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Lake Zurich has been added to the site

Lake Zurich Fire Department patchLake Zurich has now been added to the departments in MABAS Division 4. They have four stations of which one is in Deer Park and another is in North Barrington. This is a 100% Pierce department for suppression apparatus with four Saber engines, a Dash tower ladder, and a squad with a commercial IHC 4400 chassis. The ambulances are a mixture of Road Rescue and Medtec Type I units on IHC chassis.

The four engines are virtually identical though they span being built between 1997-2002. All but one carry 1,000 gallons of water and have foam tanks. The downtown engine has 750 gallons of water on board.

Lake Zurich Fire Department IHC Pierce squad

Lake Zurich Fire Department Road Rescue ambulance

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4

Lake Zurich Fire Station 4 is located at 21970 Field Parkway in Deer Park. This two-bay house is similar to the other outlying stations. Larry Shapiro photo

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Manhattan has been added to the site

Another department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Manhattan Fire Protection District covers 72 square miles from two stations. Their staffing consists of 9 full-time personnel, 35 part-time, and 35 POCs. The Manhattan fleet includes three IHC 4300/Road Rescue Type I ambulances and engines from Pierce and Alexis. They just received their newest engine which is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic, Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 750 gallons of water. Manhattan received a new heavy rescue last year built by SVI Trucks which was also on a Spartan chassis with an extended, super command, Gladiator Classic cab. The old squad was built in 1986 on a Chevy Kodiak chassis by Marion, and is now owned by the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan SVI HDR

The 2009 Spartan Gladiator Classic/SVI heavy rescue/air unit/light unit assigned as Squad 1216 in Manhattan. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District Chevy Kodiak Marion HDR for Manhattan EMA

Manhattan's previous squad 1216 was this 1986 Marion Body unit on a Chevy Kodiak chassis. This rig is now with the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Karl Klotz photo

When the new Alexis engine was put into service, Manhattan donated old engine 1211, a 1984, IHC/Pierce with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank to the Hurst Fire and Rescue Department in Southern Illinois.

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

Manhattan's newest piece is this recently delivered Alexis engine on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. It replaces a 1984 Pierce engine on an International chassis with a four-door cab. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District 1984 IHC Pierce engine donated to the Hurst Fire Department

Old engine 1211 was this 1984 Pierce commercial pumper that was built with an IHC cab and chassis. Members of the Manhattan FPD recently drove this unit to Southern Illinois where they presented it as a donation to the Hurst Fire & Rescue Department. Karl Klotz photo

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Gurnee is on the site

Gurnee Fire Department patch

Fire departments in Lake County, MABAS Division 4, continue to be added to the site. The Gurnee Fire Department is now the latest to be posted. They have two stations covering 33 square miles which includes the Six Flags Great America amusement park and Gurnee Mills, an enormous outlet mall. The Gurnee suppression fleet is made up entirely of E-ONE apparatus and currently all four of their ambulances are Type I models from Road Rescue on IHC 4700 or IHC 4300 series’ chassis. A new Type I ambulance is presently on order from Wheeled Coach.

Gurnee also houses some specialty MABAS assets. They store an interesting 1991 Mack/Volvo roll-off chassis which is used to transport metal storage containers which contain equipment and supplies for MABAS Divisions 4&5. One container is for the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) with tools and lumber and the other is for the Wildland Task Force which carries, among other things, an ATV.

Lake County and McHenry County TRT unit

Gurnee Fire Department Station 1

Gurnee Fire Department headquarters Station 1 on Old Grand Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

An interesting note about the E-ONE apparatus is the wide range of chassis and cab styles that are represented.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Cyclone II engine

This engine features the newest version of the Cyclone II which is a tilt-cab.

Gurnee Fire Department EONE Cyclone engine

This 1995 engine uses the early Cyclone chassis with a fixed cab.

Gurnee also has two engines with a Cyclone tilt-cab with a previous grille design. The tower ladder is built on a Hurricane chassis which has a fixed cab.

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Hurricane 95' tower ladder

In 1998 when Gurnee received their new E-ONE tower ladder, they arranged to have the unit photographed with one of the main town attractions. At that time, Gurnee Mills was billed as the largest outlet mall in the country. Planet Hollywood was one of the anchor restaurants at the mall. Larry Shapiro collection

Gurnee Fire Department E-ONE Sentry HDR

Gurnee Squad 1352 was ordered with a four-door Sentry cab and a vista roof. The Sentry is distinguishable by the straight, non-contoured door line of the driver's door. The vista roof was a raised roof that E-ONE offered without full height rear doors. This photo was taken inside Six Flags Great America when the squad was delivered. The graphics are no longer representative of how the squad looks today. Larry Shapiro collection

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Carol Stream is on the site

Carol Stream Fire District patch

In Dupage County (Division 12), the Carol Stream Fire District has three stations. They staff one engine company, one two-piece squad company, one tower ladder, three ambulances, plus a battalion chief. Their apparatus consists of two E-ONE engines, an E-ONE tower ladder, an Alexis engine, plus an Alexis heavy rescue. All of the ambulances are from Life Line on various IHC chassis.

The headquarters station has four drive-through bays, the administrative offices, and a complete training facility which includes a burn tower. This station staffs a battalion car, an ambulance, and a tower ladder quint. It is home to a spare ambulance, an OEM Mobile Command Unit, a spare engine, and two antiques in addition to FPB and other staff vehicles.

Carol Stream Fire District headquarters station and training facility

Carol Stream Station 1 at 35 N. Kuhn Road, has the administrative offices and an extensive training facility complete with a burn tower. Larry Shapiro photo

Keeneyville Fire Protection District 1947 Ford Darley antique pumper

The Carol Stream Fire District web site has a nice history of the department which tells the story of the Keeneyville Fire Protection District and the Carol Stream Company. The fire apparatus for many years was painted black over yellow until 1996 when the yellow was changed to red.

At Station 3 which is located at 1045 Lies Road, Carol Stream runs a two-piece squad company. These units always respond together. The first piece of the company is the squad 235, a 2006 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis 1500/750 pumper squad. The second piece is rescue 235, their brand new 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis HDR. The ‘squad’ has a complete complement of hydraulic rescue tools and the ‘rescue’ has supplemental equipment, and air cascade system, and is more of a specialty unit with extensive TRT materials and supplies.

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

Rescue 235 is the 2nd piece of the squad company. It was built by Alexis on a Spartan chassis with a stubby, 2-dr, Metro Star cab. Larry SHapiro photo

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

Both sides of the rescue are packed solid with technical rescue equipment. The hydraulic rescue tools for auto extrications are located on Squad 235 which is the 1st piece of this company. Larry Shapiro photo

Carol Stream Fire District 2010 Spartan Metro Star Alexis technical rescue unit

The rear door of the rescue is designed like a rear ramp on a trailer to permit access to the large lumber stored down the center of the unit. Roof access to reach the top storage compartments is via the folding ladder at the rear. Larry Shapiro photo

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Manhattan new units

The Manhattan Fire Protection District in Will County has received several new vehicles. Last year they took delivery of a 2009 Spartan Gladiator heavy rescue unit from SVI (Super Vac) Trucks in Loveland, Co.

This year they have received a 2010, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Horton which is assigned as Ambulance 1224 at their Station 2. This replaces a 2002, IHC 4300 Type I MICU from Road Rescue which has been moved to Station 1 and renumbered as Ambulance 1215.

The newest delivery for Manhattan is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis engine with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 750-gallon water tank.

Manhattan FPD IL Spartan Alexis engine

Manhattan FPD Engine 1221 is a 2010 Spartan Gladiator Classic/Alexis 1500/750. Manhattan FPD photo

The Manhattan FPD will be added to the site within the next few days. Karl Klotz has submitted images for all of the apparatus with the exception of the two new 2010 vehicles which he hopes to photograph in the next week or so.

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Lockport updates

Lockport Lt. John Matthews keeps us current and up-to-date with his department. He recently sent us pictures of Lockport‘s new 2010 IHC/Medtec ambulance at station1 and the new brush unit as well. John informs us that the old ambulance 1 has become reserve ambulance 1 now at station6, and the previous reserve unit is gone.

Lockport Township FPD ambulance 1 Medtec

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New engine for Countryside

In Division 4, Countryside has received another new piece of apparatus. This one built by Rosenbauer Central States is a commercial engine on an IHC WorkStar chassis with a MaxxForce 9 engine. It can be seen HERE on the Rosenbauer website. The new engine has a 1,250-GPM Rosenbauer pump and carries 750 gallons of water.

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Central engine

The new Rosenbauer Central engine for Countryside. Rosenbauer photo

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Troy FPD is added to Division 15

Another fire department has been added to the site thanks to the diligence of Karl Klotz … although we’re still awaiting images of the stations. Nonetheless, the Troy Fire Protection District is now on the site showing apparatus from both stations. Troy recently opened a new headquarters station and began ordering apparatus in a new color scheme. As recently as their 2008 IHC/Medtec ambulance and 2008 Kenworth/Pierce Contender tanker, all of their apparatus was lime green, . They now have four units that are painted black over a very deep red. Two new Pierce Arrow XT engines are in service as well as a Ford/Medtec ambulance and a brush unit on a four-door Ford pickup.

Troy FPD Kenworth Pierce Contender tanker

Troy FPD IHC/Medtec ambulance

Troy FPD Pierce Arrow XT engine

Troy currently has two engines carrying number 2221. They have not as yet determined what the new designation will be for the older engine 2221.

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E-ONE gives fire truck away at FRI 2010 trade show

For the second year in a row, E-ONE has enlisted the help of several industry partners to sponsor a contest to give a brand new fire truck away to a department which shows an overwhelming need for a new truck. After the field of entrants was narrowed to seven finalists, the winner was determined by on-line voting for the most deserving department. Today, E-ONE awarded the fire truck to the Owens Cross Road Volunteer Fire Department from northern Alabama.

The winner was announced after Peter Guile, E-One’s president, read one heart wrenching story after another to a large crowd on the trade show floor who had gathered at the E-ONE booth.

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

Members of one of the finalist departments wait anxiously for the winner to be announced. Folks at home are listening to the event on the phone. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

Fire Chief Dan Kelly of the Owens Cross Road Volunteer Fire Department reacts to winning the fire truck. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

E-ONE workers apply the name of the winning fire department to the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck givesqay

A large crowd gathered at the E-ONE booth to see the giveaway. Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE fire truck giveaway

E-ONE president Peter Guile poses with Fire Chief Dan Kelly and his wife after the Owens Cross Road VFD won the brand new engine. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery of images depicting the event can be seen HERE on Larry Shapiro’s site.

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New ambulance in Addision

The Addison Fire Department in Division 12 (Dupage County) recently put a new ambulance into service. They purchased a 2007 IHC 4300/Medtec Type I demonstrator which is currently in service as Medic 130 out of Station 3. An interesting note though for apparatus followers is that Addison rotates their apparatus between stations. The unit number for responses corresponds to the station where it is housed, not a particular unit. So, as this new unit is currently Medic 130, it might be assigned to Station 2 in the future where it will run (and be labeled) as Medic 120. Addison uses numbers on rigid signs which slide in and out of a frame on either side of the apparatus to depict the current assignment. This applies to the engines and trucks as well.

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