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Remembrance Rescue Project – FDNY R5

Scott Nacheman found X-FDNY Rescue 5 that was at the World Trade Towers on 9-11-01 being worked on in Northbrook for the Rescue Remembrance Project. Previously we posted articles HEREHERE, and HERE about the other unit which was acquired, X-FDNY R-4.

Rescue Remembrance Project FDNY Rescue 5

Scott Nacheman photo

Rescue Remembrance Project FDNY Rescue 5

Scott Nacheman photo

Remembrance Rescue Project FDNY Rescue 5

Scot Nacheman photo

This from the RRP:

In December of 2011, the Remembrance Rescue Project acquired the last of the Rescue trucks from 9/11, Rescue 5. Rescue 5 was brought to the Project’s Chicago facility and is undergoing its restoration, where it will debut with the Project at FDIC in Indy this month. 

The Rescue was recently repainted by Capital Truck Body in Cicero and is currently at MPC Lighting in Northbrook for lights. Jacquette Custom Lettering is working on all of the striping and hand painting the original Rescue artwork.

The Rescue is being restored as close to original as possible.
Remembrance Rescue Project

Remembrance Rescue Project photo

Remembrance Rescue Project

Remembrance Rescue Project photo

Remembrance Rescue Project

Remembrance Rescue Project photo

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FDNY Rescue 4 in Evanston – update

A reader sent this link to an article about FDNY Rescue 4 making an appearance Tuesday at the Northwestern University football practice field.

The article is from ESPN Chicago:

The rig had been boarded by eight New York City firefighters from the FDNY Rescue 4 unit on Sept. 11, 2001, and all eight died that day while trying to save people at the World Trade Center. The truck withstood damages and was the only operating rescue rig during the days following 9/11.

On Tuesday, the truck rolled up onto Northwestern’s practice field as a kickoff point for the Remembrance Rescue Project. Headed by Skokie firefighter Chris Gantz and other Chicago-area firefighters, the Remembrance Rescue Project is a non-profit organization that uses the historic rig as an educational tool to teach children about 9/11 and raises money for children of fallen firefighters.

The truck will also be present at Northwestern’s home opener against Eastern Illinois on Saturday.

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FDNY Rescue 4 in Des Plaines – update

Karl Klotz visited Denny G’s Automotive Repair in Des Plaines and took several shots showing the current state of X-FDNY Rescue 4. Evidently, they are working around the clock to meet deadlines to show the rig next week on 9/11/11. Previous posts about this rig can be found HEREHERE, and HERE which includes a photo showing what the rescue looked like a week ago.

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

X-FDNY Rescue 4 (Queens) was assigned to Rescue 3 (Bronx) after 9/11/01. The decals on the body depict Rescue 4 and the faint outline of a number '3' can be seen as well. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

The door to the body enclosure lists names of several members who lost their lives on 9/11/01. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

Names of the deceased were also placed on the cab below the windshield. Karl Klotz photo

FDNY Rescue 4 9/11 memorial

The stripes and decals were covered with primer prior to releasing the unit. The primer has been removed and the decals and stripes are all clearly visible now. Karl Klotz photo


more photos of the work being done can be seen HERE.

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FDNY Rescue 4 in Prospect Heights – update

FDNY Rescue 4 is no longer at Frie’s Automotive in Prospect Heights as was reported HERE and HERE. Rescue 4 is currently in DesPlaines, at Denny G’s Automotive for repairs & paint.

FDNY Rescue 4 was sold to a private owner

FDNY Rescue 4 as it was received by Chris Gantz.

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FDNY Rescue 4 in Prospect Heights – update

A new charitable organization created by firefighters called the Remembrance Rescue Project (RRP) is under way.  Using stories of FDNY Rescue 4 during 2001, the RRP hopes to generate public awareness of the intrinsic dangers in firefighting while also providing support to the children of fallen firefighters.

They will be using FDNY Res4cue from 9/11 and are currently looking for active and retired firefighters to help prepare the rescue for the 9/11 anniversary.

Anyone interested can email, call 877.597.3473 x801 or visit

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FDIC 2011 highlights

FDIC 2011

An overview of the stadium exhibits. Many of the apparatus exhibitors moved into the new convention center this year. Larry Shapiro photo

The 2011 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) just ended. The convention center was filled with exhibitors who displayed everything from fire apparatus and gear to shirts and trinkets. There were two local area rigs on display this year. A  Medtec Type III ambulance for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills was in the Pierce booth and a Cyclone II 95-foot rear mount tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth.

FDIC 2011 Algonquin Fire Department Medtec ambulance

Algonquin-Lake in the Hills had a Medtec ambulance in the Pierce booth at the FDIC in Indianapolis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 University Park Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

This new tower ladder for University Park was in the E-ONE booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Other interesting apparatus displayed included four pieces for the FDNY including a Wheeled Coach ambulance on a four-door Ford chassis, an engine in the Seagrave booth, plus Rescue 4 and Ladder 137 in the Ferrara booth.

FDIC 2011 Seagrave FDNY

Seagrave displayed FDNY Engine 222. Larry Shapiro

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY R4

Ferrara had FDNY Rescue 4 from Queens in their booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Ferrara FDNY L137

Ferrara also had FDNY Ladder 137 on dispkay. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson had a tandem axle rescue for Elizabeth, NJ, KME had a tiller for Norwalk, CT, American LaFrance had a tiller for Ventura County, CA and HME had a Type III wildland pumper for CALFIRE.

FDIC 2011 Crimson Elizabeth Fire Department Rescue 1

This tandem axle heavy rescue for Elizabeth, NJ Rescue 1 was in the Crimson booth. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME TDA Norwalk, CT

A tiller for Norwalk, CT was shown by KME. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance LTI TDA Ventura County, CA

This LTI tiller for Ventura County, CA by American LaFrance was in the Lucas Oil Stadium. Larry Shapiro photo


HME brought a Type III engine from CALFIRE. Larry Shapiro photo

As regards new introductions:

Pierce showed the new Dash CF chassis under a PUC rescue pumper;

FDIC 2011 Pierce Dash CF PUC

One of two Pierce Dash CF units that were unveiled at the show. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Pierce tracked mini pumper

Pierce also showed this mini pumper on rubber tracks BP. Larry Shapiro photo

Rosenbauer introduced their Smart Cab enclosure for adding a crew area to units built on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

Rosenbauer introduced the 'Smart Cab' enclosure for three firefighters on a commercial chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 Rosenbauer Smart Cab

The Smart Cab has a two-step unit which swings out with the door for easy egress and entrance to the crew enclosure along with an option for a full-lenght glass covered door. Larry Shapiro photo

KME brought out the Predator Pro Series (Pumper Rescue Operations) integrated pumper and a new 79-foot ladder;

FDIC 2011 KME Predator PRO

The KME Predator PRO is a rescue pumper on the new Predator chassis and features a short wheelbase and compact operator's panel. Larry Shapiro photo

FDIC 2011 KME 75' Aerial Cat

The new 76-foor Aerial Cat quint on a new Predator chassis was in the KME booth. Larry Shapiro photo

Crimson highlighted their new acquisition of Classic Fire and showed their ‘Transformer’ on a commercial chassis;

FDIC 2011 Crimson Fire Classic Series

Crimson had a min pumper in their new Classic Series which originates from their recent purchase of Classic Fire in Ocala, FL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance announced that they are now offering their Eagle custom chassis to other manufacturers and that the LTI aerials can also be purchased by others;

FDIC 2011 American LaFrance Eagle chassis

A 2010 emissions compliant Eagle cab and chassis was on display by American LaFrance. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE showed the eMAX pumper series with a narrow operator’s panel.


The E-ONE eMAX was shown on a Typhoon chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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