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As seen around …

From Jimmy Bolf:

Former Mess Canteen; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo; #MESSEmergencySupportServices; #canteen; #forsale; #

Jimmy Bolf photo

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A request from overseas …

Dear colleagues,

I am reaching out to you with a request to forward this message to the surrounding fire departments. Perhaps you could help us.

A year ago, firefighters from the Hamburg Fire Department – Germany ran the Chicago Marathon.

At the same time we visited some fire stations in Chicago because Hamburg and Chicago are Sister cities.

This year we are running the Chicago Marathon again but this year we are ten colleagues. We are still looking for accommodation between October 6th and 12th, 2023.

So, I would like inquire if you, your colleagues or families can provide private accommodations close to Chicago for this time.

All supporters are cordially invited to the great “Hamburg-Chicago” pasta party on the 7th of October.

For more details, please send an email to:

Thank you very much for your help and support.


Jürgen Schmidt

Deputy station commander

Hamburg Fire Department

Fire & Rescue Station 11

Fireboats & Water-Rescue

Admiralitätsstraße 54

Germany – 20459 Hamburg; #HamburgFD; #ChicagoMarathon; #firefighters;

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Request for information …

I am curious about a type of unit operated by the Chicago Fire Dept.  They are designated as rescue companies and consist of two trucks.  One of the trucks carries a 55′ aerial platform.  Why are there two trucks?  Why does a rescue carry an aerial platform?  What type of equipment does each truck carry?  Does the CFD also operate “normal” type rescues?

Robert Barrows
Hartford, CT

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Skokie Police Department news

Excerpts from

The heroic efforts of two Skokie police officers were captured by bodycam footage when officers Alfonso Hernandez and Rogelio Cantu worked earlier this month to resuscitate an infant near the 8100 block of North Keating.

The officers’ biggest fear did not stop them from giving chest compressions in just minutes, soon leading to tears from the infant.

Officers said the infant is continuing to do well.


thanks Rob

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Of interest … Chicago Fire Department

From Douglas Duncan; #ChicagoFD; #Douglas Duncan; #firetrucks; #firegihters; #firestation;

Douglas Duncan photo

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Reader submission

My fire department is looking to donate a used set of dumbbells to a department who may need them. They are in a set from 5lb’s to 45lb’s. There is also a rack included. They are well used but are still functional. I would like to see them go to a new home rather than throw them away.
If anyone is interested and would like some more information, please feel free to contact me at
Thank you. 

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Smokin’ Heroes competition in Johnston, IA


I want to extend an invite to you all regarding our annual Charity Smoking Competition called Smokin’ Heroes taking place on the evening of June 16th into June 17th 2023 at the Johnston Green Days festival.

The competition will pit police, fire, and military smoking teams against each other for bragging rights, the Smoking Heroes Championship Belt, and other cash prizes! We will have teams from all branches of public safety represented and at various experience levels. There is one stipulation of the competition though, that you need at least one police, fire, military, or public safety person on your team. If you already have someone like that on staff you’re set to go. We will provide the meat; pork, ribs, and whole chickens, you just need a team and a smoker to compete.

The charity competition is being used to raise money to promote a cultural exchange with our sister city Peja, Kosovo. This experience cannot be had in a class room and expresses our overall approach as a department to work toward the betterment of the community at large.

If you’d like to compete or support this event, I’ve attached a registration/interest form to get you started. If you participate you’re more than welcome to put up a banner in your smoking area to represent your team and organization The last competition attendance was calculated at around 1,500-2,000. Your team will also be represented in our social media during and leading up to the event!

Please contact me if you’re interested ASAP, my E-mail is my number at the PD is 515.334.2342 if you have any questions about the event. Hope to see you there!

A couple odds and ends

  • Since meat handout and rules are on the evening of the 16th you will be able to, if you choose, sleep in a tent or RV to smoke overnight or start as early as possible on the 17th
  • If you only want to show up for the competition, super early on the 17th that is ok, I can make arrangements for that
  • The competition takes place during our Green Days city festival, so there will be music, carnival rides, food and beverages during the competition. It is a family friendly event

Sgt Grandon

Community Policing Unit, Johnston Police

#Charity; @SmokinHeroes; #JohnstonIA;

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Of interest … fire service humor

This from Crabby Milton:

Something light hearted


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Of interest … Toronto Fire Department (more)

This from Bill Post:

The 230-foot Bronto Sky-Lift on a Mack triple-axle chassis which was delivered to the Toronto Fire Department in December 2021 was first put to use (for lighting purposed) about 5 months ago.
It is a special-call rig cross manned by the crew of  Tower 333 a 116-foot Bronto Sky-Lift.
I don’t know if  any attempts have been made to sell Bronto Sky-Lifts to Chicago. I am aware of some of their shortcomings, however I have long thought that this would be a great special-call apparatus for Chicago. A Bronto Sky-Lift is still better for rescue work than a straight 137-foot aerial ladder such as Aerial Tower 8.
This is especially relevant at the moment given the 4-11 alarm at 4850 S Lake Park Avenue.
This is now the tallest aerial platform in North America and seeing how it performs in Toronto would make sense in Chicago.


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Of interest … transporting a fire truck by air

thanks Martin

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