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St Charles Fire Department history

As a follow up to the previous post about the newest pumper in St Charles, here are images representing some of their past engines from various contributors.

Seagrave Anniversary Series fire engine in St Charles IL

Larry Shapiro photo

Seagrave Invader fire engine

Larry Shapiro photo

vintage Seagrave P-Series fire engine in St Charles IL

Larry Shapiro photo

St Charles FD Engine 106

Bill Friedrich photo

St Charles FD Engine 103

John Tulipano photo

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As seen around … Lynn, Indiana

Kevin Griffin spotted this at

Lynn Fire Department Tanker 13

Frank Wegloski photo

Lynn Fire Department Tanker 13

Frank Wegloski photo

Cicero Fire Department tractor-drawn aerial

Bill Friedrich photo

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Where are they now … Barrington Countryside

This from Bill Friedrich:

Good morning. Here is the x-Barrington Countryside Engine 3611. It is now at the Deer Creek FPD,IL (Bill Fricker photo)
E-ONE Typhoon fire engine

Barrington Engine 3611, 2004 E-ONE Typhoon 1250/960/40. Bill Friedrich photo

E-ONE Typhoon fire engine

Deer Creek FPD Engine 2, 2000 E-ONE Typhoon 1250/960/30 is X-Barrington Engine 3611. Bill Fricker photo

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As seen around … Robbins

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.:

Here is an out of service picture of the X-Calumet Park, IL. Amb. 2262 which was replaced by a 2002 Ford/Marque that I believe was X-Crystal Lake but can not confirm that yet.
Another note on the history of this ambo is that it originally was owned by the Garden Homes Fire Protection District in nearby Alsip, IL
The picture of it in Garden Homes is by Bill Friedrich
old Type II ambulance for sale

X-Calumet Park ambulance. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Calumet Park Type II ambulance

Former Calumet Park FD Ambulance 2262 – 1993 Ford Econoline/Wheeled Coach Type II was X-Garden Homes FPD. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Type II ambulance Garden Homes Fire Protection District

Garden Homes FPD Ambulance 2552 was this 1993 Ford Econoline Type II from Wheeled Coach prior to going in service for the Garden Homes FPD. Bill Friedrich photo

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Chicago FD History – Ward LaFrance

Images and information from Dave Fornell about some of Chicago’s Ward LaFrance apparatus:

I was going through my files and came across some photos of what I’ve always considered as one of my most favorite Chicago pumpers; the seven 1970, Ward LaFrance 2,000-GPM engines.  It is interesting to note that the rigs had Cummins NTF high-torque, 365-HP engines that were needed to power the two-stage Hale Q pumps.  The five trucks delivered the same year had less expensive Detroit 350-HP powerplants.

After the great snow in 1967, rigs were specified with rear-mounted, 20,000-lb hydraulic winches.  Both the engines and trucks sported these.  Ward LaFrance, a manufacturer whose performance can be described as somewhat spotty, did a great job on these rigs.  I was impressed by the brushed stainless steel pump layout and extremely expensive, but highly accurate, Crosby black face gauges that were provided on the panel.  Never seen these used before or since.

The rigs had relatively short wheelbases, but extended bodies behind the rear axle.  This body style was also used on Ford chassis pumpers purchased later.

The engines were joined by five trucks mounting 100′ Grove ladders.  With today’s NFPA ratings, the ladders, based on Grove 18-ton cranes, would be classified as heavy-duty, with 500-lb tip loads.  All of Chicago’s other ladders (ALF, Seagrave, Pirsch) purchased around that time would be medium-duty with 250-lb. tip load ratings.

The Grove ladders were massive and heavy–too heavy to be supported properly by a single axle. The rigs proved troublesome during their service lives with continuous brake and axle failures.  The fact that they also had a 300-gallon booster tank, pump, and twin reels didn’t help either.  On the other hand, take a look at the ground ladder compliment; 2 ea. 30′, 2 ea. 40′, a 50′, and 20′ carried under the turntable.  Three roof ladders were carried each side.

I remember climbing the main of one of these rigs at a fire where the operator positioned the tip about 12″ above the parapet, just like they did with the old wooden ladders that would then drift down as you climbed them. The Grove was rigid, and even with our entire engine stretching a line to the roof for point of vantage operation, that tip never dropped an inch nor did the ladder bounce as all the others did.

Circumstances caused me to come into possession of the original factory delivery photo negatives, which are reproduced here. I’ve also included photos I shot of the engines undergoing acceptance testing near McCormick Place, The rear views show the winch installation. Also note that the two rear discharges had 3-1/2″ boat hose threads (the rigs carried a 700′ bed of it).

When I was fanning on the West Side, Division 2 Chief Dan Lynch would always special call Engine 113 to drop the 3-1/2″ into a Snorkel when he had a still and box.

Two photos show the Grove ladder in operation.  The first is at the Bedford Hotel fire on the near West Side early in the 70s.  If my foggy recollection is correct, there were two extra alarms working in the city at the time when the Bedford fire hit, and no Snorkels were available.  2nd Deputy Bill Foley, who normally was in charge of the shops, took command.  That is the first time that I had ever seen two ladder pipes and no Snorkels working at an extra alarm fire in Chicago.

The second was shot at an extra alarm on the South Side, but its location is lost to history.  Another negative scanned at the same time shows Engine 63 operating, so maybe someone can identify the company.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.



Chicago Ward LaFrance fire truck

Dave Fornell collection

Chicago Ward LaFrance fire engine

Dave Fornell collection

Chicago Ward LaFrance fire engine

Dave Fornell collection

Chicago Ward LaFrance fire engine

Dave Fornell collection

Ward LaFrance fire engine

Bill Friedrich collection

Ward LaFrance fire engines delivered to Chicago

Bill Friedrich collection

Ward LaFrance Grove ladder truck

Bill Friedrich collection

Historic Chicago fire scene at the Bedford Hotel

Dave Fornell collection

Classic Chicago fire scene with Grove aerial ladde

Dave Fornell collection

More on the CFD Ward LaFrance apparatus is HERE and by entering Ward LaFrance in the search field

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Chicago 2-11 Alarm fire, 12-10-14 (history)

This from Bill Friedrich:

Prior to Engine 104’s station being closed these were the last suppression companies to run out of there 24×7. Michigan Avenue was not a very busy street on the weekends. After closing the station, Engine 104 was assigned to Engine 1’s house and 4-2-4 was assigned to Engine 26’s house.   A very sad day for this old fire station.
Bill Friedrich
historic Chicago fire truck

CFD Command Bus 4-7-4 1955 Flxible Bus (X-CTA) Shop ID#G-382. Bill Friedrich photo

historic Chicago fire truck

Former Chicago FD Engine 104, 1974 Mack MB/Howe 1250/500. Bill Friedrich photo

Old Chicago firehouse

CFD Engine 104’s quarters at 1401 S. Michigan Avenue. Bill Friedrich photo

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Where are they now … Troy

This from Jeff Rudolph:

I found this on Kansas Fire serving the Soldier Township FPD
Tanker 71
1985 Pierce Arrow
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 3,000
*Formerly served the Troy Fire Protection District in Shorewood, IL.
Jeff R

green fire truck photo

Soldier Township FPD (KS) Engine 71, formerly Troy Fire Protection District. Photo by Mark Engholm

Pierce Arrow pumper tanker fire engine

1985 Pierce Arrow fire engine at the Troy FPD in Illinois. Jack Connors photo

Pierce Arrow pumper tanker fire engine

1985 Pierce Arrow fire engine at the Troy FPD in Illinois. Bill Friedrich photo

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As seen around … (more)

This update from Bill Friedrich in response to the used Milwaukee ladder truck for sale

here is a shot of MFD Ladder 24. This goes along with my reply to the blog on rigs found at a junkyard in Robbins

The last assignment for this Milwaukee Tuck Company was 24. Also served at Ladder 13 (original assignment) and Ladder 16. Shop # 403 1999 Pierce Dash 105?

photo of Milwaukee Fire Department ladder truck

Former Milwaukee FD Truck 24, a 1999 Pierce Dash 105′ rear mount 0/0. Bill Friedrich photo

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Tri-State FPD update

This from Bill Friedrich

Here is a shot of the new quarters for Tri State Sta.4  It is reported that all the Willow Springs vehicles are in storage. The future disposition of them is not known at this time.
Tri-State Fire Protection District Fire Station 4

Tri-State FPD Station 4 in Willow Springs. Bill Friedrich photo

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Des Plaines’ new/used tower ladder

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a shot I took of Des Plaines Tower 83. It is the x- Lake Zurich tower that was repainted to match Des Plaines color scheme. It is a 2000 Pierce Dash 100′ tower ladder.
Des Plaines Fire Department

Des Plaines Truck 83 was formerly Lake Zurich Truck 3230. Josh Boyajian photo

lake Zurich Fire Department

Former Lake Zurich Truck 3230. 2000 Pierce Dash 2000/400 100′ tower ladder. Bill Friedrich photo


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