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New engine for Oswego FPD (more)

From the E-ONE Facebook page

The Oswego Fire Protection District has taken delivery of its third consecutive E-ONE Rescue Pumper to serve its community located south of Chicago. The customization – including the cable controls on its side mount pumper – is what firefighters like most about this apparatus. “The key is E-ONE Is a custom fire truck manufacturer and they’re willing to build the apparatus how we like it.” Learn more in this video. #EONEstrength #firetrucks #firefighters #pumpers #Illinois

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Chicago Fire Department news

This from


OCALA, FL – FEB. 19, 2019 – E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group and a leading manufacturer of fire apparatus, has announced a five-year contract between the City of Chicago and E-ONE’s authorized dealer Fire Service, Inc., to provide multiple E-ONE apparatus including pumpers, aerials and platforms.

The City of Chicago has 98 fire stations citywide and it has more than 140 apparatus in service today. This contract will enable the city to replace dated fire apparatus and continue its best in class fire suppression and emergency demands for over 2.7 million citizens.

The contract allowed the city to examine a dealership and OEM who could manufacturer fire trucks and equipment needed to compliment the city with all current NFPA codes and standards in the fire industry, and to service the units as needed in the future.

“This important contract is replacing an aging fleet and equipment and we look forward to working together with the City of Chicago,” said Shawn Junker, Principal of Fire Service, Inc.

Jay Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of E-ONE, stated, “We are excited to serve the City of Chicago as their apparatus provider. Fire Service, Inc. is an outstanding dealer partner and we have full confidence in their ability to service and support the City of Chicago.”

thanks Andy

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FDIC 2017

This from Larry Shapiro:

I found two units from Chicago area fire departments on display at this year’s FDIC. The new Gurnee squad displayed by E-ONE in the REV Group booth. The Fox Lake FPD engine is i the Alexis booth in the Lucas Oil Stadium.

Fox lake FPD Engine 24

Fox Lake FPD Engine 24 on display in the Alexis Fire Apparatus booth at the 2017 FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

Gurnee FD Squad 1352

Larry Shapiro photo

Gurnee FD squad 1352

Gurnee FD squad 1352 built by E-ONE on display at the 2017 FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

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Vintage area photos from E-ONE

As seen on the E-ONE Facebook page:

#ThrowBackThursday is an #aerial#platform from Roselle, IL from the E-ONE calendar back in 2001.

Roselle Fire Department apparatus

Roselle Fire Department featured on the 2001 E-ONE calendar. Larry Shapiro photo


Today’s #ThrowbackThursday takes us to #1998 with this custom pumper built for #Northfield Fire Rescue of Northfield, #Illinois

Northfield Fire Rescue Department fire engine

Northfield Fire Department featured on the 1998 E-ONE calendar. Larry Shapiro photo


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Palos Fire Protection District on the site

Another fire department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Palos Fire Protection District with two stations in Palos Park has 41 personnel on the roster including 12 who are part-time. They are responsible for a district that covers 15 square miles and includes Palos Park, parts of Palos Heights, Orland Park, and unincorporated Palos Township.

Palos Fire Protection District Engine 6303

Karl Klotz photo

Their fire suppression apparatus consists of three E-ONE engines and a 110-foot E-ONE quint. They run Road Rescue ambulances in addition to having a brush rig and an elliptical tanker from 4-Guys.

Palos Fire Protection District Station 2

Palos FPD Station 2 is at 13010 S. 104th Avenue in Palos Park. Karl Klotz photo

Palos Station 2 is also home to the new Haz Mat unit being shared by MABAS Divisions 19 & 22 which was written about HERE and HERE.

Palos Fire Protection District Tanker 6306

Bill Friedrich photo

Images were submitted by Bill Friedrich, Karl Klotz, Dennis McGuire, Jr., and Larry Shapiro.


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Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire and EMS Box Alarm 8-11-11

Shortly before 2AM on Thursday a motorist made a cellular 9-1-1 call and reported a fire at 3010 Mannheim Road in Franklin Park. First arriving units were met by heavy fire in the front lobby and on the third floor of a large, three-story, vacant motel property that is setup in the shape of an ‘H’ with a banquet hall in the rear. The building has been vacant for several years, and Franklin Park firefighters knew that the structural integrity of the building was suspect and they preplanned to take a defensive stance upon arrival if the building caught fire.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

The banquet hall on the right is surrounded by guest rooms. Heavy fire burns in the back of the main building which faces Mannheim Road and has spread to the adjoining wing on the left. Steve Redick photo

When the first companies found heavy fire, they immediately requested a MABAS Box Alarm from MABAS Division 20. A 2nd alarm was requested roughly 20 minutes later. Six elevated master streams were eventually put to work around the building with the Melrose Park Bronto (working it’s second 3-11 alarm fire in a 12 hour span) setup on the south (‘B’), Leyden Township to the west (‘C’) with an E-ONE HP75, Rosemont to the north (‘D’) with their Pierce tower ladder, and the other three were working on Mannheim Road in front of the building (‘A’). This included another Bronto from Elmwood Park, a Seagrave rear mount from Franklin Park, and another Pierce tower from Schiller Park.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Schiller Park Tower 454 is working in front of the fire building on Mannheim road. Steve Redick photo

Engines that were due up to the 2nd alarm were two from Franklin Park, and one each from Stone Park, Elmhurst, River Grove, Norwood Park, Northlake, and Bensenville. Chicago Squad 7 from O’Hare was also due on the 2nd alarm.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim 8-11-11

The Melrose Park Bronto Skylift was positioned on the south side of the complex using the master stream to combat the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Franklin Park, 3-11, night, vacant, fire, elevated master stream, E-ONE, Bronto, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Schiller Park, Leyden, Rosemont, smoke, Chicago Squad 7

Firefighters from Elmwood Park are above the roof on the southeast corner of the structure on Mannheim Road. Larry Shapiro photo

An EMS Box Alarm was also struck which brought ambulances from Schiller Park, Leyden Township, River Grove, and Bensenville in addition to an ambulance from Northlake. This allowed for multiple ambulances to be on standby for the multiple Rapid Intervention Teams that were part of the preplanning to accommodate the size of the property and the potential for unsafe conditions.

Franklin park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim 8-11-11

Schiller Park Tower 454 was on Mannheim at Center Avenue, the northeast corner of the building. Franklin Park Truck 2 and the Elmwood Park Bronto are further down the street. Larry Shapiro photo

A 3rd alarm fire box was initiated roughly an hour into the fire to provide relief companies for the crews that were working. This brought Maywood Truck 502 along with engines from River Forest, Berkely, and Hillside.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Franklin Park's engine tagged a hydrant at the corner of Mannheim and Schiller Boulevard to supply water to Truck 2. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire proved to have a hold throughout the main building and required several instances where all lines were shut down to allow the fire to burn through the roof so that firefighters could have access to extinguish the flames. Several hand lines and multi-versals were put to use supplementing the elevated master streams.

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

Several hours into the fire all of the lines were shut down so the fire could burn freely to allow firefighters better access to it. Larry Shapiro photo

Franklin Park 3-11 alarm fire on Mannheim Road 8-11-11

The fire grows in intensity without water being applied. This in turn gave firefighters more access to fight the fire that was burning beneath the intact roof. Larry Shapiro photo

The alarms were finally struck out near 8AM as it appeared that companies finally had gotten the upper hand and were able to reach all of the deep seated fire which proved to be quite stubborn.

Several area photographers, Steve Redick, Tim Olk, Larry Shapiro, and Gordon J. Nord Jr., were at the scene overnight and will have images to post at different times during the day. As the images become available, the posting will be updated. Larry has a gallery HERE, and Steve has a gallery HERE.

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Roselle is added to the site

Roselle Fire Department station

Roselle's fire station is at 100 N. Maple Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

The Roselle Fire Department in MABAS Division 12 has been added to the site. Roselle runs out of one station packed full of apparatus, most of which was built by E-ONE. They have two engines, a tower ladder, and a wetside tanker in addition to a Darley heavy rescue, two medic units, and a 1927 Pirsch which has been restored for parade use.

This is a combination department with 13 full-time personnel, 33 part-time, and six contract medics. They cover the town of Roselle as well as unincorporated areas of Roselle, Itasca, Medinah, and Schaumburg. Some of their district is in Cook County although the majority  is located in Dupage County.

Roselle Fire Department tanker 561 E-ONE wetside

Roselle Fire Department Engine 521

Roselle Fire Department 1927 Pirsch Type S

Roselle Fire Department 1927 Pirsch Type S pumper

Roselle Fire Department 1980 GMC S7000 E-ONE medium duty rescue

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University Park Fire Department is added

University Park Fire Department station

University Park Station 1 at 698 Burnham Drive. Karl Klotz photo

In MABAS Division 27, the University Park Fire Department has been added to the site. This department has almost completed a change to black over red apparatus throughout the fleet. Previously, the rigs were black over white over lime green which was the color scheme used by the department under its’ former name. Prior to 1984, the village and subsequently the fire department was call Park Forest South. As a means to achieve autonomy, the village became University Park in 1984 and the fire department, being a municipal department, changed as well. A well documented department history is available on the fire department website HERE.

University Park Fire Department

The last piece of apparatus in the University Park fleet to carry the old color scheme is Engine 76. Karl Klotz photo

Recently, the department received a new E-ONE tower ladder. They traded three older pieces to the dealer; a Hendrickson/American/LTI tower ladder and two Hendrickson/FMC engines.

Park Forest South Fire Department

In 1980, the Park Forest South Fire Department received this unit for Engine 78. Built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 1871S cab, the body was fabricated by FMC. Larry Shapiro collection

University Park Fire Department Hendrickson FMC engine

University Park Engine 78 as it sits in the dealer's yard after being traded in. Karl Klotz photo


Park Forest South Fire Department

University Park recently replaced this 1976 Hendrickson/American Fire/LTI 85' tower ladder which was originally labeled for the Park Forest South Fire Department. Larry Shapiro collection

University Park Hendrickson American LTI

Old Tower 85 is also parked as its' fate is determined. Karl Klotz photo


University Park has a mixture of E-ONE and American LaFrance apparatus in addition to a Spartan/FMC/RPI/Pierce engine that formerly belonged to Beecher, IL. Both of the department’s ambulances are Type I units from Medtec on IHC chassis.

University Park Fire Department

Beecher Fire Department engine

Beecher Engine 406 began as a 1984 Spartan/FMC engine with open jump seats. In 1994, it was sent to RPI in Tipton, IN to have the cab enclosed. In 2001, it was rehabbed by Pierce with a new body. Bill Friedrich photo

Beecher Fire Department Spartan FMC Omega pumper

The Beecher Volunteer Fire Department took delivery of this FMC Omega pumper with a top-mount 'membrane' pump panel in 1984 on a Spartan chassis with a 2-dr CFC cab. Larry Shapiro collection

Karl Klotz provided the current department information and images.



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Barrington is on the site

Barrington Fire Department patchIn MABAS Division 4, the Barrington Fire Department and the Barrington & Countryside Fire Protection District cover areas in Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties, plus their district borders areas of DuPage and Kane counties. This district includes the town of Barrington, plus portions of Barrington Hills, South Barrington, Inverness, and Lake Barrington. They are also responsible for some unincorporated areas of Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties. The fire district responds from three stations, one of which is located in Barrington, one is in Barrington Hills, and the third is in Lake Barrington. All stations have at least one engine or quint plus an ambulance, and the district has two tankers to bring water to the many areas that they cover which do not have a system of hydrants.

Their apparatus is a mixture of E-ONE, Pierce, US Tanker, and Wheeled Coach.

Barrington Fire Department US Tanker

An interesting and somewhat complex explanation of fire district coverage throughout the ‘Barrington’ area is addressed in the FAQ section of the Barrington & Countryside FPD website, which states in part that “… there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.”

Who provides my fire and paramedic services?

The Barrington Fire Department provides services to all of the Village of Barrington and the Barrington countryside Fire Protection District. The B.C.F.P.D. covers much of the surrounding Barrington Area. However, there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.

If you are outside of the limits of the Village of Barrington, you can tell who provides your fire and paramedic services by looking at your property tax bill. The bill will identify the fire district you are covered by.
In general, the Barrington Area is covered as follows:

Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District:

  • All of Barrington Hills with the exception of:
    • The N. Side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • The S. side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Rock Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas N. of Spring Creek Rd. and W. of Meadow Hill (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. in Kane County (Algonquin F.P.D.)
  • All of South Barrington with the exception of:
    • The S. end of Pentwater (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • All of Windemere (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
    • Star Ln. up to Saucer Circle & Saucer Circle in Magnolia Pointe (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. of the entrance to the South Barrington Club (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
  • Lake Barrington with the exception of:
    • Areas N. or E. of Kelsey and River roads (Wauconda F.P.D.)
    • Areas in McHenry County (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
  • Inverness:
    • Areas E. of Ela Rd. & N. of Palatine /Rd. (Palatine Rural F.P.D.)
      • Braymore
      • Harrowgate
      • The far W. end of Abbotsford in Chevoit Hills
      • Shetland Hills
      • Whispering Pines
      • The Sanctuary
      • Inverness West
      • Inverlake
      • The W. end of Glencrest
      • Hillshire Estates
      • Cedar Knoll
  • Unicorporated Cook County:
    • Areas E. of Barrington and W. of Deerpath
      • The “College Streets” N. of Cornell
      • Hillcrest Acres
      • Fielding Place
      • Barrington Trails
  • Unincorporated Lake County:
    • Areas near Rt. 59 S. of Scott Rd.
    • Fairhaven
    • Cuba Rd. E. of 59 to Sylvander
    • Cuba Rd. W. of 59
    • Harbor Rd.
    • Hart Rd.
    • Old Barrington Rd. to Country Estates Rd.
    • Country Estates Rd.
    • Countryside Ln.
    • Flynn Creek Rd.
    • Prestwick
    • 18th St. through 24th St., Highland Rd., & Taylor St.
    • Brandt Rd., Merton, and Scott Ave.
  • Unincorporated McHenry County:
    • Hill & Dale Farm

Lake Zurich Fire Protection District:

  • Biltmore
  • North Barrington
  • Deer Park
  • Areas N. of Scott Rd. & E. of 59

Wauconda Fire Protection District:

  • Lake Barrington Shores
  • Lake Barrington not covered by the B.C.F.P.D
  • Timber Lakes
  • Tower Lakes
  • Wynstone
  • Fox River Valley Gardens
  • Areas N. of Miller Rd.

Fox River Grove Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills N. of Spring Creek Rd. not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.
  • Lake Barrington in McHenry County

Algonquin Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills in Kane County

Carpentersville Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills near the corner of 68 & Bateman.

East Dundee Fire Protection District:

  • The South end of Pentwater in South Barrington.
  • Star Ln. to Saucer Ct. in Magnolia Pointe (South Barrington)
  • Rt. 59 S. of Penny Rd.

Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District:

  • Windemere in South Barrington.
  • Barrington Rd. S of the entrance to the South Barrington Club.

Palatine Rural Fire Protection District:

  • All of Inverness not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.



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Western Springs history added

Western Springs Fire Department Cadillac ambulance

The Western Springs Fire Department photo history has been added to their page. Located in MABAS Division 10, Western Springs has a rich history featuring Ward LaFrance, FWD, Seagrave, E-ONE, American LaFrance, and Pierce apparatus. Originally white, their rigs transitioned to white over red beginning with an American LaFrance Ladder Chief Quint in 1977. Three of their units were repainted to accommodate the change. These were the 1977 E-ONE, 1975 Seagrave, and the 1982 Pierce.

Western Springs Fire Department Ward LaFrance Fireball

Western Springs Fire Department American LaFrance Ladder Chief Quint

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