From today’s Daily Herald:

Charity event, pink fire trucks a prelude to Buffalo Grove days

Buffalo Grove Days traditionally kicks off with a charity softball game involving village officials and local volunteers on the Wednesday before Labor Day.

This year, the game, which is sponsored by the Buffalo Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, will take place, as it usually does, at 6:30 p.m. today at Emmerich Park, at Lake-Cook Road and Raupp Boulevard.

What’s new is that four pink fire trucks will be parked near the field.

The four trucks are part of the Pink Heals Tour, during which firefighters from across the country drive a fleet of pink fire engines across the United States to raise cancer awareness, particularly cancer affecting women. The trucks began traveling in mid-August and will continue their journey until the end of October. One of the drivers will be Buffalo Grove Firefighter Steve Rusin, who, driving on his own time, will pilot one of the trucks from Florida through Texas.

Buffalo Grove Trustee and cancer survivor DeAnn Glover, liaison to the committee in charge of Buffalo Grove Days, said, “Kids can climb on them, and everybody can sign and leave a message of hope and honor for those who are fighting the battle or those who have lost the fight.”

Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Terry Vavra said he has been in contact with Dave Graybill, the Arizona firefighter who spearheaded the effort. “The reason why he started this is that as men we need to respond to the people that mean the most to us, our families and particularly our mothers, because if you ever watched a sports player, he doesn’t say, ‘Hi, Dad.’ He says, ‘Hi, Mom.'”

Vavra said Graybill is also starting a blue fire truck program to raise awareness of cancer in men.

The Buffalo Grove Fire Department sold just less than 600 Pink Heals shirts this year, up from a little less than 300 last year.

Pink Heals Tour

Steve Rusin at the show wearing the pink turnout gear which is associated with the Pink Heals Tour. Larry Shapiro photo

Last week, one of the pink trucks was at the IAFC trade show at McCormick Place. Buffalo Grove Firefighter Steve Rusin was on hand at the booth along with Dave Graybill.

Pink Heals Tour

One of the trucks was at the trade show last week in CHicago. Larry SHapiro photo

Pink Heals Tour

Betty Ganschow, Dave Graybill, and Steve Rusin at the trade show. Larry Shapiro photo