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Buffalo Grove update

Ambulance 224, Buffalo Grove’s 2009 Ford Medtec has finally been added to the site. Buffalo Grove rotates the ambulances and each does not have a specific station assignment. They are lettered only with the shop numbers.

Buffalo Grove Ambulance 25

Buffalo Grove Ambulance 224 in service at Station 25.

Engine 217, a 2010 Ferrara on an Igniter chassis with a 1500 GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam will go into service shortly at Station 27 on the north end of town.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara Igniter pumper

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Buffalo Grove trains with new rigs

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department spent several days training on their new Ferrara Inferno tower ladder and Igniter pumper. The pumper will go into service shortly and the tower will take longer to mount all the equipment and get everyone trained and ‘certified’ to use it.

Buffalo Grove Fire Department Ferrara training

Buffalo Grove personnel training with the new Ferrara apparatus. Photos by Larry Shapiro

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New Pierce deliveries

Pierce has recently delivered a 100′ PAP rear mount tower ladder on an Arrow XT chassis to West Chicago. It has a 1500 GPM pump and carries 300 gallons of water. The Plainfield Fire Department has received a Pierce Arrow XT/PUC engine with a 1500 GPM pump and a 1000 gallon water tank.

Plainfield Pierce Arrow XT PUC pumper tanker

Plainfield Pierce Arrow XT PUC pumper tanker. Pierce photo

West Chicago Pierce Arrow tower ladder

West Chicago's new Pierce Arrow 100' rear mount tower ladder. Pierce photo

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New Ferrara apparatus updates

Ferrara Fire Apparatus has delivered a medium duty rescue unit to Melrose Park. The walk-around squad is on a Freightliner M2106 chassis and has a light tower, rescue tools and storage for multiple air cylinders. We also missed a delivery last year by Ferrara of two Intruder 2 engines which use the HME 1871 cab and chassis. The units have 1500 GPM pumps and carry 500 gallons of water.

Melrose Park IL Ferrar Freightliner MDR

Ferrara delivered this medium duty rescue on a Freightliner chassis to Melrose park. Ferrara photo

Ferrara photo

Bolingbrook Ferrara Intruder 2 engine. Ferrara photo

Bolingbrook Ferrara Intruder 2 engine. Ferrara photo

Ferrara has begun work on a rear mount tower ladder for the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Department. The unit will feature an extended Inferno cab with an 8-inch notched roof extension. The 100′ tower will have a 1500 GPM pump and carry 300 gallons of water. Progress on the building of this unit can be viewed HERE.

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Cicero photo updates

Images of apparatus assigned to Cicero Station 3 on 34th Street have been updated. A recent trip to the area by several photographers on a sunny day provided the means for nicer photos of the tower ladder, engine 3 and the spare truck. The group consisted of Bill Friedrich, George Reichart, Don Feipel, Jeff Schielkie, Steve Redick, Hank Sajovic, and Larry Shapiro.

Cicero fire Department EONE E-ONE Cyclone II Tower Ladder

Cicero IL EONE E-ONE Cyclone II HP100 TDA Super Tiller Truck 2

2009 EONE HP100 Tillered Aerial as Cicero Truck 2. Photo by Steve Redick

Illinois Fire Photographers Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Bil Friedrich, Steve Redick

The fire-buff photographers with Stickney Truck 1204. From left to right are: Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Don Feipel, Bill Friedrich, Jeff Schielkie, George Reichart, and Steve Redick. Photo by Chief Larry Meyer

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Stickney is posted

The Stickney Fire Department in Division 11 has been added to the site. They have received two new engines and an ambulance in the last year or so. The ambulance is a 2007 Ford/Horton Type I which was a demo that they acquired in 2009. The engines are a 2007 HME/Ahrens Fox and a 2009 Spartan Metro Star/Crimson. Both have top-mount pump panels.

Stickney HME Ahrens Fox engine

Stickney Spartan Metro Star Crimson engine

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New ambulance in Skokie

The Skokie Fire Department has received a new ambulance for Station 18. It is a 2010 ICH/Horton Type I unit which is currently being readied for service sometime in the next month.

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Naperville is coming to the site

Naperville, in Division 16, currently has 10 stations. As can be imagined, it’s a large task to accumulate all of the information and photos to post the department at once. With that in mind, Andrew Hilk, Bill Friedrich, and Larry Shapiro are working toward that end. As of now, all 10 stations have pages on the site with placeholders for the assigned apparatus. Roughly a third of the apparatus photos have been posted but several vehicles have been reassigned and have not been photographed with their most recent numbering. In addition, there are new deliveries to keep up with as several fleet updates have occurred in the last year. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the entire department is portrayed to reflect complete accuracy.

Naperville EONE E-ONE Typhoon engine

Naperville has three of these engines - Engine 2, Engine 5 and Engine 13

Naperville Spartan Crimson Engine 3

One of the most recent engines in Naperville. This is one of three identical units (Engine 3, Engine 7 and Engine 8).

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Hometown Fire Department posted in Division 21

The volunteer fire department in Hometown has been added with photos from Karl Klotz. Hometown is in Division 21 and has one station. They have two Road Rescue ambulances, one Pierce engine, one E-ONE engine, and a buggy. They have a small district which is just 0.5 square miles.

Hometown E-ONE Typhoon engine

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Tinley Park updates

Karl Klotz stopped by Tinley Park last week so that he could provide some updated photos for the site. The page for Station 1 now has photos of Battalion 201 and Battalion 202, while the page for Station 2 has an updated photo of the tower ladder which is now lettered as Truck Co 202 (previously it was lettered as 203).

Tinley Park Tower Ladder Truck 202

Shown here with the updated lettering.

Tinley Park Tower Ladder Truck 203

Previously it was lettered as Truck Co 203.

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