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Evanston FD ambulance for sale

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2013 International 4300 / Road Rescue ambulance

$4,050.00 USD (3 Bids)
Closes: 18d. 11h. (Jun 25, 2024 08:29 PM CDT)

$50.00 USD Bid Increment

2013 International 4300, 7.6L L6 DIESEL.
Decommissioned retired reserve ambulance
PM’s completed on regular schedule.
January 2023
EGRV replaced
IPR replaced
Valve Cover Assembly Replaced
2 seats are being sent with this auction. They will need repair/reupholstery.; #EvanstonFD; #forsale; #ambulance; #RoadRescue; #IHC4300;

Evanston photo; #EvanstonFD; #forsale; #ambulance; #RoadRescue; #IHC4300;

Evanston photo; #EvanstonFD; #forsale; #ambulance; #RoadRescue; #IHC4300;

Evanston photo

thanks Martin

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3-Alarm fire in Evanston, 1-28-24

Excerpts from

A large fire in an Evanston building left two stores destroyed Sunday night. Fortunately, it was unoccupied at the time of the fire and there were no reports of injuries. The fire broke out at around 8:30 p.m. at 1402 Greenleaf Street.

Fire officials said when crews arrived, the fire spread quickly and it took about three and a half hours to get ahead of it.

Four businesses perished, including two pottery shops, a yoga studio and a production office for Stuart-Rodgers Photography.

Fire officials said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.; #EvanstonFD; #fire; #SteveRedick;

Steve Redick photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #SteveRedick; #FireTruck;

Steve Redick photo

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New ambulance for Evanston

From the Foster Coach Sales Facebook page:; #EvanstonFD; #ambulance; #Horton; #Ford;

Foster Coach Sales photo; #EvanstonFD; #ambulance; #Horton;

Foster Coach Sales photo; #EvanstonFD; #ambulance; #Horton; #Ford;

Foster Coach Sales photo

thanks Martin

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House fire in Evanston, 1-22-24

Excerpts from

There was a large response after a fire broke out in the basement of a home in the 1100 block of Florence Avenue in Evanston at about 9:45 a.m. The fire quickly spread to other floors. The first floor partially collapsed, trapping two firefighters and prompting a mayday call.

Both firefighters were removed and taken in stable condition to a nearby hospital.

A cat died in the fire, and all three residents were displaced. The cause of the fire is being investigated.; #EvanstonFD; #firescene;

Larry Shapiro photo; #EvanstonFD; #firescene;

Larry Shapiro photo; #EvanstonFD; #firescene;

Larry Shapiro photo; #EvanstonFD; #firescene; #FireTruck;

Larry Shapiro photo

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New engine for Evanston FD (more)

From Collin Ehrlich:

some pictures of the new Engine 23 for Evanston from the unveiling event last week.; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo; #EvanstonFD; #Pierce; #NorthwesternUniversity; #FireTruck; #CollinEhrlich;

Collin Ehrlich photo

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Christmas day fires from previous years

2-Alarm fire in Waukegan, 12-25-20 (more)

2-Alarm fire in Waukegan, 12-25-20 (more)

3-Alarm fire in Waldo, WI – 12-25-20

2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 12-25-17

2-Alarm house fire in Broadview, 12-25-16 (part 2)

2-Alarm house fire in Broadview, 12-25-16 (part 1)

Car fire in Chicago, 12-25-15

Chicago working fire, 12-25-13

Evanston 2-11 and Mayday 12-25-10


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Evanston Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Evanston Fire Department ambulances will be equipped with LUCAS – Chest Compression Systems thanks to a $56,000 donation from the Evanston First Responders Foundation. The local nonprofit designated funding for three LUCAS devices, one for each of the department’s ambulances, in honor of Oliver Brown Leopold, a graduate of the EFD’s fire explorer program.

LUCAS, which stands for Lund University Cardiopulmonary Assist System, is a portable chest compression system that allows firefighters to keep up chest compressions without interruptions, significantly increasing the patient’s chance of survival.

Brown Leopold was the youngest member of the foundation’s board of directors when he died December 2021 at the age of 19 from what his family described as an apparent suicide.

Speaking at a memorial service, Evanston Fire Department Captain Megan Kamarchevakul remembered Brown Leopold as a natural leader who radiated positive energy from the time he started with the fire explorers when he was 13. He recalled the time Brown Leopold purchased the department’s reserve ladder truck.

“He had everything lined up, he had insurance, storage, upkeep, the only problem was he couldn’t drive it,” Kamarchevakul said. After the teen got his permit, the captain helped him learn to drive it.

Brown Leopold graduated early from Evanston Township High School in order to become an emergency medical technician during the first waves of the coronavirus pandemic, working in an emergency room and on an ambulance — later taking a gap year so that he could become a paramedic.

Since its founding in 2013, the Evanston First Responders Foundation has distributed grants to allow the department to buy gear for the fire explorers program, acquire a police dog, funding community CPR programs and mannequins, and bought bike helmets to distribute during the Bike the Ridge event in which cyclists are allowed to legally ride on Ridge Avenue for a few hours every year.

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3-Alarm fire in Evanston, 2-9-23

From the City of Evanston:

On Thursday, February 9, at approximately 8:30 a.m., the Evanston Fire Department responded to multiple reports of a fire in a multi-residential structure in the 900 block of Judson Ave.

First-responding companies encountered heavy fire on the third floor of the three-story courtyard complex and immediately called for additional resources to contain the threat. Based on advanced fire conditions and significant potential for fire spread, the alarm was upgraded to a third alarm within the first 12 minutes of being on the scene. Neighboring fire departments were called to assist with extinguishment and investigation, plus to respond to other emergency calls in Evanston. The fire was brought under control within the first hour of the incident. 

Residents were able to exit the building safely upon arrival of fire crews, and no civilian injuries have been reported. During search and rescue efforts, two cats were found deceased within the fire unit. American Red Cross was notified to assist 13 displaced residents, offering mass care and shelter services. No firefighter injuries were reported.

The 900 block of Judson Ave. will remain closed until fire vehicles are finished with their investigation.

Insurance dramatically improves the ability of individuals affected by disasters to recover quickly. Fortunately, all residents affected by this incident had renter’s insurance. Community members are encouraged to check their insurance to ensure their coverage is up to date and covers the replacement cost of their belongings.

From Evanston Fire Department on Facebook:

Pictures from the 3rd Alarm of Fire in the 900 block of Judson this morning. Great truck work from Evanston Truck Co. 22 and quick water on the fire from Engine Co. 24 helped save this building along with quick response times and properly staffed apparatus. Thank you to our neighboring fire departments that helped us save this building. These are pictures taken on first arrival in the rear of the building and venting of the roof in the early stages of the fire.; #EvanstonFD; #venting; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #venting; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #venting; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #fire; #smoke;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #venting; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo; #EvanstonFD; #venting; #fire; #smoke; #flames;

Evanston FD photo

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2-Alarm fire in Evanston, 1-24-26

From Evanston FD on Twitter:

On Tuesday, at approximately 4:50 p.m., the Evanston Fire Department responded to reports of heavy smoke and fire on the 2nd floor of a two-story multi-residential structure at 2002 Emerson St.

First-responding companies encountered heavy smoke and fire conditions visible from the 2nd floor upon arrival, calling for additional resources to contain the threat by elevating the response to a 2nd Alarm. Neighboring fire departments were called to assist with fire investigation and to respond to emergency calls in Evanston.

Due to a well-coordinated interior attack, the fire was extinguished in less than 30 minutes and contained to the unit of origin. Extensive smoke and water damage resulted in the displacement of all residents within the building. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Although most residents could safely evacuate, firefighters successfully escorted one resident from the first floor of the burning building. Two civilians received medical care, with one transport for evaluation to a local area hospital. No firefighter injuries were reported. American Red Cross responded to the scene and provided emergency services and housing assistance for six displaced residents.; #EvanstonFD; #housefire;

Evanston FD photo

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Evanston Fire Department news

Excerpts from

From Jan. 1, 2019, through Nov. 5, 2022, the EFD reported 65 accidents involving a city vehicle. The majority of the incidents (58, or 89% of the total) were described as minor, five resulted in some damage and two involved significant damage. 

As part of the budget development process, the Evanston Fire Department has set a goal to reduce the number of vehicle accidents in 2023 to less than 10.

The Evanston Fire Department is making progress toward its goal of reducing accidents. Since 2019, the number of vehicles that have crashed or had accidents has decreased annually: In 2019 there were 20 accidents involving EFD, in 2020 there were 19, in 2021 there were 15, and through Nov. 5 of this year there have been 11 accidents.

Of the 65 incidents, the city’s records classified 50 of the accidents as due to EFD’s driving, while 13 were due to other drivers’ negligence, including three incidents where the driver of the other vehicle fled the scene of the accident. Twenty-five (38%) of the 65 incidents involved engines, 18 (28%) involved ambulances and 12 (19%) involved ladder trucks. The remaining 10 involved other vehicles in EFD’s fleet. 

The first half of the year tends to have a greater number of incidents compared to the second half. Snow, ice and the effects of both on street parking explain part of the difference. Some neighborhoods have particularly narrow streets.

Two incidents were labeled “significant.” One resulted in injuries, both to the firefighters and the driver of the car that collided with the city vehicle. No EFD employees were hospitalized.

In 2012, motor vehicle crashes were the second-leading cause of death for on-duty firefighters. Firetruck crashes occurred at a rate of approximately 30,000 crashes per year, according to data from the United States Fire Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A survey released in April 2019 by the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute found “71% of U.S. drivers take photos or videos when they see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road responding to a fire or a crash, or simply making a routine traffic stop. Sixty percent post to social media, and 66% send an email about the situation – all while behind the wheel.”  

Data from a 2021 report for the National Fire Protection Association concluded that “an estimated 15,675 fire department vehicles were involved in traffic accidents which resulted in 550 firefighter injuries and 7 fatalities. Over the past decade, 10 road crash fatalities per year have occurred on average.”

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