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Fox Lake 2nd Alarm house fire 4-8-13

This from Jeff Rudolph:

 … some shots from Fox Lake … 04/08/13 Fox Lake responded to a fire in the 38000 blk. of Hillandale in un-incorporated Spring Grove . Engine 223 arrived and found an elevated 1-story house well involved. Command called for an Antioch engine and a Spring Grove tender before pulling box 22-14 to the 2nd alarm for tenders and chiefs, as well as a special for squads from McHenry and Newport. Steep terain and limited access proved difficult for both firefighters and apparatus, as tenders had to back down several blocks of narrow winding gravel roads. Initial thoughts that the resident was still inside the burning house proved wrong, as he arrived from a trip to the store to find firefighters attempting to save his home. Crews worked into the night to extinguish and overhaul the remains. No injuries reported.

Fox Lake Fire Department tender

Fox Lake Tender 262 drafting from a portable tank. Jeff Rudolph photo

Antioch Fire Department engine

Antioch’e engine with lines off. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighter with hose line

A Fox Lake firefighter calls for additional hose. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighters with hose

Antioch firefighters on a line. Jeff Rudolph photo

Fox Lake pumper tanker

One of Fox Lake’s tenders. Jeff Rudolph photo

Fox Lake house on fire

Another shot from the rear showing the difficulty in accessing the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

Fox Lake house on fire

Heavy fire engulfs the upper level of the house. Jeff Rudolph photo


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Chicago Fire Department: Engine Companies over the years. Part 2

This from Martin Nowak:

More on the CFD engine companies over the years. Thanks to Squad546 for allowing me to show these images.

Chicago FD Engine  10

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 10 (O’Hare) 1973 FWD/Seagrave 1250/500
Chicago FD Engine  11

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 11 – 1973 Seagrave
Chicago FD Engine  34

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 34 – “One of the 1970 Ward LaFrances refurbed in 1988 by E-ONE for the movie ‘Backdraft’. This was origianlly Eng-49 & I don’t think it was actually used in the movie. Most were removed from service shortly after their refurb. Photo taken at Engine 127’s house (Midway Airport).”
Chicago FD Engine  50

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 50 – 1998 HME/Luverne 1500/500
Chicago FD Engine  50

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 50 – 1985 E-ONE/Federal
Chicago FD Engine  107

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 107-1988 Federal/E-ONE
Chicago FD Engine  108

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 108’s 1985 E-ONE
Chicago FD Engine  109

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 109-1974 Mack MB/Howe (1988 E-ONE rehab)
Chicago FD Engine 117

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 117-1992 Spartan/Luverne

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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13 (pt 5)

Tim Olk submitted several images from the fire on Tuesday. Tim’s images show the earliest on-scene images as compared to the other contributors.


Chicago fire engine with ice

Chicago Engine 8 from Chinatown covered with ice. Tim Olk photo

firefighter with ice covered helmet

A firefighter coated with ice from the spray of the master streams. Tim Olk photo

Chicago fire engine at massive fire

Chicago Engine 47 pumping at the scene of the 5-11 Alarm warehouse fire. Tim Olk photo

fire chief at massive fire

A battalion chief surveys the fire from the turntable of Truck 18. Tim Olk photo

silhouette of firefighter

Silhouette of a firefighter on Truck 18’s ladder. Tim Olk photo

firefighter on ladder with fire

A line is taken to the roof of an adjacent building. Tim Olk photo

Pierce ladder truck at fire scene

Truck 18 on the Ashland Avenue overpass is setup to an exposure building. Tim Olk photo

fire department tower ladder at fire sene

Tower Ladder 39 surrounded by flying embers hits the fire with a master stream. Tim Olk photo

massive fire in warehouse at night

Phenomenal fire fully involving the entire structure. TIm Olk photo

Tim has a gallery with substantially more images.

Additionally, there are several images taken today (Wednesday) as companies remain on the scene.

Chicago Fire Department Snorkel

Chicago reserve Snorkel on Ashland Avenue in front of the ice covered ruins of the 5-11 Alarm fire. Tim Olk photo

ruins of massive warehouse fire in Chicago

A tower ladder works at the ruins of the 5-11 alarm fire. Tim Olk photo

ruins of massive warehouse fire in Chicago

Another tower ladder working the day after the fire was detected. Tim Olk photo

There is a separate gallery with follow-up images.

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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13 (pt 3)

Larry Shapiro has posted a video from the 5-11 +2 specials

Tim Olk visite the ruins today and submitted these images showing some of the ice sculpture at the scene.

truck covered with ice

Frozen box truck at the scene of the 5-11. Tim Olk photo

ice covered truck

Another truck cab that was covered with ice and is located behind the fire building. Tim Olk photo



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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13 (pt 2)

From Josh Boyajian:

Here are my pictures from last night!
large nighttime fire in CHicago

Tower Ladder 5 was in a spare apparatus last night. They were at the corner of Sectors 1 and 4. Josh Boyajian photo

big fire at night in Chicago

Sector 1 fully involved. Josh Boyajian photo

firefighter putting water onto huge fire

A deck gun in use from Engine 49. Josh Boyajian photo

firefighters work at nighttime fire

A view looking at Sector 1 from the Ashland Avenue Frontage Road. Josh Boyajian photo

master streams at fire

A multi-versal works by Engines 49 and 8, both of which are operating deck guns. Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago fire engine at large fire

Engine 29 from deploys a deck gun at 36th Street and the west frontage road of Avenue. Josh Boyajian photo

huge building on fire in Chicago

A view from underneath the Ashland Avenue bridge looking down 38th Street after a portion of the fire building collapsed. Josh Boyajian photo

From Jeff Rudolph:

Some pics from last night, Jeff R
large warehouse fire in Chicago

Huge fire seen in Sector 3 well after the interior collapsed. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighter covered with ice

A firefighter from Engine 8 coated with ice. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighting Snorkel silhouette

Squad 1A with a master stream in Sector 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

large warehouse fire in Chicago

Truck 33 with an elevated master stream in Sector 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

black and white photo of fire engine covered with ice

Engine 8 icing up in Sector 1. Jeff Rudolph photo

large fire scene silhouetted firefighters

Firefighters on Truck 33 in the rear. Jeff Rudolph photo


ABC Chicago has an article HERE.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesman said a southside warehouse that caught fire Tuesday night will be a total loss.

“Totally involved. … This is a major fire,” read a message posted to Twitter at about 9:50 p.m. Moments later there was a message that a portion of the structure had collapsed.

Firefighters were in “defensive mode” in attacking the fire in a building on the 3700 block of South Ashland Avenue, spokesman Larry Langford said.

But despite his initial, confident remark that the fire would be isolated, flames spread to at least one nearby building. The owner of a printing company, at 3801 S. Ashland Ave., was on the scene and expressed concerns about chemicals inside that could explode.


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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13

There will be several posts with information and images from multiple contributors depicting the 5-11 with 2 Special Alarms that occurred Tuesday night at 3757 S. Ashland Avenue.

In the meantime, here are a few images of the scene from Larry Shapiro.

5-11 alarm warehouse fire in Chicago 1-22-13 at 3757 S. Ashland Avenue

The roof is in and heavy fire is seen throughout the building as viewed from the corner of Sectors 1 and 4. Larry Shapiro photo

heavy fire big warehouse fire in Chicago

Several deck guns work in Sector 1 from Engines 8 and 49. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago fire engine at large nighttime fire scene Spartan Luverne Crimson

Engine 16 was being fed by an in-line operation supplying water to companies working in Sector 3. Larry Shapiro photo

large fire scene silhouetted firefighters

Firefighters monitor the elevated master stream working in Sector 3 off of Truck 33. Larry Shapiro photo

firefighting Snorkel silhouette

Squad 1A was working for several hours in Sector 3. Larry Shapiro photo

fireman firefighter covered with ice at winter fire

What would a winter fire in Chicago be without firefighters encased in ice. Larry Shapiro photo

turret wagon flowing water at large fire in Chicago

6-7-6 was special called to the scene and put to work in Sector 1. Larry Shapiro photo

Images to come will be from Tim Olk, Steve Redick, Jeff Rudolph, Josh Boyajian, Dan McInerney and additional images from Larry Shapiro. Videos from Steve and Larry are also forthcoming.

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Crete Fire Department is added to Division 27

In Will County, the Crete Fire Department has been added to the site. Crete has two stations with Pierce, Saulsbury, and Medtec apparatus.

Crete Fire Department Engine 702 Pierce Enforcer

Crete is changing the color of their units from white over lime green to black over red.

Crete Fire Department Squad 706

Crete Fire Department Station 2

Crete Fire Station 2 is a t 3740 Melanie Lane. It was built in 1983. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

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New life for former Roberts Park engine

Martin Nowak found X-Roberts Park Engine 304 HERE and HERE, now with the New Kensington Bureau of Fire in PA.

New Kensington Bureau of Fire Rescue 4

New Kensington Bureau of Fire (PA) Rescue 4 is X-Roberts Park FPD Engine 304. Ed Saliba, Jr. photo


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McCook apparatus photos

Steve Redick joined several other photographers recently taking pictures of south side CFD houses and several suburban departments. He has submitted images illustrating the  McCook Fire Department.

McCook Fire Department fire trucks

McCook 1480. Steve Redick photo

McCook Fire Department fire apparatus

McCook Ambulance 1414. Steve Redick photo

McCook Fire Department fire apparatus

McCook Engine 1416. Steve Redick photo

McCook Fire Department fire apparatus

McCook Engine 1411. Steve Redick photo

McCook Fire Department fire apparatus

McCook Squad 1418. Steve Redick photo


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Tinley Park orders new aerial

This from Karl Klotz:

Tinley Park Fire Department 1976 Seagrave aerial ladder

Tinley Park will replace this 1976 Seagrave 100′ rear mount with a 2013 Pierce Velocity 100′ rear mount. Karl Klotz photo

Tinley Park has ordered a Pierce Velocity 100ft heavy-duty aluminum aerial ladder without a pump. This truck is replacing the current Truck Co. 201 (1976 Seagrave aerial ladder) and Squad Co. 201 (1994 Spartan Darley pumper).

Tinley Park Fire Department Engine 201 Spartan Darley

Tinley Park ordered a new aerial ladder which will replace this 1994 Spartan/Darley pumper/squad in addition to a Seagrave ladder truck. Karl Klotz photo

The new truck was designed to accommodate specialized rescue and basic haz-mat, as well as fire suppression duties. It will be housed at Station 1 and will function as a jump-company for about a year until additional staffing is added. Currently, there is one crew at Station 1 which staffs Engine Co 201. Truck Co. 201 will be due on all Box Alarms when a truck is requested, Full-Stills in the village, I-80 auto accidents, specialized rescue responses, and eventually it will be an additional daily staffed truck company. Currently there is only one staffed truck company (Truck Co. 204) which is housed at Station 4.  This new truck is slated for delivery in the spring of 2013.


This will be the first Pierce aerial for the TPFD and the first strait ladder since 1976.  Currently, TPFD has five Pierce Dash engines and two 95′ E-ONE tower ladders assigned to Truck Co. 202 and Truck Co. 204.


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