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New home for Illinois apparatus (part 2) – Arkansas

More from Luke Whalen

Wilburn (Cleburne) X-Wauconda, IL Engine 3411 
Earle (Crittenden) X-Park Ridge, IL Engine 
Morriston (Fulton County) X-Lisle Woodridge, IL Engine 541 
Lake Hamilton (Garland County) X-Evergreen Park Truck 44
Marmaduke (Green County) X-Harlem Roscoe, IL Engine 3 
Floral (Independence County) X-Hazel Crest, IL Ambulance 1230
Joiner (Mississippi County) X-Rockton, IL Engine 1408
Oak Grove (Pulaski County) X-Itasca, IL Engine 810 
Colt (St. Francis County) X-Pleasantview, IL Engine 1511
Pangburn (White County) X-Mt. Morris, IL 5747 
Maynard (Randolph County) X-New Milford, IL Brush 

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New home for Illinois apparatus (part 1) – Tennessee

This from Luke Whalen:

Hello all, found some old area rigs, enjoy! All photos belong to owners. Thank you, Luke. 

Three Star (Tipton County) X-Round Lake, IL Engine 2615 
Paris Landing (Henry County) X-Wilmington, IL Engine 
Gibson (Gibson County) X-Barrington, IL Engine 3612 
Camden (Benton County) X-South Holland, IL Rescue 669
Chalk Level (Benton County) X-Barrington, IL Engine 3610 
Eva (Benton) X-Mendota, IL Engine 611 

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As seen around … Chicago

This from Steve Redick:

I finally had a chance to view this memorial. I remember the night this happened, I was listening to the CFD radio.
I always thought this was inside the firehouse.. It was done well and worth a look. A very sad story and I can’t imagine the suffering he went through before he died.
Firefighter memorial

Steve Redick photo

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Of interest … Chicago Blackhawks and Firefighters

From Chicago Blackhawks @nhlblackhawks

Tonight’s edition of the anthem recognizes our local first responder and emergency response community – featuring firefighters, law enforcement and emergency medical services from stations across Chicagoland.

click the link above to view the video


Off the beaten track …

Something rather unusual for the site:

If any readers have an interest in, or collect Photoshop User Magazine, a contributor has about issues from 2008-2010 available.

If you’re interested, send an email to the webmaster and he’ll hook you up. 


A request for assistance … CFD Tower 10

I am a LT on Chicago Tower 10. Trying to put together a display of all our old rigs including Truck 10. I was wondering if you had images you would be able to share. These will not be for sale, strictly for firehose pride pictures only. I’d like to show all the rigs Truck and Tower 10 had as far back as possible. I have the two newer ones 316 and 358. Could you possibly help? Thank you.
Joe Rimkus
LT Tower 10
“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” Pericles

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A request for assistance … Chicago FD apparatus image files

From a reader:

Dear Sir,
My name is Frank and i make vehicle graphics for a online game called
For my graphics i need pictures in high quality and high resolution. Is it possible that you send me the pictures i need? Of course the pictures are only for my privat usage. I will delete it as soon as the graphic will be finished. I dont earn money with that. It’s only a hobby. I hope you can help me. In the attachment you find a example out of the german version and screenshots of photos i want to make a graphic out of it.Thanks a lot


If anyone is able to assist Frank, please respond and we’ll provide his contact information.

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A request for assistance … patches

From a reader:

Could you tell me if there is a patch available for Engine 26? I see the Truck 7 patch on your site, but haven’t been able to find one anywhere for Engine 26 also. Thank you.
James Varkalis


New engine for Lisle-Woodridge FPD

This from Kevin Griffen:

In this video you can see Lisle Woodridge new Engine 54 a couple times 

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North of the border

This from Asher Heimermann:

A fire truck became stuck in the snow on a hill in Sheboygan, Wisconsin on Wednesday, December 30th around 1 AM. Sheboygan Fire Department Rescue 2 became stuck after clearing from a medical call.

The Pierce Impel PUC pumper was stuck for an hour as firefighters worked to free the apparatus from the snow. A plow from the City of Sheboygan DPW arrived with salt and plowed a path for the truck after several failed attempts to pull the engine with a Ford pick-up truck.
Sheboygan is 60 miles north of Milwaukee. The storm system dumped nearly 8 inches of snow in parts of Milwaukee and between 4 – 6 inches in Sheboygan.

Pierce Impel PUC pumper stuck in the snow

Asher Heimermann

Pierce Impel PUC pumper stuck in the snow

Asher Heimermann

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