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Princeton FD looking at aerial replacement

Although a bit out of the area, the Princeton Fire Department, in Bureau County, (two hours from Chicago) is looking to replace their 1980, Pierce Arrow, LTI, 100′ rear mount tower ladder. The Bureau County Republican online edition has an article with the story that can be read HERE.

Princeton Fire Department IL Pierce LTI tower ladder

Princeton's 1980 Pierce Arrow 1,250-GPM 100' LTI rear mount tower ladder. Princeton FD photo

At Monday’s meeting, the Princeton City Council heard from Princeton Fire Chief John Petrakis and Justin Walters, fleet maintenance superintendent for the fire department, on their concerns about the department’s existing ladder truck, which is 30 years old and showing some signs of problems.

Princeton’s aerial truck is one of only nine in a four-county area. The closest aerial truck for mutual aid is 16 miles away in Spring Valley, but the Spring Valley Fire Department will only send its truck company for mutual aid if the temperature is above a certain level, so the unit doesn’t freeze, he said.

The cost to buy a new “demo” truck is $780,000, Petrakis said. … The cost to buy a brand new custom-specified truck would be more than $1 million.

“If our fleet maintenance superintendent and our fire chief and all of our firefighters think it’s a good idea, then I think it’s a good idea,” (City Manager) Fiegenschuh said. “I think we should bite the bullet and go ahead and do it.”

Thanks to Dennis McGuire, Jr. for spotting the article.

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North Maine FPD Engine 1

North Maine District Chief Mike Fox has updated us again on the progression of Engine 1R into Engine 1. The 1992 Pierce Arrow reserve engine has been undergoing rehab and upgrades at Alexis Fire Equipment for several months. As mentioned in a previous post, when it is completed, it will move up as the front line engine replacing the 2003 American LaFrance Eagle. General body work, the addition of high sides on the officer’s side, air conditioning, and an extended chrome bumper with front intake represent several areas being worked on in addition to the changeover from a white cab roof to black. Previous posts can be seen HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (or simply enter North Maine into the search field at the right)

The unit recently came out of the paint shop and the folks at Alexis took some photos which are shown below.

North Maine FPD Engine 1

Driver's side view of Engine 1 with the new color scheme. Alexis photo

North maine FPD engine 1

Rear view of the driver's side after coming out of the paint shop. Alexis photo

North Maine FPD engine 1

Officer's side of Engine 1 showing the completed high side compartments, Alexis photo

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Winnetka’s new quint

The new Quint 28 in Winnetka is expected to go into service in two weeks. This 2010 unit has a Smeal Sirius cab and chassis (Spartan cab and chassis branded specifically for Smeal) with a 2000-GPM pump and a 350-gallon water tank.  It has a Smeal, 75′ steel ladder. Ground ladders are nested inside the body and are accessed from the rear of the unit as is Smeal’s EHL (Ergonomic Hose Load) system. The hose bed slides out for easy loading of the LDH while firefighters stand on the ground. This is the first unit in Winnetka that has air conditioning.

Winnetka Fire Department 2010 Smeal quint

Winnetka Quint 28 shown with the new black over red color scheme. The equipment mounting is not yet complete and the cab is missing decals and numbering. This unit will sport a brand new decal for Winnetka when it goes into service. Larry Shapiro photo

Truck 28, the 1990 Pierce Arrow 75′ rear mount has been sold and will leave as soon as the new quint is in service.

** When this post was originally published, it said that the water tank was 600 gallons. Karl Klotz sent in corrected information that the tank actually holds 350 gallons.

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North Maine engine update

Alexis Fire Equipment has been refurbishing and updating a Pierce Arrow engine for the North Maine Fire Protection District as reported HERE and HERE. District Chief Mike Fox recently returned from inspecting the progress of the unit and submitted the photos shown below.

North Maine FPD Pierce engine

Chief Fox offered the following notes on the work:

The rig will be in the paint shop next week.  After that, three and a half to four weeks before we get it back.  Ladder rack is a single arm instead of a double.  The 5 inch re-piping is all done.  The rear lights will be modified and lowered.  Many of the doors are already in the paint shop getting primed.  There will be monster gauges on three sides of the vehicle.  The wireless Firecomm system is ordered.  The artist is coming along on the lettering.

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McHenry Township is added

McHenry Township FPD staiton 1

McHenry Township FPD Station 1 in downtown McHenry is also the headquarters for the fire district. Larry Shapiro photo

The largest fire department in McHenry County Division 5 is the McHenry Township FIre Protection District. With over 150 part-time firefighters running out of four stations, this department responded to 4,369 calls for service in 2009 in a district that is roughly 56 square miles. Their fleet of suppression equipment is 99% Pierce with the one exception being a 1986 S&S tanker running out of Station 2. The newest additions are a pair of twin 2009 Pierce Velocity engines and a 2010 Ford F350/Medtec Type I ambulance. Prior to the purchase of these Velocity units, all McHenry Township engines were on Pierce Lance chassis. They have two squad units; one Pierce Arrow and one Pierce Saber.

McHenry Townshp Pierce Velocity engine

McHenry Township Pierce Lance pumper

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Deerfield is updated

The two stations of the Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District in Division 3 were posted last year sometime but there were several blank placeholders representing missing apparatus. In the meantime, they received a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT engine. All of the images for Station 20 have now been updated representing the current status for the apparatus. Station 20 has two ambulances, two engines, a truck, a squad, a battalion chief and a utility (not pictured). At the present time, the unit shown for Engine 20R is a 1991 Pierce Arrow. This rig is currently the backup engine while the department is having paint repairs done to the pair of 2002 Pierce Dash engines over the summer. Engine 19 and the unit which will become Engine 20R are sister units which will go out for body work one at a time. When both are back in town, the  1991 Pierce Arrow will be sold off and the 2002 Pierce Dash which was assigned as Engine 20 will become Engine 20R.

Deerfield Engine 20 2009 Pierce Arrow XT

Deerfield's newest engine is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 2002 Pierce Dash

This 2002 Pierce Dash which is currently out for body work will become Engine 20R. Larry Shapiro photo

Deerfield Engine 20 1991 Pierce Arrow

This 1991 Pierce Arrow is currently assigned as Engine 20R until the two 2002 units are both back in service. Then this engine will be sold off. Larry Shapiro photo

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Des Plaines updates

In December, Des Plaines received their third Pierce engine. Going into service at station 3, Engine 63 replaced a 1995 E-ONE Hurricane 1500/750 top-mount. The new engine is the

Des Plaines Fire Department Engine 63 Pierce Arrow XT

first Arrow XT in Des Plaines as Engine 61, Engine 62 and Truck 81 are all on Dash chassis. The E-ONE is now designated Engine 64R and the 1993 Spartan/Darley that was previously lettered as Engine 64R has now become Engine 65R. This unit will be stored at the public works facility and will primarily act as a reserve piece for the truck companies. Most of the hose has been removed and it will carry as much of the truck tools as it can. For the detail people who follow apparatus, it is interesting to note that the rig has a 1500-GPM pump but is listed on the Pierce website as having a 2000-GPM pump.

Squad 55, the 6×6 military surplus TRT unit is sporting a new canvas cover for the bed. The OD-green cover has been replaced with one with a camouflage design.

Des Plaines Fire Department squad 55 6x6 Kaiser Jeep

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