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Chicago FD Department Memo M-33-22

Chicago FD Radio Signatures Chicago FD Department Memo M-33-22

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Goshen Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT- While traveling through Northern Indiana in the 1990’s I found 2 Mack MC’s lettered Engines 2 and 3 with identical specs of 1250/50.  Sorry, do not know the year.  Enjoy.
Mike Summa; #MikeSumma; #FireTruck; #TBT; #GoshenFD; #MackMCfireengine; #vintagefireengine

Mike Summa photo; #MikeSumma; #FireTruck; #TBT; #GoshenFD; #MackMCfireengine

Mike Summa photo

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New TRT vehicle and Mobile Command Post for Naperville

From the

New command van and TRT unit for Naperville

thanks Daniel

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Fire Service News

Excerpts from

Ford has been trialling connected traffic lights equipped with C-V2X technology enabling them to automatically switch to green providing clearer routes for ambulances, fire engines, and police vehicles. Ford notes the system also has the potential to reduce congestion thanks to traffic lights sending their red-green timing information to approaching vehicles.

To test the technology, Ford utilized a road with eight consecutive traffic lights in Aachen, Germany, and two stretches with three consecutive traffic lights just outside the city. A Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid test vehicle, equipped with onboard units (for communicating with the infrastructure) and rapid control prototyping hardware (for running the prototype software in the vehicle), acted as an ambulance and passenger vehicle for the different test scenarios.

For testing an emergency response situation, the test vehicle signaled to the traffic lights to turn the light green. Once the vehicle passed through the junction, the traffic lights returned to standard operation.

For testing daily driving situations, the test vehicle received timing information for when the traffic lights turned from red to green and green to red. Ford’s Adaptive Cruise Control technology then adapted the vehicle’s speed to help ensure a higher proportion of traffic encountered a green light.

If the traffic light was red, the vehicle’s speed was reduced well ahead of the junction to time the vehicle’s approach to arrive at the light the moment it turned green, for example from 30mph to 20mph.

Ford engineers tested the system as part of the Corridor for New Mobility Aachen-Düsseldorf (ACCorD) project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and supported by RWTH University Aachen, Vodafone, Straßen.NRW (the road authority for North Rhine Westphalia) and the City of Aachen, over a three-month period at the start of 2022.

thanks Martin

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New tower ladder for Plainfield FPD


Plainfield FPD

Job: #36530 | Illinois | Velocity 100′ Platform; #Pierce; #Velocity; #PlainfieldFPD; #FireTruck

Macqueen Emergency photo; #Pierce; #Velocity; #PlainfieldFPD; #FireTruck

Macqueen Emergency photo; #Pierce; #Velocity; #PlainfieldFPD; #FireTruck

Macqueen Emergency photo; #Pierce; #Velocity; #PlainfieldFPD; #FireTruck

Macqueen Emergency photo

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Aurora Fire Department news

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A fire broke out just before 12:25 a.m. Wednesday morning at 15. N. Broadway in Aurora. Six people needed to be rescued from the building, as they had become trapped.  Two were transported in serious condition to a local hospital.

A woman jumped from a third-floor window and landed on the roof of an adjacent building. The jump was about 20 to 25 feet.  Another person suffered smoke inhalation. Four others suffered minor smoke inhalation and cuts.

The blaze was put out about 1 a.m., but firefighters remained on the scene to determine any structural damage, temporarily closing Broadway from East Galena Boulevard to East New York Street.

The fire’s cause remains under investigation. No damage was reported to the storefronts below the apartments.

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New engine for Lake Zurich

From the Pierce Flickr site:

Pierce, Lake Zurich Fire Department, IL, 36264-1; #LakeZurichFD; #Pierce; #FireTruck; #Saber

Pierce composite

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Fire service news

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Project Fire Buddies is an organization of firefighters dedicated to supporting Chicago-area families with critically ill children. The organization, which began at the Oak Forest Fire Department, is a chaptered group of firefighters who visit severely ill children in their communities, bringing joy and comfort during difficult times.

The group has grown to 20 chapters with 32 chapters on the way in 5 different states. Parents who’ve benefited say it makes them proud of their community and their local fire departments.

Project Fire Buddies regularly visits children on holidays and special occasions bringing gifts and dressed up characters but they often just come to spend time playing with the kids. Several celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jack Black, and Gal Gadot have also sent supportive messages to the families.

For more information on how to help, visit

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New engine for Kankakee FD

From the Pierce Flickr site:

Pierce, City of Kankakee Fire Department, IL, 36629-1; #KankakeeFD; #Pierce; #FireTruck; #Enforcer

Pierce composite

thanks Danny

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Cancer in the fire service

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Firefighters from Fall River and Hyannis joined their colleagues on Nantucket Monday in an effort to begin understanding just how much of the PFAS chemicals in their turnout gear is absorbed into their bodies.

“My involvement really stems from having to bury two 30-year-old firefighters from cancer,” said Jason Burns of the Fall River Fire Department. “Cancer has always been a part of our job, we get it. But something changed. Why are we now burying 30-year-olds? It used to be 50-, 60-, 70-year-olds that got cancer. Something changed and to me, it changed when they started pumping our gear full of these PFAS chemicals. You’re seeing guys getting cancer younger, and the cancer is more aggressive.”

The firefighters took part in three tests. The first was intended to measure the overall level of PFAS in their blood, and see how it compares to that of national averages. Then there were two skin tests; the first before putting on their turnout gear, and then after wearing their turnout gear for two to three hours while they built up a sweat.

The project is being spearheaded by the Nantucket PFAS Action Group, which was awarded a community grant from the Universtiy of Massachusetts’ TURI (Toxics Use Reduction Institute), to learn more about PFAS in firefighter gear.

Nantucket is one of the first firefighting communities in the nation to use new turnout gear that has substantially less PFAS, which is known for its water-resistant qualities, that have coated firefighting gear for decades. Those involved in the study want to compare the results from firefighters wearing the new turnout gear versus those wearing the older gear.

PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that have been used in a wide variety of products, from food packaging to clothing and household products for decades. Firefighting turnout gear as well as firefighting foam have been known to have particularly high levels.

The chemicals don’t break down easily and accumulate in the environment and in the human body. While they continue to be studied, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has found evidence that PFAS exposure can lead to a host of adverse health effects including certain types of cancer, increased cholesterol levels, negative effects on reproductive organs and thyroid disruption.

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