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CFD Working Fire 3-28-13

This from Josh Boyajian:

Chicago companies had a working fire @ 3224 s May yesterday. Engine 29 found a 3-sty multi-family with fire in the attic. Engines 28 & 29 each had lines lead out. Trucks 33 & 8 had their mains to the roof with members chopping holes for ventilation. Here are some of my pictures.


firefighter with axe on the roof

Josh Boyajian photo

aerial ladder truck to roof of apartment building

Josh Boyajian photo

fire hose spray through window

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago Engine 29 at fire scene

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Truck 33

Josh Boyajian photo

firefighter silhouette on ladder

Josh Boyajian photo

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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13 (pt 3)

Larry Shapiro has posted a video from the 5-11 +2 specials

Tim Olk visite the ruins today and submitted these images showing some of the ice sculpture at the scene.

truck covered with ice

Frozen box truck at the scene of the 5-11. Tim Olk photo

ice covered truck

Another truck cab that was covered with ice and is located behind the fire building. Tim Olk photo



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Chicago 5-11 Alarm + 2 specials 1-22-13 (pt 2)

From Josh Boyajian:

Here are my pictures from last night!
large nighttime fire in CHicago

Tower Ladder 5 was in a spare apparatus last night. They were at the corner of Sectors 1 and 4. Josh Boyajian photo

big fire at night in Chicago

Sector 1 fully involved. Josh Boyajian photo

firefighter putting water onto huge fire

A deck gun in use from Engine 49. Josh Boyajian photo

firefighters work at nighttime fire

A view looking at Sector 1 from the Ashland Avenue Frontage Road. Josh Boyajian photo

master streams at fire

A multi-versal works by Engines 49 and 8, both of which are operating deck guns. Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago fire engine at large fire

Engine 29 from deploys a deck gun at 36th Street and the west frontage road of Avenue. Josh Boyajian photo

huge building on fire in Chicago

A view from underneath the Ashland Avenue bridge looking down 38th Street after a portion of the fire building collapsed. Josh Boyajian photo

From Jeff Rudolph:

Some pics from last night, Jeff R
large warehouse fire in Chicago

Huge fire seen in Sector 3 well after the interior collapsed. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighter covered with ice

A firefighter from Engine 8 coated with ice. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighting Snorkel silhouette

Squad 1A with a master stream in Sector 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

large warehouse fire in Chicago

Truck 33 with an elevated master stream in Sector 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

black and white photo of fire engine covered with ice

Engine 8 icing up in Sector 1. Jeff Rudolph photo

large fire scene silhouetted firefighters

Firefighters on Truck 33 in the rear. Jeff Rudolph photo


ABC Chicago has an article HERE.

A Chicago Fire Department spokesman said a southside warehouse that caught fire Tuesday night will be a total loss.

“Totally involved. … This is a major fire,”¬†read a message posted to Twitter at about 9:50 p.m. Moments later there was a message that a portion of the structure had collapsed.

Firefighters were in “defensive mode” in attacking the fire in a building on the 3700 block of South Ashland Avenue, spokesman Larry Langford said.

But despite his initial, confident remark that the fire would be isolated, flames spread to at least one nearby building. The owner of a printing company, at 3801 S. Ashland Ave., was on the scene and expressed concerns about chemicals inside that could explode.


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Chicago 3-11 Alarm fire in Bridgeport 12-31-11

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Looking at the scene facing west on 37th Street, Engine 29 is on a hydrant with Squad 1A and Tower Ladder 37 working in Sector 1. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Light smoke pushes out of the building at 1428 W. 27th Street this morning. Josh Boyajian photo

At approximately 8AM this morning the Chicago Fire Department received a report of black smoke coming from a four-story warehouse at 1427 W. 37th Street. First arriving companies reported a fire and the alarm was elevated to a 2-11 within minutes. A 3-11 was struck roughly a half hour later which was struck out around 9:30AM. Three tower ladders and the Snorkel from Squad 1 were all working along with one multi-versal and hand lines. Seven engines (19, 28, 29, 39, 49, 50, and 65) were working at the scene as well.

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

55-gallon drums were stacked throughout the building prompting a Haz Mat Level I, though the barrels were empty. Larry Shapiro photo

A Level I Haz Mat was requested when companies discovered stacks of 55-gallon drums inside the building, but the drums turned out to be empty as the building’s occupant is a manufacturer of industrial drums and containers.

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Squad 1 works in the background and Engine 29 supplies them with water. Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Higgins Brothers, Inc. manufactures industrial drums and containers. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Tower Ladder 5 was in the rear of the building. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Tower Ladder 37 was setup at the 1-2 corner of the building on 37th Street. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Tower Ladder 39, running with a spare unit, was in the adjacent lot on the east side of the building in Sector 4. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago 3-11 alarm fire at 1428 w 37th Street 12-31-11

Companies enter in the rear of the building after the fire is knocked down. Larry Shapiro photo

The Chicago Tribune has an article on the fire HERE.

Larry Shapiro and Tim Olk were at the scene as well as several other photographers. A gallery can be found HERE.

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CFD site updates

There are many CFD photos waiting to be updated on the site, and as time permits they will all find their place. Several images have been updated now:

  • Dan McInerney submitted a new image of Engine 29‘s house
  • Bill Freidrich updated the photo of High-Rise unit 6-4-16 at Engine 18’s house which was discussed in several earlier comments
Chicago Fire Department High-Rise Unit 6-4-16

This 2007 Ford E-350/Supreme Body unit is the current piece for 6-4-16, the High-Rise Unit. Bill Friedrich photo

  • Bill Friedrich and Hank Sajovic both provided images of 5-2-4, the converted sewer vac that was obtained from Streets & Sanitation last year
Chicago Fire Department RescueVac 5-2-4

On display last week at the Chicago muster was 5-2-4. This was built in 1994 by Vac-Con for the Department of Streets and Sanitation on a Ford L-8000 chassis. Last year it was obtained by the CFD and updated by RescueVac Inc. for emergency trench rescues. Hank Sajovic photo

Chicago Fire Department RescueVac 5-2-4

A rear view showing the tank assembly of 5-2-4 which carries CFD shop #G-575. Hank Sajovic photo

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