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More holiday spirit

Jeff Rudolph submitted a few images showing Christmas decorations in Skokie and Chicago.

Skokie Fire Department Engine 17

Skokie Engine 17 is decorated with candy canes and a wreath on the front grill. Jeff Rudolph photo

Skokie FIre Department Engine 17

This shot of Skokie Rescue Truck 17 decked out with lights was taken a few years ago in front of the old Station 17. Jeff Rudolph photo

Chicago Fire Department Engine 14

Chicago Engine Company 14 displays a wreath across the grill of their rig. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Skokie updates

Skokie firefighter Jeff Rudolph has submitted several update photos of Skokie apparatus.

  • Station 16: Engine 16, Engine 16R
  • Station 17: Ambulance 17, Ambulance 17R, Rescue 17 and the 1948 American LaFrance 700 series antique pumper
Skokie Fire Department antique fire truck

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Coming updates

Karl Klotz has sumbitted the following departments that will be posted soon:

  • Grant Park
  • Limestone
  • Momence

Jack Connors has submitted several updated CFD apparatus images:

  • Ambulance 50, 85, 38, 29, 91
  • Truck 49, 51, 42, 24, 45
  • Engine 126, 8, 82, 120
  • Battalion 20, 17

Jeff Rudolph has submitted several updated images from Skokie.

These should be posted soon.

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Skokie updates

Skokie has received a new ambulance for station 18. This 2009/2010 unit is t he first Horton in Skokie. The previous ambulances were Medtec units and prior to that they were from Road Rescue. Skokie buys through the Northwest Municipal Conference Suburban PurchasingCooperative list of approved suppliers and Horton was on that list when this unit was ordered (Wheeled Coach and Foster Coach/Medtec were also on that list which has since expired).

Skokie Ambulance 18 Horton Type I

Skokie's new 2009/2010 Horton Type I for Ambulance 18. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Ambulance 18

Passenger side of the new Horton ambulance at Station 18. Larry Shapiro photo

The previous 2003 Medtec Ambulance 18 is now Ambulance 17R and the 2000 Road Rescue which had been Ambulance 17R was traded in.

Horton ambulance interior

The interior of the new Horton ambulance. Larry Shapiro photo

rear chevron on Horton ambulance

A rear view of the ambulance showing the full chevron striping and LED lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

The Ford/Taylor Made command unit for Battalion 16 has, until now, been missing from the site. The photo is now available HERE.

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New ambulance in Skokie

The Skokie Fire Department has received a new ambulance for Station 18. It is a 2010 ICH/Horton Type I unit which is currently being readied for service sometime in the next month.

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updated rig photos

Karl Klotz has been vigilant in keeping an eye out for rig shots that are missing from this site.  He recently submitted the following photos:

Northbrook ambulance 12R

Des Plaines engine 64R

Mount Prospect tower 13

Skokie engine 16R

Prospect Heights engine 9

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Lincolnwood and Skokie have been added to Division 3

Lincolnwood Station 15 has been added to the Division 3 active listings with all of their apparatus. Skokie Stations 16, 17 and 18 have also been added although they are not yet complete listings.

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