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Romeoville is on the site

Romeoville Fire Department patch

The three stations representing the Romeoville Fire Department in Will County (MABAS Division 10) have been added to the site. Hank, Karl & Larry submitted the images.

Romeoville Pierce Enforcer HDR

This is a Pierce department with four engines, a tower ladder and a heavy rescue. In addition they run Medtec and Horton Type I medic units. Also, like many departments, they now have a Polaris ATV in their inventory.Romeoville Fire Department Station 3

Romeoville Station 3 is at 1698 N. Birch Lane. photo by Hank Sajovic
Romeoville Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Romeoville EMA patch

In addition to the fire department, the Village of Romeoville has an Emergency Management Agency (REMA) with an impressive fleet of 16 pieces of equipment which includes three light rescue squads, two of which have Command Light towers. They have a mobile command unit, a rehab unit, off-road units and seven marked sedans to transport their staff.

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency fleet

The REMA units housed in their station at 195 Budler. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency rescue

One of the REMA squad units with a Command Light on the roof and storage of supplies for use at emergency scenes. The REMA personnel modified this unit which has a standard utility body by Stahl. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Romeoville Emergency Management Agency command center

The REMA operations center with radio consoles and computers. The village warning sirens are controlled from within this area. Photo by Larry Shapiro

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Hinsdale is now on the site

Another addition to Division 10 is the Hinsdale Fire Department. They are a single station department with 26 career personnel serving the town of Hinsdale which covers roughly 4.64 square miles in DuPage County. They run two ambulances, three engines, and a tower ladder. Hinsdale has always had a rather unique color scheme shared in this area by only Carol Stream which is also in DuPage County. They both had bright yellow apparatus with black roofs. While Carol Stream changed to black over red several years ago, Hinsdale still maintained their entire fleet of suppression vehicles in the black over yellow colors until recently. In 2008, they received their newest unit, a Spartan/Rosenbauer/Metz Raptor tower ladder which was painted black over red. There is one other department locally with this unique aerial device, and that’s the Countryside Fire Protection District in Division 4 (Lake County). While both of these towers are on short, single axle chassis, the Countryside unit is on an HME chassis and has a white roof.

Hinsdale FD Spartan 3D engine

This color scheme is unique to the area but does not appear to be around for too much longer.

Hinsdale Fire Department Spartan Rosenbauer Metz Raptor

The newest unit arrived with a traditional 'Chicago-style' paint scheme.

Thanks to Karl Klotz for providing all of the Hinsdale images.

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Clarendon Hills is added to Division 10

Clarendon Hills Pierce Dash Squad

Clarendon Hills becomes the third department posted in Division 10. This single station department is staffed by 56 part-time & POC firefighters. They have a full-time chief and a full-time fire inspector. This is one of the few area departments left which uses the white over yellow paint scheme, and unlike the others Clarendon Hills uses silver instead of gold to decorate the apparatus. Many will remember their Mack heritage which has now given way completely to Pierce. They run an engine, squad, ladder truck and an ambulance.

Clarendon Hills Mack CF Pierce TeleSqurt

This Mack CF/Pierce/50' TeleSqurt unit is no longer part of the fleet. It was the last of the Mack units purchased. Larry Shapiro photo

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The first Division 10 departments come online

The McCook Fire Department in Division 10 has been uploaded to the site.  They have four pieces of apparatus including a new ambulance with a unique graphic scheme. Both of their engines are on Spartan chassis.


Also in Division 10 the Lyons Fire Department has been added. This is a Pierce department with a fairly new Arrow XT pumper with excellent graphics which include a flag painted on the grill. Lyons’ engines 1312 & 1314 both feature a rather unique component for this area; they each have a telescoping light tower mounted to the cab roof.


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