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Phoenix Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-The Phoenix Fire Dept.’s E1706, a 1985 Kenworth/FMC 1000/750.
Mike Summa
FMC Omega pumper

Phoenix Engine 1706 – 1985 Kenworth/FMC Omega 1000/750.
Mike Summa photo

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Central Stickney FPD has been added to the site

Central Stickney Fire Protection District station

The Central Stickney FPD station at 4951 S. Lotus. Larry Shapiro photo

Central Stickney FPD patchIn MABAS Division 21, the Central Stickney Fire Protection District has now been added to the site. Central Stickney has one station which is staffed by part-time personnel. They have two ambulances, a pair of twin Pierce Enforcer engines, the first Simon-Duplex/LTI 75′ rear-mount tower ladder, and a pickup that is used by their battalion chief.  Located near Midway Airport, Central Stickney has a five square mile district which includes a portion of I-55 (the Stevenson Expressway) and a large industrial park.

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Pierce Enforcer

Engine 905 is one of two 2004 Pierce Enforcer engines. Larry Shapiro photo

Central Stickney was featured in posts HERE and HERE in the last year working at extra alarm fires.

Prior to adopting a red and white paint scheme, the Central Stickney apparatus was all white. They used to run with FMC and Howe apparatus which is featured in the historic gallery that has also been posted depicting Central Stickney apparatus dating back to the 1970s.

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Duplex Howe Grove ladder

Central Stickeny used to run with this 1971 Duplex/Howe 1250/0 85' Grove ladder. Bill Friedrich photo

Central Stickney Fire Protection District Simon-Duplex LTI 75' tower ladder

Currently, Central Stickney operates the first 75' tower ladder made by LTI.

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Fire industry recalls

Firegeezer posted an entry listing several fire apparatus industry related vehicle recalls HERE involving Ford, Kenworth, Pierce, and Sutphen. The contributor, Sam Yardumian, states that …

The most recent recalls, which just arrived on my desk today include several that may be of interest to us.  These are taken from a TMC publication called “Maintenance Matters” which comes out monthly. Most of them are from NHTSA, so not all of them are new.

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