Mount Prospect Fire Department news (more)

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Mount Prospect’s firefighters union is speaking out about the relocation of an engine from its headquarters station at 111 Rand Road to the department’s newest station at 1415 E. Algonquin Road, which was inherited when the Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District disbanded.

The engine had been used as the primary vehicle for fire suppression. That function has now been assigned to a tower ladder, which will have one additional firefighter/paramedic.

In 2016, the former fire chief pushed to house the engine at headquarters, then located on Northwest Highway. Now that issue has been revived on social media by Mount Prospect Firefighters International Association of Firefighters Local 4119.

The union noted that the engine is equipped for direct fire suppression, carrying over 700 gallons of water and multiple hose lines, which allows firefighters to start fighting fires immediately or during challenging wintry weather conditions. The tower carries less than 300 gallons of water and is primarily a unit put to use in rescue and aerial operations.

The union feels that the move will affect the response north of the railroad tracks.

Mount Prospect fire officials defended the move.

Fire Chief John Dolan said the engine, although not housed at headquarters, is still “manned, staffed and available to serve the entire community. Every fire gets all our apparatus, regardless where it is.”

The chief pointed out that at least 75% of calls are for emergency medical services, and that each of the four fire stations has an ambulance.

“We have four ambulances full time,” Deputy Chief Tom Wang said. “We’re one of only three towns in this area that have four full-time ambulances.”

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2-Alarm fire in Warrenville, 7-15-24

This from Daniel Hynd:

Warrenville FPD worked a fire at the Illinois Youth Detention Center at 30W200 Ferry Rd today. The call initially came in as a fire alarm, crew had heavy smoke from the roof on arrival. The fire ultimately got upgraded to a 2nd alarm fire and EMS box.

Full album is on my website; #DanielHynd; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #westChicagoFPD;

Daniel Hynd photo; #DanielHynd; #Firefighters; #firescene;

Daniel Hynd photo; #DanielHynd; #FireTruck; #rosenbaueramerica; #Cobra; #Commander; #GlenEllynVFD;

Daniel Hynd photo

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New engine for the Glenwood FD

From Sentnel 

The Glenwood Fire Dept Association in Glenwood, Illinois recently ordered this Rosenbauer Group pumper! Glenwood is located in Cook County right near the Indiana border. This pumper is the department’s FIRST Rosenbauer! THANK YOU Chief Kevin Welsh Sr. and the Glenwood Fire Department for choosing Sentinel Emergency Solutions and Rosenbauer!
Features include:
FX 3/16? aluminum body Warrior chassis with 60? cab and 08? raised roof
1500-GPM pump 
750-gallon booster tank
For more info click HERE
Apparatus Specialist: Bill Schreiber Sentinel Emergency Solutions- Chicagoland; #FireTruck; #srawing; #rosenbaueramerica; #GlenwoodFD; #Warrier;

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Monee Fire Protection District news

From the Monee Fire Protection District on Facebook:

Press Release
July 13. 2024 I-57 incident information.
The Monee FPD was arriving on the scene of a MVA. A Monee FPD ambulance was struck by a semi truck, this pushed the ambulance into the Monee FPD fire engine. Both Monee FPD vehicles have sustained heavy damage. A Monee FPD FF/EMT was injured and transported with a minor head injury. The Monee FPD requested a mutual aid response and was assisted by the Manhattan FPD. Frankfort FPD, and Richton Park FD.

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Frankfort Fire Protection District engine for sale

Found at

Auction #3565017 – 2002 KME (PANTHER) FIRE ENGINE 

Current Price $2,000.00
(Reserve not met yet)

Time Left 18 days 3 hours
High Bidder

# of Bids 
First Offer $1,000.00
Auction Started: Jul 11, 2024 10:54 AM MDT
Auction Ends: Jul 31, 2024 02:00 PM MDT

Note: This auction might extend
Frankfort Fire Protection District [View seller’s auctions]

This vehicle is currently a reserve fire engine (pumper) that is well maintained in accordance with NFPA standard.  This apparatus has a 500-gallon water tank with a 1,500 gallon-per-minute Hale centrifugal fire pump (Model no./serial no. QMAX150-211; 80000).  Fire pump engagement is non-PTO. This fire engine has been in a reserve fire apparatus role since 2007.  The all-aluminum cab and body of the apparatus has multiple scratches, along with paint bubbling on the body section of the apparatus.  The diamond plate has discoloration and some pitting in some locations on the body.  All compartment doors are rollup style doors with pac-trac for mounting equipment.  The engine will come with 3 ladders (24’ 2-fly extension; 14’ roof ladder, 10’ folding attic ladder); 2 – 10’ sections of 6” hard suction hose (20’ in total); Motorola VHF Radio; Signatronic headset cab communication.  No fire attack/supply hose will be included in the sale.; #KMEFire; #FireTruck; #forsale; #fireengine; #Panther; #FrankfortFPD;

Frankfort FPD photo

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Mount Prospect Fire Department news (more)

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Mount Prospect Fire Station 11 is open as staffing began at 8:45 a.m. Thursday at the former Elk Grove Rural Fire Protection District headquarters at 1415 E. Algonquin Road. The first call came at 10:17 a.m. It was a non-emergency response for an activated carbon monoxide detector.

Thursday’s opening was the culmination of a long process of wrangling and litigation between the village and the rural fire district board. Annexations and dwindling tax revenues forced the rural fire district to cease fire and emergency services in October. Mount Prospect took over and legislation recently dissolved the district.

In January, Mount Prospect began renovating the facility for what is now the village’s fourth fire station at a cost of around $1.7 million. The village achieved savings by using public works staff. The village has applied for a federal grant to cover virtually all construction costs.

The result is essentially a new facility, with fresh paint, an open space interior, and a dining table countertop from a local woodworker.

The former rural board’s meeting room is now used for training and filing reports. Lockers are no longer in the hallway, but are in a separate room formerly used for training. Sleeping quarters will include two private bunks.

The apparatus bay has an engine and an ambulance plus the fire protection district’s tender, useful for areas like the manufactured homes to the south that do not have hydrants.

Daily staffing will consist of one lieutenant paramedic and four firefighter paramedics, similar to the other three stations.

Mount Prospect now has two stations in the southern part of the village.

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Fire service news

Excerpts from

President Joe Biden signed the Fire Grants and Safety Act this week, reauthorizing millions of dollars in grants for fire departments across the United States.

Biden reiterated his view of the crucial role firefighters play in communities big and small. Through nearly $700 million in annual funding, departments rely on Assistance for Firefighters (AFG) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grants to hire and retain fire fighters, buy modern equipment, and provide training to keep members safe.

The bill reauthorizes AFG and SAFER through fiscal year 2028 and extends the sunset for the programs to September 2030.

To learn more about the IAFF’s work to reauthorize AFG/SAFER grants click here.

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Tinley Park Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This was the Tinley Park Fire Dept.’s Engine 207, a 1987 Spartan/Darley 1000,500.
Enjoy and comment.; #TBT; #FireTruck; #classic; #Spartan; #Darley; #TinleyParkFD; #history;

Mike Summa photo

and from our files …; #larryshapiro;; #FireTruck; #Spartan; #Darley; #TinleyParkFD;;;

Larry Shapiro photo

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New engine for Arlington Heights FD

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce, Arlington Heights, IL, 38186-1; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #impel; #ArlingtonHeightsFD;

Pierce composite

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Beecher FPD pickup for sale

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.

Saw this on Facebook. – Beecher is selling a pickup; #forsale; #BeecherFPD; #FordF250;

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