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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 11-23-23

This from Eric Haak:

Just before sunrise on Thanksgiving morning, a fire broke out in the former Wing Hoe restaurant located in Chicago’s 9th Battalion. The structure was built as a private residence in 1913 and had been the Wing Hoe since 1971. It was currently vacant and scheduled for demolition. Companies had been drilling in the structure as recently as the day before. The building was a 2.5-story brick with a basement where the fire appeared to originate. Engine Company 83 made a valiant effort to get a line on it before it advanced, but with holes in the floor and being heavily charged with smoke, the decision was made to transition to a defensive attack.

I arrived as the box was being pulled and found very heavy smoke emanating from the entire structure. Engine Company 59 made entry from a safe POV through a rear door that accessed the basement and made some headway there but the fire extension was already advanced. A Snorkel, tower ladder, two RAMs, and several hand lines were used to bring this job under control.; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11Alarmfire; #FireTruck; #rosenbaueramerica; #ACP-55Cobra; #ChicagoFDSquad1A;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11Alarmfire; #FireTruck; #rosenbaueramerica; #ACP-55Cobra; #ChicagoFDSquad1A;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11Alarmfire; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength; #towerladder; ChicagoFDTowerLadder21;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11Alarmfire; #FireTruck; #EONE; #EONEStrength; #towerladder; ChicagoFDTowerLadder21;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11Alarmfire; #FireTruck; #Spartan; #Gladiator;

Eric Haak photo

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 8-23-23

Excerpts from

Chicago firefighters responded to an extra-alarm fire at a grocery store in the Chinatown neighborhood Wednesday morning.

The fire broke out at about 3:30 a.m. in the Park To Shop grocery store in the 2100-block of South Archer Avenue. 

There were no reports of any firefighters suffering from heat fatigue and no injuries have been reported.

The fire department had trouble putting out the fire due to the building’s concrete roof. 

The Chicago Building Department was called in to help open up walls to gain access.

At about 6:45 a.m., CFD said the fire was struck out. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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2-11 Alarm fire in CHicago, 4-17-23

Excerpts from

An extra-alarm fire broke out around 6:30 p.m. in a pallet yard at 25th and Rockwell streets Monday evening in Little Village prompting a 2-11 alarm. The wind Monday night made fighting the fire more difficult.

Ten hose lines were used at the fire which was contained to the pallet yard. The fire was under control by just after 8:30 p.m.

No injuries were reported.


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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-10-23 (more)

Excerpts from

The Chicago Fire Department battled an extra-alarm fire in the Bridgeport neighborhood Monday morning after responding at about 8:22 a.m. to the 2900-block of South Archer Avenue.

At one point the smoke enveloped several city blocks. The fire appeared to have broken out inside a vacant church.

“The fire got into the trusses and we immediately evacuated them back out of the building,” said CFD Chief Jim McDonough. “Bowstring truss is one of our most dangerous fires.

With two two-story buildings on either side, letting the fire consume the church was not an option. Residents from both adjacent buildings were able to get out safely.

The storefront where the fire appears to have started belonged, until recently, to the Restore Center Church. Both the State Fire Marshall and ATF are part of the investigation into the cause of the blaze. While inspection records do not point to any violations since 2017, Restore Center’s Pastor said they decided to leave their temporary home here as a result of a leaking roof and other electrical issues that had not been addressed. The church had only been at this location for around six months. 

One firefighter was transported to a hospital for a minor injury, CFD said. No civilian injuries were reported.

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 4-10-23

This from Steve Redick

2-11 Alarm fire at 2913 S Archer. Two commercial buildings, two TL and Snorkel working


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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago 2-6-23

Video by Steve Redick of Chicago’s 2-11 Alarm fire yesterday (2-6-23) at 4714 W. Lake Street


and from Chicago FD Media on Twitter; #ChicagoFD; #2-11Alarm; #firescene;

CFD Media photo; #ChicagoFD; #2-11Alarm; #firescene;

CFD Media photo

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago with a Mayday alert, 2-4-23 (more)

Excerpt from

A decades-old church that has spent generations in West Englewood is now just mounds of burned debris after a devastating fire tore through the church Saturday morning.

The fire quickly tore through the Universal Temple of Christ and Training School on Damen and 56th Street in West Englewood.

The battle to stop the fire became intense at times, forcing flames out the front and back doors.

Luckily, no one was inside when the flames broke out, however, a Chicago firefighter was hurt while battling the blaze. That firefighter was taken to the hospital and has since been released.

While Chicago fire officials say the cause of the fire is still under investigation, the church’s Pastor believes this was an intentionally ignited inferno, happening just as the church was planning to expand.

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago with a Mayday alert, 2-4-23 (more)

This from Eric Haak:

Here are a few images from yesterday’s Still & Box with a Mayday Alert and EMS Plan I at 5539 S. Damen Avenue. One firefighter was transported in fair condition after the fire flashed through the front door. The building was a total loss.; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #rosenbaueramerica; #ChicagoFDSquad5A; #FireTruck;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #EONEStrength; #ChicagoTL39; #FireTruck;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #rosenbaueramerica; #ChicagoFDSquad5A; #FireTruck;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #EONEStrength; #ChicagoE116; #FireTruck; #Cyclone;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #firefighters;

Eric Haak photo; #EricHaak; #ChicagoFD; #smoke; #fire; #2-11; #rosenbaueramerica; #ChicagoFDSquad5A; #FireTruck;

Eric Haak photo

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago with a Mayday alert, 2-4-23


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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 1-17-23

Excerpts from

The Chicago Fire Department battled an extra-alarm fire in a West Side warehouse Tuesday morning in a one-story commercial building in the 4500-block of West Fulton Street.

The fire raged for more than an hour and around 7:45 a.m., CFD said it had been struck.

More than 100 firefighters responded to the fire. No one was inside the warehouse and no injuries were reported.

The building sustained major damage, including the collapse of the roof.

The building’s tenant was on scene Tuesday morning and said the business once inside the warehouse was called American Masonry and Supply.

Fire officials also say the fire was contained to the warehouse itself and never spread to any nearby structures.

The cause of the fire is under investigation; #ChicagoFD; #fire; #2-11; #rosenbaueramerica; #CFDSquad2A; #ACP-55;

CFD Media photo

From CFD Media on Twitter:

0646 S & B Alarm 4537 W Fulton 1 story ordinary 75 X 75 with fire through the roof. CFD companies on scene in defensive attack. No injuries no transport. All compnies working. 0702 upgraded to a 2-11 alarm.

2-11 alarm update corrected address 4550 W Fulton. A masonry company. 3 Master streams, 2 handlines on the fire. Fire is under control. All companies working. No injuries no transports. Rehab in process. Media staged at Fulton & Kenton.

2-11 Alarm 4550 W Fulton, has been struck out by orders of 2 1 10. CFD Companies still working.


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