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New engine for Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire District (more)

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Algonquin – Lake in the Hills FPD Engine Co. 142 
2022 Pierce Enforcer PUC 1500/750 
Not in service yet; #TylerTobolt; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #PUC; #Algonquin-LakintheHillsFPD;

Tyler Tobolt photo

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As seen at the FDIC 2022 (more)

This from Larry Shapiro:

electric fire trucks at FDIC 2022

#larryshapiro;;; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #Volterra; #PortlandFD

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #Vector; #REVGroup; #FireTruck; #electricfiretruck; FDIC2022

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #Vector; #REVGroup; #FireTruck; #electricfiretruck; FDIC2022

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #Vector; #REVGroup; #FireTruck; #electricfiretruck; FDIC2022

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #rosenbaueramerica; #LAFD; #FireTruck; #electricfiretruck; FDIC2022

Larry Shapiro photo; #larryshapiro;; #rosenbaueramerica; #LAFD; #FireTruck; #electricfiretruck; FDIC2022

Larry Shapiro photo

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House fire in Des Plaines, 12-22-21

Des Plaines Ambulance 61 and North Maine FPD Engine 1 were dispatched to 51 N. East River Road early this morning (12/22/21) for trouble breathing. Upon arrival, they found heavy fire from the 1st floor living room of a three-unit, split-level house and reported the working fire. The ambulance crew reportedly made entry prior to the first hose line and rescued a resident from a second floor bedroom that was filling with smoke. The alarm was upgraded to a MABAS Box Alarm for additional resources. The fire was extinguished prior to the arrival of all responding companies and was contained to the unit of origin. 

aftermath of house fire

Larry Shapiro photo

#Pierce; #Pucpumper; #Enforcer; #firetruck; #larryshapiro

Larry Shapiro photo

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New engines for Glenview

Pierce has delivery photos of two new engines for Glenview which were posted yesterday on the Pierce Flickr site. One is lettered for Engine 6 and the other for Engine 7. Both of these companies currently have 2006 Pierce Enforcer engines with standard pumper bodies. The new units are Pierce Arrow XT engines with rescue/pumper body configurations similar to Engine 8 which was built in 2009.

In a previous posting HERE, we had mentioned receiving information that one of the new engines would have a standard pumper body while the second would have a rescue/pumper body and live on the east side of town to run extrications similar to Engine 8. This other rescue/pumper was also to be the haz mat engine with the additional storage space while Engine 8 is the technical rescue engine. Since both new engines are the larger style, we’ll have to wait and see what information can be learned about the manner in which Glenview will outfit and deploy these two new units.

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

A new Pierce Arrow XT rescue/pumper for Glenview Engine 6 is ready for delivery. Pierce photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Glenview Engine 7 is poised to receive this new Pierce Arrow XT rescue/pumper which appears similar to Engine 8. Pierce photo

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Box Alarm in Glenview

At the Glenview Box Alarm last week which occurred at a park district storage facility, Steve Redick made his way around the scene and documented the engines that were pumping.

Wilmette Fire Department engine 27 E-ONE

Wilmette Engine 27 was due on the box and laid a supply line to Glenview Truck 14. Wilmette has two stations. One runs an engine and houses the spare engine, while the other station (26) runs a tower ladder and has a spare tower ladder. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Glenview Engine 7 was on a hydrant supplying Engine 6. This is a 2006 Pierce Enforcer. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Engine 8 is Glenview's newest. It is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT rescue pumper with deeper compartments than their other units. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Lance engine

Engine 13 is the oldest frontline engine in Glenview. This is a 1990 Pierce Lance unit which is slated to be replaced next year with a Pierce Arrow XT model similar to Engine 8. Steve Redick photo

Glenview has Pierce apparatus utilizing four different chassis styles; the Enforcer, Lance, Arrow XT, and Dash.

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Romeoville is on the site

Romeoville Fire Department patch

The three stations representing the Romeoville Fire Department in Will County (MABAS Division 10) have been added to the site. Hank, Karl & Larry submitted the images.

Romeoville Pierce Enforcer HDR

This is a Pierce department with four engines, a tower ladder and a heavy rescue. In addition they run Medtec and Horton Type I medic units. Also, like many departments, they now have a Polaris ATV in their inventory.Romeoville Fire Department Station 3

Romeoville Station 3 is at 1698 N. Birch Lane. photo by Hank Sajovic
Romeoville Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Romeoville EMA patch

In addition to the fire department, the Village of Romeoville has an Emergency Management Agency (REMA) with an impressive fleet of 16 pieces of equipment which includes three light rescue squads, two of which have Command Light towers. They have a mobile command unit, a rehab unit, off-road units and seven marked sedans to transport their staff.

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency fleet

The REMA units housed in their station at 195 Budler. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency rescue

One of the REMA squad units with a Command Light on the roof and storage of supplies for use at emergency scenes. The REMA personnel modified this unit which has a standard utility body by Stahl. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency command center

The REMA operations center with radio consoles and computers. The village warning sirens are controlled from within this area. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Glenview Engine 8

Glenview engine 8 Pierce Arrow XT

Glenview Engine 8, 2009 Pierce Arrow XT with rescue-style body. Larry Shapiro photo

The new Pierce Arrow XT engine that was assigned to Glenview Engine 8 earlier this year represents several changes from the earlier apparatus for Engine 6 and 7. The heavier Arrow XT cab/chassis is the first noticeable change as compared to the Enforcer models purchased previously. The Arrow XT was also ordered with a heavy steel bumper instead of the chrome bumpers on the others. The next change is in the body design. Engine 8 has larger body with deeper ‘rescue-style’ compartments. The first compartment has a slide-out tool board, the rear compartment has a complete compliment of hydraulic extrication tools and there are ‘coffin-style’ compartments assessable from the top of the body which house the cord reels for the hydraulic tools and haz-mat supplies. Engine 8 is the first response haz-mat unit in town and along with truck 14 is part of the extrication response. Engines 6, 7, and 13 have ‘combi-tools’ for minor pin-ins but only Engine 8 and the truck have the full array of tools.

Glenview FD Engine 8

The body of Engine 8 is taller and features deeper compartments than earlier Pierce engines. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview is said to be in the preliminary stages of ordering two additional engines, one of which will have the standard engine body while the second will replicate Engine 8. This ‘rescue-style’ engine though will not be setup for haz-mat but instead will carry supplies for technical rescue.

Glenview Engine 8 rear chevron

The rear of Engine 8 showing the depth of the right side compartments and the NFPA compliant rear chevron. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview engine 8 Pierce Arrow XT

Engine 8 has a complete set of hydraulic tools and is due village-wide on calls for extrication along with Truck 14 and the still engine. Larry SHapiro photo

Glenview engine 8

This slide-out tool board is made possible with the deeper compartments. Larry Shapiro photo

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