented it as a donation to the Hurst Fire & Rescue Department. Karl Klotz photo

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Wilmington is on the site & awaiting a new engine

In MABAS Division 15 (in Will County) the Wilmington Fire Department has been added to the site thanks again to the work of Karl Klotz. Although Karl has a few photos to get of new rigs, Wilmington’s station is well represented. They run with a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, US Tanker, and Seagrave. Their newest piece for the time being is a 2007, Seagrave Maurauder II 100′ quint, but they are expecting an all stainless-steel engine from Seagrave in March. Engine 2611, which is their 1996 Pierce Saber has been sold to a broker, but will remain with the department until the new engine arrives in the Spring.

Wilmington runs Horton ambulances. Their two newest ambulances are Type I models on Ford F-Series’ chassis. The third ambulance as well as the one which was just replaced are Type III styles on Ford E-Series’ chassis.

Wilmington Fire Protection District Seagrave Maurauder II quint 100'

Wilmington covers 105 square miles from their station at 501 N. Water Street although a second station might occur in the not to distant future. They have a full-time chief, 35 part-time firefighters and an additional 35 paid-on-call personnel.

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Homewood has been added to the site

Homewood Fire Department decal

In Division 24, the Homewood Fire Department has been added to the site. They cover 5 square miles with a combination of career and part-time personnel. Their apparatus is from Pierce, Smeal, Crimson, and 3D. An interesting aspect of their fleet is the number of different chassis manufacturers that are represented in their station. The Pierce utilizes a Lance chassis, and they also have one cab and chassis from HME, Spartan, and Pemfab. They have two ambulances in their station plus a reserve ambulance which they share with Flossmoor and Hazel Crest. This unit is housed in the Hazel Crest station. All images were submitted by Karl Klotz.

Homewood Fire Department Pierce Lance aerial

Homewood Flossmoor Pierce Lance aerial

Homewood Truck 550 was delivered in 1987 with an open rear jump seat and lettering for both Homewood and Flossmoor. Larry Shapiro collection

This week, they sold their 1982 Mack MR engine to Ford Heights, and in March of next year, they are expecting delivery of a new aerial from Pierce.

Homewood Fire Department Mack MR engine

Homewood Engine 536, built in 1982 on a Mack MR chassis was recently sold to Ford Heights. Karl Klotz photo

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Manhattan new units

The Manhattan Fire Protection District in Will County has received several new vehicles. Last year they took delivery of a 2009 Spartan Gladiator heavy rescue unit from SVI (Super Vac) Trucks in Loveland, Co.

This year they have received a 2010, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Horton which is assigned as Ambulance 1224 at their Station 2. This replaces a 2002, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Road Rescue which has been moved to Station 1 and renumbered as Ambulance 1215.

The newest delivery for Manhattan is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis engine with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 750-gallon water tank.

Manhattan FPD IL Spartan Alexis engine

Manhattan FPD Engine 1221 is a 2010 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis 1500/750. Manhattan FPD photo

The Manhattan FPD will be added to the site within the next few days. Karl Klotz has submitted images for all of the apparatus with the exception of the two new 2010 vehicles which he hopes to photograph in the next week or so.

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MABAS Division 7 is added to the site

Just when we thought we had a large enough project to undertake … listing each department, each station and every piece of rolling stock in 19 MABAS Divisions … Karl Klotz begins submitting department profiles from a 20th Division, MABAS Division 7 in Kankakee County!

So, we welcome the departments of Division 7 and have posted three of them to get things started.

  • The Grant Park Fire Protection District covers 62 square miles from two stations with 32 paid-on-call firefighters and officers. They have three E-ONE rigs, an engine from American LaFrance, plus ambulances from Horton and Road Rescue. They recently opened a new headquarters station which we mentioned HERE.
Grant Park Fire Department American LaFrance Eagle engine

The Limestone Township Fire Protection District covers a mere 36 square miles from one station with 40 part-time firefighters and officers. They are running with Pierce, Quality, and Ferrara apparatus and Road Rescue ambulances. Their newest piece is a Ferrara Inferno pumper squad that was mentioned HERE.The Limestone Township Fire Protection District station houses two ambulances, two engines, a pumper squad, a tanker, a brush unit and a pickup. Karl Klotz photo

  • In Momence, the fire department covers a whopping 92 square miles with a roster of 35 paid-on-call personnel from one station. They have three engines, a brush rig, two tankers, and a rescue squad. The apparatus was built by E-ONE, Pierce, and 4-Guys, plus one tanker that was built in 1964 by W.S.Darley and re-chassisied in 1989 on a Ford C8000 by Quality Manufacturing. Quality was purchased in 2003 by Spartan and now (with what was Luverne Fire Apparatus) have become what is known as Crimson.
Momence Fire Department Ford Quality Darley tanker

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Coming updates

Karl Klotz has sumbitted the following departments that will be posted soon:

  • Grant Park
  • Limestone
  • Momence

Jack Connors has submitted several updated CFD apparatus images:

  • Ambulance 50, 85, 38, 29, 91
  • Truck 49, 51, 42, 24, 45
  • Engine 126, 8, 82, 120
  • Battalion 20, 17

Jeff Rudolph has submitted several updated images from Skokie.

These should be posted soon.

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Romeoville is on the site

Romeoville Fire Department patch

The three stations representing the Romeoville Fire Department in Will County (MABAS Division 10) have been added to the site. Hank, Karl & Larry submitted the images.

Romeoville Pierce Enforcer HDR

This is a Pierce department with four engines, a tower ladder and a heavy rescue. In addition they run Medtec and Horton Type I medic units. Also, like many departments, they now have a Polaris ATV in their inventory.Romeoville Fire Department Station 3

Romeoville Station 3 is at 1698 N. Birch Lane. photo by Hank Sajovic
Romeoville Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Romeoville EMA patch

In addition to the fire department, the Village of Romeoville has an Emergency Management Agency (REMA) with an impressive fleet of 16 pieces of equipment which includes three light rescue squads, two of which have Command Light towers. They have a mobile command unit, a rehab unit, off-road units and seven marked sedans to transport their staff.

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency fleet

The REMA units housed in their station at 195 Budler. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency rescue

One of the REMA squad units with a Command Light on the roof and storage of supplies for use at emergency scenes. The REMA personnel modified this unit which has a standard utility body by Stahl. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency command center

The REMA operations center with radio consoles and computers. The village warning sirens are controlled from within this area. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Grant Park Fire District Opens New Station

The Grant Park Fire District in MABAS Division 7 has opened a new station at 12624 East Route 1 & 17 in Grant Park.

Grant Park Fire District Station 1

The new headquarters station for the Grant Park Fire District opened on the 7th of October. Photo by Karl Klotz

Grant Park Fire District Station Opening

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First Division 27 department is posted

Beecher Fire Protection District engine deca;

Our first post in Division 27 is the Beecher Fire Protection District. They operate with 42 part-time firefighters out of one station and are responsible for a coverage area of 56 square miles! They operate two ambulances, one engine, one pumper/tanker, a quint with a 75′ aluminum ladder and a brush rig. Their suppression equipment is Pierce and their ambulances are Medtec and Road Resue.  In 2009 they replaced engine 406 and tanker 410 with a Pierce Arrow XT 2500-gallon pumper tanker.

Beecher  has interesting decals on each of the suppression rigs that are customized per piece.

Beecher Fire Protection District Pierce Arrow XT pumper tanker

Thanks to Karl Klotz for providing the images and department information.

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Site updates

A few updates have been made to departments posted on the site already:

Troy Fire Protection District patch

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