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Justice Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

The former Justice Fire Dept.’s Truck 557, a 1990 Duplex/ Olympian /LTI 1500/500/75′.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
Mike Summa
Justice FD history

Mike Summa photo

From our archives

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Larry Shapiro photo

Justice FD history

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University Park Fire Department is added

University Park Fire Department station

University Park Station 1 at 698 Burnham Drive. Karl Klotz photo

In MABAS Division 27, the University Park Fire Department has been added to the site. This department has almost completed a change to black over red apparatus throughout the fleet. Previously, the rigs were black over white over lime green which was the color scheme used by the department under its’ former name. Prior to 1984, the village and subsequently the fire department was call Park Forest South. As a means to achieve autonomy, the village became University Park in 1984 and the fire department, being a municipal department, changed as well. A well documented department history is available on the fire department website HERE.

University Park Fire Department

The last piece of apparatus in the University Park fleet to carry the old color scheme is Engine 76. Karl Klotz photo

Recently, the department received a new E-ONE tower ladder. They traded three older pieces to the dealer; a Hendrickson/American/LTI tower ladder and two Hendrickson/FMC engines.

Park Forest South Fire Department

In 1980, the Park Forest South Fire Department received this unit for Engine 78. Built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 1871S cab, the body was fabricated by FMC. Larry Shapiro collection

University Park Fire Department Hendrickson FMC engine

University Park Engine 78 as it sits in the dealer's yard after being traded in. Karl Klotz photo


Park Forest South Fire Department

University Park recently replaced this 1976 Hendrickson/American Fire/LTI 85' tower ladder which was originally labeled for the Park Forest South Fire Department. Larry Shapiro collection

University Park Hendrickson American LTI

Old Tower 85 is also parked as its' fate is determined. Karl Klotz photo


University Park has a mixture of E-ONE and American LaFrance apparatus in addition to a Spartan/FMC/RPI/Pierce engine that formerly belonged to Beecher, IL. Both of the department’s ambulances are Type I units from Medtec on IHC chassis.

University Park Fire Department

Beecher Fire Department engine

Beecher Engine 406 began as a 1984 Spartan/FMC engine with open jump seats. In 1994, it was sent to RPI in Tipton, IN to have the cab enclosed. In 2001, it was rehabbed by Pierce with a new body. Bill Friedrich photo

Beecher Fire Department Spartan FMC Omega pumper

The Beecher Volunteer Fire Department took delivery of this FMC Omega pumper with a top-mount 'membrane' pump panel in 1984 on a Spartan chassis with a 2-dr CFC cab. Larry Shapiro collection

Karl Klotz provided the current department information and images.



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Central Stickney FPD has been added to the site

Central Stickney Fire Protection District station

The Central Stickney FPD station at 4951 S. Lotus. Larry Shapiro photo

Central Stickney FPD patchIn MABAS Division 21, the Central Stickney Fire Protection District has now been added to the site. Central Stickney has one station which is staffed by part-time personnel. They have two ambulances, a pair of twin Pierce Enforcer engines, the first Simon-Duplex/LTI 75′ rear-mount tower ladder, and a pickup that is used by their battalion chief.  Located near Midway Airport, Central Stickney has a five square mile district which includes a portion of I-55 (the Stevenson Expressway) and a large industrial park.

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Pierce Enforcer

Engine 905 is one of two 2004 Pierce Enforcer engines. Larry Shapiro photo

Central Stickney was featured in posts HERE and HERE in the last year working at extra alarm fires.

Prior to adopting a red and white paint scheme, the Central Stickney apparatus was all white. They used to run with FMC and Howe apparatus which is featured in the historic gallery that has also been posted depicting Central Stickney apparatus dating back to the 1970s.

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Duplex Howe Grove ladder

Central Stickeny used to run with this 1971 Duplex/Howe 1250/0 85' Grove ladder. Bill Friedrich photo

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Simon-Duplex LTI 75' tower ladder

Currently, Central Stickney operates the first 75' tower ladder made by LTI.

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FDIC 2011 highlights

FDIC 2011

An overview of the stadium exhibits. Many of the apparatus exhibitors moved into the new convention center this year. Larry Shapiro photo

The 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) just ended. The convention center was filled with exhibitors who displayed everything from fire apparatus and gear to shirts and trinkets. There were two local area rigs on display this year. A  Medtec Type III ambulance for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills was in the Pierce booth and a Cyclone II 95-foot rear mount tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth.

FDIC 2011 Algonquin Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills had a Medtec ambulance in the Pierce booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 University Park Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

This new tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Other interesting apparatus displayed included four pieces for the FDNY including a Wheeled Coach ambulance on a four-door Ford chassis, an engine in the Seagrave booth, plus Rescue 4 and Ladder 137 in the Ferrara booth.

FDIC 2011 Seagrave FDNY

Seagrave displayed FDNY Engine 222. Larry Shapiro

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY R4

Ferrara had FDNY Rescue 4 from Queens in their booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY L137

Ferrara also had FDNY Ladder 137 on dispkay. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson had a tandem axle rescue for Elizabeth, NJ, KME had a tiller for Norwalk, CT, American LaFrance had a tiller for Ventura County, CA and HME had a Type III wildland pumper for CALFIRE.

FDIC 2011 Crimson Elizabeth Fire Department Rescue 1

This tandem axle heavy rescue for Elizabeth, NJ Rescue 1 was in the Crimson booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME TDA Norwalk, CT

A tiller for Norwalk, CT was shown by KME. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance LTI TDA Ventura County, CA

This LTI tiller for Ventura County, CA by American LaFrance was in the Lucas Oil Stadium. Larry Shapiro photo


HME brought a Type III engine from CALFIRE. Larry Shapiro photo

As regards new introductions:

Pierce showed the new Dash CF chassis under a PUC rescue pumper;

FDIC 2011 Pierce Dash CF PUC

One of two Pierce Dash CF units that were unveiled at the show. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Pierce tracked mini pumper

Pierce also showed this mini pumper on rubber tracks BP. Larry Shapiro photo

Rosenbauer introduced their Smart Cab enclosure for adding a crew area to units built on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

Rosenbauer introduced the 'Smart Cab' enclosure for three firefighters on a commercial chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

The Smart Cab has a two-step unit which swings out with the door for easy egress and entrance to the crew enclosure along with an option for a full-lenght glass covered door. Larry Shapiro photo

KME brought out the Predator Pro Series (Pumper Rescue Operations) integrated pumper and a new 79-foot ladder;

FDIC 2011 KME Predator PRO

The KME Predator PRO is a rescue pumper on the new Predator chassis and features a short wheelbase and compact operator's panel. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME 75' Aerial Cat

The new 76-foor Aerial Cat quint on a new Predator chassis was in the KME booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson highlighted their new acquisition of Classic Fire and showed their ‘Transformer’ on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Crimson Fire Classic Series

Crimson had a min pumper in their new Classic Series which originates from their recent purchase of Classic Fire in Ocala, FL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance announced that they are now offering their Eagle custom chassis to other manufacturers and that the LTI aerials can also be purchased by others;

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance Eagle chassis

A 2010 emissions compliant Eagle cab and chassis was on display by American LaFrance. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE showed the eMAX pumper series with a narrow operator’s panel.


The E-ONE eMAX was shown on a Typhoon chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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Robbins has been added to the site

The Robbins Fire Department in MABAS Division 22 has now been added to the site. Robbins has one station with four engines, a tower ladder, and a mini-pumper. The engines are from Darley, E-ONE, Fire-Max, and HME. The Darley is a former Orland engine and the E-ONE came from Riverside. They provide EMS first responders to assist Bud’s Ambulance Service who is contracted for ALS service to the community. The mini-pumper was built by Hammerly on a Dodge chassis (correction … a Ford chassis). This was formerly owned by a department somewhere on the East Coast (correction … by Libertyville, IL).

Robbins Fire Department station

The Robbins Fire Department station at 3327 W. 137th Street with Chicago style red doors, each featuring the company labels. Karl Klotz photo

Robbins Fire Department Engine 2923

Engine 2923 formerly saw service in Riverside, IL. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Robbins Fire Department Engine 2913

This engine was originally built for the Orland Fire Protection District. It was part of an order of five units from Darley on Spartan Gladiator chassis. There were three engines, a 55-foot Snorkel, and a 100-foot LTI rear-mount tower ladder.Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

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Princeton FD looking at aerial replacement

Although a bit out of the area, the Princeton Fire Department, in Bureau County, (two hours from Chicago) is looking to replace their 1980, Pierce Arrow, LTI, 100′ rear mount tower ladder. The Bureau County Republican online edition has an article with the story that can be read HERE.

Princeton Fire Department IL Pierce LTI tower ladder

Princeton's 1980 Pierce Arrow 1,250-GPM 100' LTI rear mount tower ladder. Princeton FD photo

At Monday’s meeting, the Princeton City Council heard from Princeton Fire Chief John Petrakis and Justin Walters, fleet maintenance superintendent for the fire department, on their concerns about the department’s existing ladder truck, which is 30 years old and showing some signs of problems.

Princeton’s aerial truck is one of only nine in a four-county area. The closest aerial truck for mutual aid is 16 miles away in Spring Valley, but the Spring Valley Fire Department will only send its truck company for mutual aid if the temperature is above a certain level, so the unit doesn’t freeze, he said.

The cost to buy a new “demo” truck is $780,000, Petrakis said. … The cost to buy a brand new custom-specified truck would be more than $1 million.

“If our fleet maintenance superintendent and our fire chief and all of our firefighters think it’s a good idea, then I think it’s a good idea,” (City Manager) Fiegenschuh said. “I think we should bite the bullet and go ahead and do it.”

Thanks to Dennis McGuire, Jr. for spotting the article.

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Chicago Still and Box Alarm 12-30

Karl Klotz took in a Still and Box Alarm fire this morning at 1315 S. Wabash in a commercial occupancy. He posted a few images HERE.

Chicago Fire Department Still and Box Alarm Wabash Avenue

Smoke escapes from the front windows of the Gastro Smokehouse Restaurant on Wabash Avenue this morning. Karl Klotz photo

Chicago Fire Department Still and Box Alarm Wabash Avenue Squad 1

Squad 1's Snorkel is parked near the Still and Box on Wabash. The fire was knocked down with hand lines and an interior attack. Karl Klotz photo

Chicago Fire Department Still and Box Alarm Wabash Avenue

Tower Ladder 5 was located in Sector 1 in the event that the fire extended to the upper floors. Karl Klotz photo

Chicago Fire Department Still and Box Alarm Wabash Avenue

Firefighters remove a ground ladder from the scene and return it to the truck. Karl Klotz photo

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Chicago High-Rise Still & Box 12/7

Dam McInerney took in the Still & Box/EMS Plan I in the high-rise at 4800 S. Lake Park yesterday. There was a fire in one apartment on the 9th floor of a 25-story building that measured 50×250. Engine 45 laid two lines to charge the standpipe system. One line off the interior standpipe was used to fight the fire.

Chicago Fire 4800 S. Dolton house fire 2-11 140th street Park

Broken windows on the 9th floor of this 25-story building show the location of the fire unit. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box 4800 S. Lake Park

Engine 63 is a 2005 Spartan/Crimson engine staged at the scene. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 63

The high-rise hose packs from the engine consist of 50' lengths of 2-1/2" hose with a smoothbore nozzle at the end. The nozzle has a spin down attachment at the end of it where 1-3/4" hose can be attached. This is the same nozzle that they use on their leader lines. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Still & Box at 4800 S Lake Park Engine 16

Engine 16 was on the scene with their 2002 Spartan/Luverne engine (D606). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department truck 16

Truck 16 staged. This is a 2002 Pierce Dash 100' rear mount (E312). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Truck 30

Detail of the graphics on Truck 30. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department Tower Ladder 37

The company of Tower 37 stands by their rig which is a 1996, HME/LTI 100' rear mount (EE281). Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department standpipe connection

Engine 45 laid two lines to charge the standpipe system of the building. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department hydrant pump

The engineer from Engine 45 uses a hydrant pump to drain the water from the hydrant. Dan McInerney photo

Chicago Fire Department command van 273 2-7-3

Command Van 2-7-3 responded to the scene as the mobile command post. Dan McInerney photo

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Chicago 2-11 alarm fire in Rogers Park

Fire broke out in a three-story apartment building this afternoon around 1PM in Rogers Park. First arriving units reported flames through the roof. Shortly thereafter the 9th Battalion requested a Box Alarm  and then a 2-11 as fire involved units on the second and third floors of the building at the corner of Newgard Avenue and Northshore Avenue. Tower 21, Truck 47, and Truck 25 had their aerials deployed in addition to multiple ground ladders. Engines 59, 70, 71, and 102 (running with a spare #D546) were all pumping.

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Tower 21 in sector 1 had to fight with some trees to reach the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Truck 47 was setup on the corner of sectors 1 and 2. This is one of the oldest Pierce ladder trucks in the city. It was purchased along with Truck 52, and both were delivered in 2000. There were no orders for additional Pierce units at the time. Chicago also received nine E-ONE ladders and an American LaFrance/LTI tower ladder that year. Trucks 47 and 52 have the only Pierce ladders that were painted white. All of the subsequent purchases including the tower ladders were painted gray. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

Engine 59 was also in sector 1. They run with a 1998 HME SFO/Luverne engine. This series of engines are unique to Chicago in that their water tanks actually hold 535 gallons instead of the customary 500 gallons. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

The north side of the fire building (sector 2) runs along Northshore Avenue. This access made it easier for companies to through multiple ground ladders without having to navigate a courtyard or gangway between two buildings. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

One of the CFD chaplains is Rabbi Moshe Wolf. Rabbi Wolf is known throughout the CFD for having pockets full of candy which he hands out at fire scenes. Here he is performing his signature service. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 2-11 fire Rogers Park Newgard

A small gallery of images that were taken after the 2-11 was struck out can be seen HERE.

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Merrionette Park begins Division 22

Merrionette Park is the first department to be posted from Division 22. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and one in particular has a very interesting history. Truck 2614 was previously in service with the Pennsville Fire & Rescue. No. 1, (New Jersey) after leaving service as 1 of 2 Mack Bulldog aerials purchased by the FDNY in 1982.  At the time, LTI was building aerial ladders and fabricating bodies for other fire service manufacturers.  Mack was supplying engines to New York, Baker was building the Aerialscope towers on Mack chassis and FNDY was purchasing rear mount ladders from Seagrave.  In an attempt to capture more of the FDNY business and to expand their overall product line, Mack teamed up with LTI and marketed a private label aerial called the Bulldog I and II Series. LTI built the ladder and body which were mounted on a Mack chassis. “The Bulldog I Series offered midship ladders, rear-mounted ladders and TDAs…The Bulldog program did not prove overly successful with 25 aerials being sold before Mack ceased production of fire trucks in 1983.” (excerpt from Aerial Fire Trucks by Larry Shapiro, MBI Publishing Company.)


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