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Buffalo Grove house fire 12/7

Buffalo Grove initially received a call for a smoking outdoor light fixture before an additional call came in reporting a possible house fire last night on Buckthorn Terrace. When the first engine arrived, they reported smoke and then the incident was upgraded to a working fire response (Code 4). The homeowner had arrived home shortly before the fire department arrived. The house was charged with smoke and there was a small amount of visible fire in the rear. Upon making entry, firefighters encountered heavy smoke and then fire in the ‘C-D’ corner of the house. The fire eventually vented itself through a second story  window as interior crews advanced their lines. There was one minor injury to a firefighter who was transported to the hospital and then released shortly thereafter. Arlington Heights, Lincolnshire-Riverwoods, and Long Grove, assisted Buffalo Grove. Barrington provided an ambulance for rehab and a Wauconda ambulance transported the injured firefighter.

Larry Shapiro submitted the following images, and has a complete gallery HERE.

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

Buffalo Grove firefighters make entry through the front door with heavy smoke conditions inside. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

A firefighter works off the bucket of Buffalo Grove's new Ferrara tower ladder to take out the second floor windows for ventilation. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010

Fire self vents through a second floor rear window as interior companies down the hall advance. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010 Ferrara engine

Buffalo Grove Engine 26 (217) was the first unit on the scene and tool a hydrant just past the house. Three hand lines were used off this rig to fight the fire. Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove Fire 605 Buckthorn Terrace December 7, 2010 Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD squad 51

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Squad 51, a Pierce Dash HDR, setup just past the tower ladder and deployed a Wil-Burt light tower to illuminate the scene in addition to running several small lights around the house for supplemental lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

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Romeoville is on the site

Romeoville Fire Department patch

The three stations representing the Romeoville Fire Department in Will County (MABAS Division 10) have been added to the site. Hank, Karl & Larry submitted the images.

Romeoville Pierce Enforcer HDR

This is a Pierce department with four engines, a tower ladder and a heavy rescue. In addition they run Medtec and Horton Type I medic units. Also, like many departments, they now have a Polaris ATV in their inventory.Romeoville Fire Department Station 3

Romeoville Station 3 is at 1698 N. Birch Lane. photo by Hank Sajovic
Romeoville Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Romeoville EMA patch

In addition to the fire department, the Village of Romeoville has an Emergency Management Agency (REMA) with an impressive fleet of 16 pieces of equipment which includes three light rescue squads, two of which have Command Light towers. They have a mobile command unit, a rehab unit, off-road units and seven marked sedans to transport their staff.

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency fleet

The REMA units housed in their station at 195 Budler. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency rescue

One of the REMA squad units with a Command Light on the roof and storage of supplies for use at emergency scenes. The REMA personnel modified this unit which has a standard utility body by Stahl. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency command center

The REMA operations center with radio consoles and computers. The village warning sirens are controlled from within this area. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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New ARFFs for Chicago

The Chicago Fire Department is expecting to receive three new Oshkosh Striker ARFF units by the end of the year. The first of these units was due in August and has not yet arrived. On a recent trip to Pierce, a reader took the photo which is shown here that shows all three of the ARFF units completed, one which has a Snozzle articulating boom with a piercing nozzle.

The closest of these units can be seen numbered for 6-5-5 which runs out of Rescue 2 currently with a 2000 Oshkosh TI-3000. This is the ARFF Commander’s unit.  The others are probably 6-5-3 at Rescue 1 (now operating with a 1992 Oshkosh T12) and 6-5-6 which currently has a 1994 Oshkosh T-3000 with a Snozzle out of Rescue 2.

Pierce factory final inspection

Three Oshkosh Striker 3,000-gallon ARFF units are seen here in the final stages of completion at the Pierce factory last week.

As an added bonus, the heavy rescue shown in the foreground of this photo is the new unit for the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Emergency Services Team (NIPAS EST) on a Velocity chassis.

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New home for Oak Lawn truck

Karl Klotz has informed us that Anne Arundel County Maryland has purchased the former Oak Lawn E-ONE truck 3.  It will be assigned to Truck Co. 31.

Oak Lawn FD EONE truck

Former Truck 3 from Oak Lawn, a 2008 Cyclone II CR100 rear mount aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Oak Lawn firefighters spec’d out this truck during the term of an interim chief. When a permanent chief was hired, a decision was made that a 75′ quint would better serve the fire department’s needs.  This unit was taken out of service along with the 1991 Pierce Lance HDR and both were offered for sale. Truck 3 as it is pictured here was in service for only a few months.

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