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Waukegan is added to the site

The Waukegan Fire Department has been added to the listings in MABAS Division 4. The last department in the county to be added is the largest. Waukegan has five stations with more than 28 pieces of rolling stock. All houses have an ALS rescue unit, and four run engine companies. Waukegan Station 4 staffs a 105′ Pierce quint alongside Rescue 1644.

Waukegan Fire Department

Waukegan Squad 1651 is a 2004 Seagrave. Jeff Rudolph photo


Waukegan provides a bomb squad with containment vessel for Lake and McHenry Counties out of an annex building at Station 1. They also have a dive unit, haz mat unit, a large squad, and a 6×6 ARFF at the Waukegan Regional Airport.

Waukegan Fire Department

Waukegan 1667 serves as the bomb squad for Lake and McHenry counties. Larry Shapiro photo

Waukegan Fire Department

1665 is a 1984 Oshkosh T-12 6×6 1500/3140/310AFFF. Larry Shapiro photo

They have Seagrave and KME engines, a Pierce and Seagrave aerial, plus Medtec, Wheeled Coach, and Taylor Made ambulances.

Waukegan Fire Department

Engine 1613 is a 2011 KME Severe Service 1500/750. Jeff Rudolph photo

Waukegan Fire Department

Rescue 1643 is a 2007 Medtec on a 4300 IHC chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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New tanker for Momence FPD

This from Karl Klotz:

Earlier this year, Momence FPD (MABAS Division 7) received an new tanker.  This replaces Tanker 94, the 1989 Ford/Quality /1964 Darley.
Tender 94 – 2012 International / UST 500gpm/2500gwt
Momence Fire Protection District

New Tender 94 for the Momence FPD is a 2013 IHC 7500/US Tanker 500/2500. Karl Klotz photo

Momence Fire Protection District

The former Momence Tender 94. 1989 Ford/Quality /1964 Darley. Karl Klotz photo

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Hoffman Estates ambulance for sale

Hoffman Estates has an ambulance for sale.

Hoffman Estates Fire Department

Ambulance Trader photo

Hoffman Estates Fire Department

Ambulance Trader photo


Thanks Kevin


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Division 4 & 5 special units

Jeff Rudolph submitted images of two special units serving Divisions 4 & 5 in Lake & McHenry Counties.

MABAS Division 4 and 5 rehab unit

This rehab bus 6997 for Divisions 4 and 5 is housed at Antioch Fire Station 2. Jeff Rudolph photo

MABAS Division 4 & 5 Wildland Team

New/used unit for the Division 4 &5 wildland team. Unit 6973 is a 1994 Ford F-800/Boise Mobile 750/500/20A. It is housed at Grayslake Fire Station 3. This unit is X-US Forest Service. Jeff Rudolph photo

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August 2013: website updates 2

The second in a series of updates to the website:

The following departments have had apparatus images updated:

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Video tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots


A video tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots

Prescott Fire Department – Esse Quam Videri from Traveling Picture Show Company on Vimeo.

thanks Tim

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Countryside FPD receives 4th accreditation

The Chicago Tribune wrote an article about the Countryside FPD being accredited for the fourth time.

The Countryside Fire Protection District … received accredited agency status with the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) for the fourth time. Countryside first received accreditation in 1998. The district is one of only a few agencies that has been through the process four times. There are 185 accredited agencies world-wide; 13 of which are in Illinois, and have achieved International accredited agency status with the CFAI and the Center for Public Safety Excellence .

In May of this year, a peer assessment team of four evaluators visited the Countryside Fire Protection District to review their self-assessment document, operations, and practices over five days. Team leader Travis Halstead stated that “Countryside has set the bar high and reached it”.

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New/used ambulance for Antioch FD

The Antioch Fire Department recently purchased an ambulance from the Winnetka Fire Department.

Antioch Fire Department

Antioch Ambulance 211R is a 2000 Freightliner FL60/Medtec Type I formerly owned by the Winnetka Fire Department. This is housed at Antioch Station 2. Jeff Rudolph photo


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Cary FPD Centennial Celebration

This year is the Cary Fire Protection District's 100 Year Anniversary. In celebration, the department is hosting a centennial dance on Saturday September 14th.

Cary Fire Protection DIstrict Centennial dance

Cary Fire Protection DIstrict Centennial dance

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Northwest departments amend mutual aid agreement


Press Release

August 21, 2013

The Palatine Rural Fire Protection District, the Village of Palatine Fire Department and the City of Rolling Meadows Fire Department Update Automatic Aid Agreements.

 Fire department officials from the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District, the Village of Palatine and the City of Rolling Meadows have identified another opportunity to further enhance existing intergovernmental agreements.  Chief officers from the three jurisdictions have agreed to update separate agreements pertaining to command and control of emergency incidents to allow the closest designated incident commander to respond and assume command of emergency incidents.  Prior to this alteration, incident command functions were provided to the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District’s jurisdictional response area via separate agreements with the Rolling Meadows and Palatine Fire Departments.  In the updated arrangement, Rolling Meadows Fire Department shift commanders will assume command of all incidents within the southern response area of the Palatine Rural District; specifically all areas south of Palatine Road.  Incidents north of Palatine Road will be managed by the Village of Palatine Fire Department’s on duty incident commander.

Since 2012, the three jurisdictions have met on a regular basis to explore opportunities to consolidate administrative and operational duties in an effort to provide safer and more efficient use of resources.  Expanded training opportunities and emergency response efforts continue to evolve and develop as a result of enhanced partnering efforts between the three organizations.


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