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Manhattan has been added to the site

Another department in MABAS Division 19 has been added to the site. The Manhattan Fire Protection District covers 72 square miles from two stations. Their staffing consists of 9 full-time personnel, 35 part-time, and 35 POCs. The Manhattan fleet includes three IHC 4300/Road Rescue Type I ambulances and engines from Pierce and Alexis. They just received their newest engine which is a 2010, Spartan Gladiator Classic, Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 750 gallons of water. Manhattan received a new heavy rescue last year built by SVI Trucks which was also on a Spartan chassis with an extended, super command, Gladiator Classic cab. The old squad was built in 1986 on a Chevy Kodiak chassis by Marion, and is now owned by the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan SVI HDR

The 2009 Spartan Gladiator Classic/SVI heavy rescue/air unit/light unit assigned as Squad 1216 in Manhattan. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District Chevy Kodiak Marion HDR for Manhattan EMA

Manhattan's previous squad 1216 was this 1986 Marion Body unit on a Chevy Kodiak chassis. This rig is now with the Manhattan Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Karl Klotz photo

When the new Alexis engine was put into service, Manhattan donated old engine 1211, a 1984, IHC/Pierce with a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank to the Hurst Fire and Rescue Department in Southern Illinois.

Manhattan Fire Protection District Spartan Gladiator Alexis engine

Manhattan's newest piece is this recently delivered Alexis engine on a Spartan chassis with a Gladiator Classic cab. It replaces a 1984 Pierce engine on an International chassis with a four-door cab. Karl Klotz photo

Manhattan Fire Protection District 1984 IHC Pierce engine donated to the Hurst Fire Department

Old engine 1211 was this 1984 Pierce commercial pumper that was built with an IHC cab and chassis. Members of the Manhattan FPD recently drove this unit to Southern Illinois where they presented it as a donation to the Hurst Fire & Rescue Department. Karl Klotz photo

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Wilmington is on the site & awaiting a new engine

In MABAS Division 15 (in Will County) the Wilmington Fire Department has been added to the site thanks again to the work of Karl Klotz. Although Karl has a few photos to get of new rigs, Wilmington’s station is well represented. They run with a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, US Tanker, and Seagrave. Their newest piece for the time being is a 2007, Seagrave Maurauder II 100′ quint, but they are expecting an all stainless-steel engine from Seagrave in March. Engine 2611, which is their 1996 Pierce Saber has been sold to a broker, but will remain with the department until the new engine arrives in the Spring.

Wilmington runs Horton ambulances. Their two newest ambulances are Type I models on Ford F-Series’ chassis. The third ambulance as well as the one which was just replaced are Type III styles on Ford E-Series’ chassis.

Wilmington Fire Protection District Seagrave Maurauder II quint 100'

Wilmington covers 105 square miles from their station at 501 N. Water Street although a second station might occur in the not to distant future. They have a full-time chief, 35 part-time firefighters and an additional 35 paid-on-call personnel.

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