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Tri-State FPD added to the site

The Tri-State Fire Protection District in MABAS Division 10 has been added to the site. Tri-State operates four stations with two medic units, four engines, a tower ladder and a battalion chief. Their frontline medic units are by Horton and the suppression apparatus is a mix of Crimson, Pierce, and Smeal. The district encompasses areas of Darien, Burr-Ridge, Willowbrook, and unincorporated DuPage County.

Tri-State Fire Protection District Station 3

Tri-State Fire Protection District Station 3 is at 10S110 Madison Street in Burr Ridge. Larry Shapiro photo

Tri-State has their own dispatchers that work from Station 2.

Tri-State Fire Protection District Squad 526 Crimson

Tri-State runs this small Crimson squad with a rear pump out of Station 2. Karl Klotz photo

Tri-State Fire Protection District Smeal Tower Ladder 539

Tri-State Fire Protection District Engine 511

Tri-State Fire Protection District Pierce Arrow engine

This delivery photo of Tri-State Engine 583 (now a reserve engine after having gone through an RPI rehab some years ago) is soon to be disposed of. Larry Shapiro photo

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Lake Bluff 2-11 Alarm

A fire was reported this morning in Lake Bluff and with a header visible from the fire station, the alarm was upgraded to a working fire prior to the arrival of the first unit. Companies arrived at 113 Woodland Avenue and reported heavy smoke from the structure. The fire was quickly elevated to a MABAS Box Alarm shortly thereafter. Lake Bluff was assisted by Knollwood and Lake Forest on the initial alarm, and companies from Highwood, Highland Park, North Chicago, Libertyville, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, and Countryside were due on the box alarm. A 2nd Alarm was requested another 30 minutes later as fire broke through the roof. The older tudor home needed extensive overhaul which required several companies for relief.

Tim Olk was not too far away when the fire came in and made it to the scene just after the initial companies arrived. Jeff Rudolph also made it in and submitted several images. Tim’s images will be posted in an update.

Lake Bluff Fire Department 2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

Knollwood Truck 44 was the first-in truck. Knollwood and Lake Bluff respond together on most alarms. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department  2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

Lake Bluff Engine 519, a 2007 Pierce Saber was the first engine on the scene and setup in the 'A' Sector in front of the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department  2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011 Highwood Fire Department

Highwood Truck 37 was due on the Box Alarm with their 2001 HME Smeal 75' quint. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department  2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

Fire vents through the roof as a firefighter works to hit any remaining fire in the lower soffit. Other firefighters can be seen inside the house on the second floor where the fire has been knocked down already. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department 2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

A light smoke is visible from the front of the house as firefighters chase hot spots and begin overhaul. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department  2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

Firefighters carry a ladder to the roof for safety prior to gaining roof access for ventilation. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department 2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

A firefighter is enveloped in smoke as he works to vent the second floor of the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

Lake Bluff Fire Department 2-11 alarm fire Jan 3, 2011

Highwood firefighter Karl Klotz regroups in the rear before going in to perform overhaul. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Chicago Heights Box Alarm 12-24

Chicago Heights responded to a fire yesterday in a vacant two-story building. On arrival, the first companies had a 35×40 building with heavy smoke conditions. The fire, which is considered to be of a suspicious origin, destroyed the building which consisted of apartments over a vacant store front. Several fire departments including Matteson, Park Forest, South Chicago Heights, Flossmoor, Steger, Crete, and Homewood assisted Chicago Heights. The fire, which was reported around 11AM was in the 200 block of US Route 30.

Tim Olk was on the scene and submitted these images. Tim has a complete gallery which can be seen HERE.

A brief article from CBS Chicago is HERE.

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

Elevated master streams from Matteson's ladder and Chicago Heights' tower ladder work to extinguish the blaze in a vacant two-story building on Christmas Eve. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

Firefighters deploy a hand line through the front door of the vacant storefront as heavy smoke escapes. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

Heavy fire and smoke escapes from the 'B' side of the building as firefighters ventilate the windows. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

Chicago Heights Truck 673, an HME/Smeal 100' tower ladder, operates in the 'A' sector directly in front of the building. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

Fire is visible from both floors in the rear of this vacant building in Chicago Heights. Tim Olk photo

Chicago Heights FD vacant building fire Dec 24, 2010

A Chicago Heights firefighter directs the master stream from the bucket of Tower 673 high above the fire building. Tim Olk photo

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Tri-State has a new tower ladder

The Tri-State FPD, in MABAS Division 10 received a new 100′ tower ladder this year which was built by Smeal. It has a Spartan Chassis with a Gladiator Evolution cab which has trim offered exclusively to Smeal which is called their Sirius cab.

Tri-State FPD Spartan Smeal tower ladder

Tri-State Tower 529 is a 2010 Spartan/Smeal with a 2,000-GPM pump and a 300-gallon water tank. The ladder is 100'. Bill Friedrich photo

Tri-State Fire Protection District apparatus

The Tri-State FPD fleet includes two Pierce engines, the Smeal tower ladder and a Pierce engine with a Sky-Boom aerial device. Bill Friedrich photo

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Final fire for Winnetka truck 28?

Winnetka is due to place their new Smeal quint in service next week. Yesterday, the current Truck 28, which is a 1990, Pierce Arrow, 75′ quint, responded to a box alarm in Glencoe. Though the aerial wasn’t put to work, this may very well have been the last working fire response for this unit. A small gallery of scene images can be seen HERE.

Winnetka Fire Department 1990 Pierce truck 28

Truck 28 on-scene in Glencoe on 11-5-10 at a box alarm for a basement fire in a new home. This may be the last real fire for this 1990 workhorse which is scheduled for replacement in roughly a week. Larry Shapiro photo

Winnetka Fire Department 1990 Pierce Arrow quint

Truck 28 was delivered with the Winnetka Fire Department decal design which was designed from their patch featuring the rising sun on the lake. Larry Shapiro photo

Winnetka Fire Department truck 28 winter fire

Winnetka Truck 28 is the first-due truck into neighboring Glencoe. Over the years, Glencoe has had a number of fires where Truck 28 went to work. It is seen here at an extra alarm in December of 2000. The door decal shows the current emblem which replaced the sun rising over the lake. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department truck 28 fire in Kenilworth

Winnetka provides fire and EMS services to Kenilworth in addition to Winnetka. Several years ago they added the Kenilworth name to each piece of apparatus. In this image, Truck 28 is setup in the driveway of a large house in Kenilworth at a fire around the time of halloween. If you look closely, you will see a skeleton hanging by the front door. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department nighttime house fire

Three homes burned on the night of September 25th in 1996 on Edgewood Lane, which is on the border between Glencoe and Winnetka. One house was under construction at the time and was totally destroyed. Winnetka Truck 28 went to work here as part of this defensive attack with an elevated master stream. At the time of this fire, the old decal was still in use. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department American LaFrance ALF Alfco 900 series mid-mount

In 1990 when Truck 28 went into service, it replaced this 900 Series 100' mid-ship American LaFrance Ladder Chief. Prior to the creation of RED Center (Regional Emergency Dispatch) which was originally out of Niles' headquarters station, Winnetka's apparatus carried numbers in the 70s. This was Truck 70. Then with RED Center, all of the fire departments in MABAS Division 3 were renumbered consecutively in an attempt to create a more standardized cohesive system. Larry Shapiro collection

The sequence of photos depict three different types of graphics packages on the Winnetka trucks over the years. Originally, as seen on the 900 Series, American LaFrance Ladder Chief, the only name on the trucks was Winnetka and the unit number was in a decorative emblem of gold leaf. Later they took the patch design with the rising sun over the lake, which was followed by a new patch and decal incorporating a traditional shield shape. Within the seal they incorporated a design that was created for their centennial which features a maltese cross with a steamer. The new 2010 Spartan/Smeal unit will feature different graphics again. The work has not yet been completed, but is rumored to have a return to a more traditional way of featuring the rig number along with the decal.

When the new aerial goes into service, the 1990 Pierce will be moving on to another life with a fire department in southern Illinois.

In other Winnetka news…

…Engine 28, a 2000, Pierce, Saber, top-mount, is currently under going repairs and refurbishing. When it returns, it will have a black roof to match the new truck.

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Homewood has been added to the site

Homewood Fire Department decal

In Division 24, the Homewood Fire Department has been added to the site. They cover 5 square miles with a combination of career and part-time personnel. Their apparatus is from Pierce, Smeal, Crimson, and 3D. An interesting aspect of their fleet is the number of different chassis manufacturers that are represented in their station. The Pierce utilizes a Lance chassis, and they also have one cab and chassis from HME, Spartan, and Pemfab. They have two ambulances in their station plus a reserve ambulance which they share with Flossmoor and Hazel Crest. This unit is housed in the Hazel Crest station. All images were submitted by Karl Klotz.

Homewood Fire Department Pierce Lance aerial

Homewood Flossmoor Pierce Lance aerial

Homewood Truck 550 was delivered in 1987 with an open rear jump seat and lettering for both Homewood and Flossmoor. Larry Shapiro collection

This week, they sold their 1982 Mack MR engine to Ford Heights, and in March of next year, they are expecting delivery of a new aerial from Pierce.

Homewood Fire Department Mack MR engine

Homewood Engine 536, built in 1982 on a Mack MR chassis was recently sold to Ford Heights. Karl Klotz photo

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New tower in Tri-State FPD

The Tri-State FPD which services areas in Darien, Burr-Ridge and Clarendon Heights recently took delivery of a new Tower Ladder. As soon as the training and equipment mounting is complete, the new Truck 529 will be going into service. The unit was built in 2010 on a Smeal Sirius chassis (made by Spartan) with a 2,000-GPM pump and a 300-gallon water tank. The tower ladder is a 100′ rear mount. The old Truck 529 has been sold to a department in Pennsylvania.

Tri-State FPD Smeal TL

Tri-State's new Spartan/Smeal Sirius 2000/300 100' RM Tower Ladder. Photo by Bill Friedrich

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Winnetka receives new quint

The Winnetka Fire Department has recently accepted their new Spartan/Smeal quint … rumored to be black over red! As soon as we have more information and photos we’ll post an update.

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Braidwood is the first Division 15 department in the site

The Braidwood Fire Department in Will County has been added to the site under Division 15. Braidwood has just one station but it’s packed with interesting apparatus. As a matter of fact, it requires two pages on this site to display all of the vehicles.  They run two ambulances, one engine, one pumper tanker, a mid-mount tower ladder and three squads. Braidwood is home to one of Illinois’ nuclear power plants and their unique logo depicts the transition throughout the years from mining coal to nuclear power. All photos were provided by Karl Klotz.

Braidwood 'From coal to atoms' logo

The creative graphic used in Braidwood depicting a coal miner in days gone by to the current day representing nuclear energy. Karl Klotz photo

Braidwood FD Spartan Alexis engine

Most of Braidwood's modern fire apparatus are built on Spartan chassis. This pumper/tanker was built by Alexis.

Braidwood FD Spartan Smeal mid-mont tower ladder
Braidwood FD EONE E-ONE Cyclone heavy rescue

The only E-ONE unit in the fleet.

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Area fire departments with apparatus on order

Retired Downers Grove Battalion Chief Bill Friedrich is well known to many area fire departments because of his years of  documenting fire apparatus throughout Illinois. In order to remain knowledgeable about new apparatus, Bill keeps track of apparatus that has been ordered by area fire departments and the subsequent deliveries.  He has recently shared with us his current compilation which is broken down by truck manufacturer.  Although he watches the entire state, we will list here the Northern Illinois rigs whose departments will be listed on this site.

Due from Pierce:

  • Glencoe-pumper
  • Winfield FPD-pumper
  • Lansing-tower ladder
  • Morris FPD-pumper
  • West Chicago-tower ladder
  • Plainfield-pumper & pumper-tanker
  • Oswego FPD-tower ladder
  • Troy FPD-pumper
  • Wheaton-pumper
  • St. Charles-ladder
  • NW Homer FPD-pumper
  • Evanston-pumper
  • NIPAS (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) Tactical Team-rescue
  • Matteson-ladder
  • South Holland-ladder.

Delivered from Pierce:

  • Lombard-pumper
  • Bedford Park-pumper

Due from E-ONE:

  • Barrington-pumper
  • Wilmette- tower ladder
  • Hanover Park-pumper
  • Oak Lawn-quint

Delivered from E-ONE:

  • Carol Stream Quest tower ladder
  • Wilmette Cyclone II tower ladder

Due from Sutphen:

  • Exxon Mobile Refinery, Joliet-ladder

Delivered from Sutphen:

  • Exxon Mobile, Joliet-pumper

Due from Ferrara:

  • Buffalo Grove-pumper & tower ladder
  • Algonquin-tower ladder
  • Nunda-pumper

Due from Toyne:

  • Spring Grove-pumper/tanker

Due from Smeal:

  • Winnetka-ladder

Due from SuperVac:

  • Cherry Valley-HDR

Due from Marion:

  • Oak Brook Terrace-pumper

Due from Alexis:

  • Manhattan-pumper
  • Carol Stream-squad
  • Elburn-squad

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