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Chicago Fire Department: Engine Companies over the years. Part 2

This from Martin Nowak:

More on the CFD engine companies over the years. Thanks to Squad546 for allowing me to show these images.

Chicago FD Engine  10

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 10 (O’Hare) 1973 FWD/Seagrave 1250/500
Chicago FD Engine  11

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 11 – 1973 Seagrave
Chicago FD Engine  34

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 34 – “One of the 1970 Ward LaFrances refurbed in 1988 by E-ONE for the movie ‘Backdraft’. This was origianlly Eng-49 & I don’t think it was actually used in the movie. Most were removed from service shortly after their refurb. Photo taken at Engine 127’s house (Midway Airport).”
Chicago FD Engine  50

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 50 – 1998 HME/Luverne 1500/500
Chicago FD Engine  50

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 50 – 1985 E-ONE/Federal
Chicago FD Engine  107

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 107-1988 Federal/E-ONE
Chicago FD Engine  108

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 108’s 1985 E-ONE
Chicago FD Engine  109

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 109-1974 Mack MB/Howe (1988 E-ONE rehab)
Chicago FD Engine 117

Squad546 photo

  • Former Engine 117-1992 Spartan/Luverne

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The color of fire trucks (part 6)

Jeff Rudolph is keeping us honest … and making sure that we’re accurate in our historical postings. He recently submitted comments reminding us of some fire departments that had non-red units which were not referenced in the postings about MABAS Division 3 and MABAS Division 4.

MABAS Division 4 additions:

Abbott Labs Fire Department engine

The Abbott Labs Fire Department in North Chicago had this 1978 Darley foam pumper on a Ford C8000 chassis. It carried 500 gallons of water, 20 gallons of foam, and had a 750-GPM pump. Bill Friedrich photo

The Abbott Labs Fire Department previously had two lime green engines and a van.

Bonnie Brook Fire Protection District tanker

The Bonnie Brook Fire Protection District had this tanker built by Boyer on a Ford L8000 chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

The Beach Park Fire Department was formerly the Bonnie Brook Fire Protection District. They had a brush truck, this tanker, an engine, a squad, and a van that were painted lime green before they switched to red.

Round Lake Fire District FMC engine

Round Lake had this FMC Roughneck engine on a Spartan chassis with the CFC cab. Jeff Rudolph photo

In addition to the two white CF Mack engines that were owned by the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District, they also had this Spartan/FMC engine.

MABAS Division 3 additions:

Evanston Fire Department 1974 How engine

Evanston had two of these 1974 International/Hendrickson Howe engines that were yellow. Both had 1,000-GPM pumps and 300-gallon water tanks. These were later painted red. Photographer unknown, Jeff Rudolph collection

The Evanston Fire Department received twin engines in 1974 from Howe. They were both bright yellow and assigned as Engine 23 and 24.

Highwood Fire Department Engine 37R

Highwood used this X-Northbrook 1969 American LaFrance as a reserve engine. It had a 1,000-GPM pump with 500 gallons of water. Jeff Rudolph photo

Highwood used a retired engine from Northbrook as a reserve engine. This 1969 AmericanLaFrance 900 Series ran in Northbrook as Engine 60. The rear body work was done while it was owned by Northbrook.

Winnetka Fire Department Rescue 28

Winnetka purchased a small 'DOT' rescue from Pierce in 1981. Jeff Rudolph photo

In 1981, the Winnetka Fire Department received a small rescue on a Chevy chassis from Pierce. Bought with funding from the federal government, it was painted lime green to match the Department of Transportation spec. It was later repainted red and white.

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The color of fire trucks (part 3)

The third post in this series outlines the departments in Division 2 that have converted their apparatus over the years to red.

The Bartlett & Countryside Fire Protection District had several generations of engines that were painted bright yellow. These included two Hendickson-Howe engines, one Ford-Howe engine, one Ford-Grumman engine, two Seagrave engines, and a Chevy-Super Vac squad. They switched to black over red in 1986.

Bartlett & Countryside FPD Hendrickson Howe top-mount engine

This unit that was assigned as Engine 612 was delivered in 1973 by Howe. It featured a small top-mount pump console for the 1,000-GPM pump. It carried 800 gallons of water and was on an International chassis with a Hendrickson 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection

The Hanover Park & Ontarioville Fire Protection District had multiple units that were white over lime green before switching to black over red in 2001. They had three Hendrickson-Howe engines similar to the ones in Bartlett, a Hendrickson-American-LTI truck, a Spartan-EONE squad, a Spartan-EONE engine, and an EONE Cyclone engine, all of which were painted white/green.

Hanover Park FIre Department Hendrickson LTI fire truck

Hanover Park ran this 1977 American Fire Apparatus unit that had a 100' LTI rear-mount aerial and was built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection.

Previous posts in this series are HERE and HERE.

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