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A request for assistance …

Hi my name is Christina and I’m coming to Chicago for vacation in September my nephew is autistic and luvs the show Chicago fire we wanna bring him to see the fire house and trucks up close and personal…. Thanks for listening 


An open letter received – Chicago Safety; Re: George Floyd

Dear CFD Engine 94 Team,
I first would like to thank you for your important work in being on the frontlines during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 
I secondly, want to share with you a thought pertaining to the heartbreak the United States is experiencing in reaction to the murder of George Floyd. 
I am a Clinical Psychologist in Chicago and have experience working with both grief and trauma. What is occurring currently in Minnesota and other cities/states with the riots are responses to both, in addition to a traumatic history of racial oppression here in the United States. 
Those of us who are heartbroken over George Floyd’s murder, need to have this emotion acknowledged. By nature of how the trauma response works and how overwhelming grief can be, these protests need to be approached in a trauma-sensitive manner. I can go on at length about the nuances of this but I know you have busy lives. Here is a thought on how authorities like yourselves, the fire department, may approach any protests here in our city, in a trauma-sensitive manner:
What if yourselves, and any other figures of authority who come in to try and tame riots, wear the mottos of the protestors that are declaring the heartbreak for George and all of the other innocent lives taken wrongfully? 
What if you were to put a, “I can’t breathe.” sign on your uniform, your trucks? What if you were to put a “Black Lives Matter” and an “Again?” flag on your equipment? All ways to visually show: “We are with you in this hurt, heartbreak, anger and confusion, but we are here to help you calm down.”
This may help protesters feel less threatened. It may help protestors feel less like being tamed and quieted down by the authority, and bring about a more – We are with you, we are just here to redirect to help keep you all safe but know that, WE HEAR AND SEE YOU!” stance. 
I again thank you for your service and for considering my thoughts in advance. 
Kristen Friedman 
Kristen Friedman, PsyD
Fancher Psychology & Assessment, LLC
Chicago NorthShore Psychologists, Inc. 

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Chicago Fire Department history

This from Steve Redick:

A classic column by Paul Ditzel in the December 1968 issue of Fire Engineering Magazine
column by Paul Ditzel in the December 1968 issue of Fire Engineering Magazin

click to download

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Of interest … murals in Chicago

Excerpts from the

Artist Dwight White II has seen a nurse who lives in his apartment building coming and going at late hours. She has no idea she’s the inspiration for a mural he painted on the side of Lulu’s Hot Dogs, 1000 S. Leavitt St., in which she’s dressed like Captain America.

The artwork is part of Murals for Medical Relief, a campaign that’s tapping local artists to paint murals on buildings near the Illinois Medical District on the near west side honoring medical workers, police officers, and first responders  firefighters.  The campaign’s website  has a map showing where each mural is located. The artists are donating their time, and local businesses are donating the wall space.

GoFundMe campaign tied to the project is up and running with donations to be given to Cook County Health, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and Rush University Medical Center. Prints of the artwork will also be sold online with half the proceeds going to the artists and half going toward the charity fundraising effort.

A second mural is being painted on the side of Chilango, a Mexican street food restaurant at 1437 W. Taylor St.


Of interest … overseas visitors

From an overseas visitor:

My dear,
 Exactly a year ago I was at your place in Chicago.
 I was with my wife and brother.
 We gave you a book about firefighters from Warsaw published on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the Warsaw Fire Service.
 We have been very kindly received by you.  We’ve got souvenir T-shirts that I proudly wear for special occasions like today’s.  We received commemorative medals from your commander (unfortunately I don’t remember my name).
 A young firefighter from Poland showed us everything.  His name was probably David.
 I remember that time very nice.  I am very grateful to you.
 On the occasion of your holiday, which falls in Poland 4, I wish you first of all health.  All good and may God lead you only along the paths of good. Marek ?ukowski (
Marek ?ukowski and friends

Marek ?ukowski


A request for patches

Brock Hathaway patch collection
Request for Patches
Address to Brock Hathaway
40 Orchard Mills Rd.
Claverack NY 12513
thank you 
Shirt size large
and Collect challenge coins thank you
Brock Hathaway
Brock Hathaway fire helmet collection

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Of interest … Larry Eckhardt ‘the Flagman’

Excerpts from

Larry Eckhardt, also known as ‘the Flagman’ died Tuesday at the age of 63. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2018 before suffering from vocal cord paralysis.

In 2006, Eckhardt, of Little York, Illinois, started placing flags along funeral routes to honor first responders police officers, firefighters and paramedics. He received the same honor when he traveled back to Little York after spending a month in Iowa City for hospice care.

He placed nearly half a million flags around the U.S. to honor fallen service members, police officers, and firefighters. 

Larry Eckhardt 'the Flagman" lost his battle with cancer

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A request for patches

To whom it may concern my name is Thomas Wells I collect patches as a hobby and would consider it a great honor and privilege to receive one of your departments beautiful chicago ohare arff patches for my collection. My address is 15 Venture Ln. Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas 72512. Thank you for your time and consideration on granting my request. Any patches I receive will be put in a binder made specifically for patches. 

Thomas Wells


A request for assistance

This from a reader:


My name is Odd Jakob Haaland from Norway . I hope  you can help me  identifying a fire station 🙂 . My father was in Usa from 1952 to 1956 , I have a super 8 movie clip from 1952 , but I’m not sure where the movie was recorded but i know he was in Chicago and other places , My father is passed away so i cant ask him . I use Google street view and i found a similar fire station with railroad track behind the building  The attached screenshot can it be from Chicago Fire Dept Eng 69 ? There is also a picture of a trolley buss ? The sign on the buss says Irving Park ? Can anyone confirm that the pictures are from the Irving park – Chicago area and Fire Dept Eng 69 ?
Thank you in advance
Best regards Odd Jakob haaland
still frame from 1952 from movie showing Chicago firehouse
still frame from 1952 from movie showing Chicago firehouse
still frame from 1952 from movie showing Chicago firehouse
still frame from 1952 from movie showing Chicago firehouse
still frame from 1952 from movie showing Chicago firehouse
still frame from 1952 from movie showing old Chicago transit bus
  still frame from 1952 from movie showing old Chicago transit bus
Google Maps Street View of Chicago FD Engine 69 firehouse

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A request for patches

I am an avid patch collector from Alabama. I am wondering if there are actually any patches from CFD that correlate with the apparatus that is on the Chicago fire tv show. let me know thanks