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Worth Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-The Worth Fire Dept.’s Engine 6723, a 1990 Spartan Diamond/FMC 1250/750.
Mike Summa
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Mike Summa photo

and from our files:; #larryshapiro;; #FireTruck; #TBT; #WorthFD; #FMC;

Larry Shapiro photo

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Of interest … Toronto Fire Department

This from Bill Post:

Here is a 6 minute video that was done about a month ago. Even though it isn’t about a Chicago area fire department I think it is significant as the official unveiling of the the tallest aerial platform in North America by the Toronto Fire Department.
It is a 229-foot Bronto Skylift built on a Mack chassis and will be used a  cross-staffed apparatus when needed for high-rise fires or high-angle rescues. It was delivered during the winter but was officially introduced to the public last month. It is at Toronto Station 333 in downtown Toronto.
Bill Post

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Illinois Fire Service news

Excerpts from

A measure sponsored by State Senator Sara Feigenholtz will allow Chicago firefighters to add MRSA to the list of occupational disease disability benefits if they contract the infection on duty.

The new law aligns Chicago firefighters with downstate firefighters by extending an occupational disease disability benefit to any active Chicago firefighter who has completed seven or more years of service and can’t perform their duties because of a contagious staph infection including MRSA.

Governor JB Pritzker signed House Bill 4435 on Friday, June 10. The law takes effect immediately.

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Fire Service news

Excerpts from

The Beardstown Fire Department was issued eight citations and two fines by the Illinois Department of Labor’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health as a result of standard violations during a fire that left three firefighters hurt last year.

On May 16, 2021, firefighters responded to a building at 4th and Bay Streets for a reported fire. During the fire, Chief Brian Becker and two other firefighters became lost on the second floor of the building, declared a mayday, and were forced to jump out of the building from a second-floor window, a height of about 21 feet. All three were seriously injured and treated at the hospital. An occupant of that building was also hurt in the blaze.

IL OSHA’s investigation determined that key factors that contributed to the firefighters’ injuries included a lack of initial incident command, search and rescue operations taking place above an active fire in a building that had no sprinkler system, and firefighters operating in zero visibility without a hoseline or tagline.

The report also identified 15 indirect causes of the incident and provided 19 recommendations to prevent a similar incident in the future. IL-OSHA issued eight citations to the Beardstown Fire Department, two of which were repeat violations that carried monetary penalties.

“The incident report was written for rank-and-file firefighters, fire officers, chiefs and elected officials,” said IL OSHA Acting Division Manager Erik Kambarian. “It is a case study that highlights the importance of establishing strong, initial, and assertive incident command, and matching tactics and strategies to available capabilities. Fire departments should look at the circumstances this department faced and apply it to their operational picture.”

IL OSHA’s full report can be viewed online.

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Bloomington Fire Department news

Excerpts from

There’s a new handheld tool to help diagnose heart attacks and other issues while in a Bloomington Fire Department ambulance. It’s called a Kosmos scanner, by Echonous. It uses ultrasound to give EMT’s a more accurate look at a patient’s lungs or heart, especially in the event of a heart attack. That ultrasound unit works with the same type of gel you might be familiar with in pregnancies.

At this point, only Bloomington’s station 2 has the Kosmos device.

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New truck for St Charles FD (more)

From pierce mfg FB:

St. Charles Fire Department’s #Velocity 100’ #AerialLadder will be attending to approximately 2,000 calls a year in the Chicago suburbs. The heavy-duty aluminum ladder was a fit for the department due to its short jack spread and heavy weight carrying capacity. Their response area consists of about 50,000 people over 13 square miles. The black over red color scheme was chosen to honor fallen firefighters. #StCharlesIL
Overall height: 12’ 2”
Overall length: 43’ 0.5”
Pump: Pierce #PUC, 1500-gpm
Tank: 500-gallon
Job Number: 36407; #Pierce; #StCharlesFD; #Velocity; #FireTruck;

Pierce photo; #Pierce; #StCharlesFD; #Velocity; #FireTruck;

Pierce photo; #Pierce; #StCharlesFD; #Velocity; #FireTruck;

Pierce photo; #Pierce; #StCharlesFD; #Velocity; #FireTruck;

Pierce photo; #Pierce; #StCharlesFD; #Velocity; #FireTruck;

Pierce photo

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New tower ladder for the Lockport Township FPD (more)

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Here is a photo of the brand new Lockport Township FPD Tower Ladder 6

2022 Seagrave Apollo 105′ Tower 300/2000 

Placed in service on 6/2/22; #TylerTobolt; #Seagrave; #Apollo; #FireTruck; #LockportFPD;

Tri State – USFiR Photography

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New engine for Aurora

From Fire Service, Inc. @FireServiceIncStJohn :

Thanks to: Chief Dave McCabe, Assistant Chief Mark Matkovich
• E-ONE Custom Top Mount Pumper
• Cyclone 100” Wide Cab
• Cummins L9 330 HP Engine
• 16” Vista Raised Roof
• Extruded Aluminum Body with Roll-Up Doors
• Low Hosebed
• Enclosed Ladder Storage Tunnel
• 1500 GPM Hale QMAX Pump
• Federal Signal Warning Lights
• FireTech Hi-Viz 12 Volt Scene Lights; #EONE; #AuroraFD; #firetruckdrawing;

click to download; #EONE; #AuroraFD; #firetruckdrawing;

click to download; #EONE; #AuroraFD; #firetruckdrawing;

click to download

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Fire service news

Excerpts from

Pierce Manufacturing’s lobby was filled last week with potential employees during the company’s second hiring event  in an effort to fill 200 new positions that’ll be created by an expansion of its plants in Neenah and Fox Crossing. Those jobs include welders, painters, electricians, assemblers, and material coordinators. 

Pierce announced in November it would start work on a 90,000-square-foot expansion of its Fox Crossing location and a 60,000-square-foot expansion of its Neenah facility. The company said the expansions, expected to be done in the fall, are needed to help it keep up with global demand for its trucks.

Job offers had been extended to more than 50 people within an hour of the start of last week’s hiring event. The company hired about 60 people at at a similar event in October. While the expansion isn’t expected to be completed until fall, new hires will not have to wait until it is completed to begin working at the factory. 

Although supply shortages are affecting manufacturers across the nation, Pierce’s productivity hasn’t seen any dramatic changes because of it. 

thanks Martin

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Of interest … DCFD celebrates 150 years

This from Austin Lawler:

The Washington DC Fire Department celebrated their 150th birthday over the past weekend. To celebrate they had a parade of current and former apparatus from DC as well as the surrounding area. Here is a video with some eye candy.

D.C. Fire Department’s 150th Anniversary Fire Truck Parade through the streets of Washington.

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