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New Algonquin tower ladder

Bob Altwasser submitted this image of the new Ferrara Inferno tower ladder that has recently gone into service for the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Department. Tower 181 has a 1500-GPM pump, 300-gallons of water, and a 100′ rear mounted tower ladder.

Algonquin Lake in the Hills Ferrara Inferno tower ladder

Algonquin's new Ferrara Inferno tower ladder. Photo by Bob Altwasser

Bob has a site with many photos called

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IAFC Fire Rescue International Trade Show Final Installment!

Chicago Fire Department Spartan Crimson aerial ladder

The first Spartan/Gladiator Crimson 103' rear mount aerial ladder. The assignment for this piece has not yet been released. Larry Shapiro

There have been several previous postings which referenced the IAFC Fire Rescue International Trade Show in Chicago several weeks ago. A gallery is available by scrolling to the bottom of the page HERE which fittingly shows many of the trucks as they were leaving McCormick Place and lining up to receive a few gallons of fuel so that they could make their way to a gas station. As with any trade show, the fuel is siphoned out of the tanks before they enter the convention center as a safety measure to reduce the hazards of fires and leaks.

Although the units featured in the gallery are a hodgepodge sampling of the display pieces, there are images of several local units which are better shots than what was available inside the convention center. These images include the Freightliner/Medtec MICU from Algonquin-Lake in the Hills, the Pierce Impel quint from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago, the Spartan/Super Vac (SVI) HDR from Cherry Valley, the Pierce Velocity PUC tower ladder from South Holland, the custom Sutphen SP112 industrial tower ladder for the Exxon Mobile Joliet Refinery and the Spartan/Crimson rear mount aerial ladder for Chicago.

South Holland Fire Department Pierce Velocity PUC tower ladder

South Holland's Pierce Velocity PUC tower ladder. Larry Shapiro photo

Exxon Mobil Joliet Refinery Sutphen tower ladder

The Sutphen SP112 tower ladder for the Exxon Mobil Refinery in Joliet. Larry Shapiro photo

Pierce Impel quint Great Lakes Naval Training Center

The Pierce Impel quint going to the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago. Larry Shapiro photo

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Ferrara updates

On the Ferrara Fire site there are updated photos of the new Ember engine being built for the Nunda Rural FPD in McHenry County. The pictures can be seen HERE with the body mounted to the cab and chassis.

Also on the Ferrara site HERE are finished photos of the Algonquin Igniter MVP rescue pumper that was on display at the IAFC trade show last week. You’l have to scroll down to see the photos listed alphabetically under Lake in the Hills. Similarly, the new Inferno tower ladder can be seen HERE by scrolling down as well.

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Many new area rigs at Fire Rescue International

There are many new pieces of apparatus for our area currently on display at the Fire Rescue International 2010 trade show at McCormick Place. Among them are:

  • Pierce – South Holland Velocity PUC 100′ PAP rear mount tower ladder; Great Lakes NTC Impel 75′ RM quint
  • Medtec – Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Type I Freightliner
  • Crimson – CFD Spartan pumper; CFD Spartan 103′ RM aerial ladder; Naperville Spartan pumper
  • Horton – Minooka Ford Type III MICU
  • US Tank – Pingree Grove FPD Kenworth tanker
  • Federal Signal – CFD Ford Expedition battalion chief unt
  • Ferrara – Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Inferno engine and RM Tower ladder
  • Sutphen – Exxon Mobil Joliet Refinery industrial mid-mount tower ladder quint
  • Super Vac (SVI Trucks) – Cherry Valley Spartan HDR
Chicago Fire Department Crimson ladder

The first Spartan Gladiator Crimson 103′ rear mount aerial ladder built for Chicago was displayed at the Fire Rescue International (FRI) 2010 trade show. Larry Shapiro photo

Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Medtec ambulance

This Freightliner/Medtec Type I ambulance for the Algonquin lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department was on display in the Pierce booth. There were a total of three units on the trade show floor for this department. Larry Shapiro photo

Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Ferrara engine

The smaller than normal pump enclosure and built-in cross lays on the new Ferrara engine for the Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department resembles a trend in apparatus design which was first introduced several years ago by Pierce. Larry Shapiro photo

Cherry Valley Fire Department Spartan SVI Super Vac heavy rescue

A Spartan Super Vac (SVI) heavy rescue for Cherry Valley with walk-around body, light tower, front bumper hydraulic rescue tools, air cascade system and an abundance of slide-out shelving and trays. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery showing several of these units can be seen on Larry Shapiro’s site HERE.

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Ferrara updates

Ferrara has posted new images of the Glenside engine HERE showing that the body has been mounted.

At the same link, there are images of a new chassis which has been completed for the Nunda FPD in McHenry County on an Ember chassis. This engine will feature a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank.

The two units for Algonquin no longer appear on the Ferrara website in the section showing trucks in production. The trucks are also not shown in the new deliveries section. Will we see these units being delivered at the show this week?

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Illinois updates at Ferrara

There are recent photos HERE showing the current status of the new tower ladder and engine in production at Ferrara for the Algonquin Lake-in-the-Hills Fire Department. The painted bodies for both rigs have been mounted to the chassis and they appear to be approaching completion.

Also at Ferrara and not yet mentioned in this blog is a new Igniter engine for Glenside (DuPage County). The XL cab will have a 16″ raised roof and the unit will have a 1,500-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank. The cab has been painted and the chassis is nearing completion. Images and a description can be seen HERE as well. Simply scroll down to find the images as the listing is alphabetical.

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Algonquin updates

Firefighters from Algonquin were at Ferrara recently inspecting their new tower ladder and engine that are being built. Ferrara has posted new photos HERE showing the progress of both units. The body has been mounted to both units and the truck body was recently painted. The rescue pumper apparently will be a large unit.

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Area updates for new apparatus

Troy has taken delivery of their second Pierce Arrow XT engine bearing their new color scheme. This is Engine 2221 (the previous one was 2211).

Troy FD Pierce Arrow XT engine

The second Pierce Arrow XT engine for Troy shown in the new colors. Pierce photo

Algonquin has two new units in production at Ferrara. Similar to Buffalo Grove, they purchased an engine and a tower ladder. Reportedly, that’s where the similarities end though as the Algonquin units are said to be fully loaded. The first set of production photos at the Ferrara plant can be seen HERE for both units.

Algonquin also received a new ambulance from Medtec this spring.

The Countryside FPD is Lake County is expecting a new Horton ambulance and a tender from US Tank very soon.

Countryside FPD US Tank production

Production history of the new tender being built by US Tank for Countryside. US Tank photos

Glenview has reportedly placed an order now for two engines from Pierce. Though both will feature the Arrow XT cab and chassis, one will have a conventional pumper body similar to engines 6 & 7 while the second will have a rescue style body like engine 8 which was shown HERE.

Huntley is expecting a new IHC 4300 Type I ambulance from Medtec.

Highland Park is in the initial stages of designing specifications for a new ambulance. Currently, their ambulances are Type III units on E-Series Ford chassis. The new unit will reportedly be a departure from this style and will be a Type I design featuring an F-Series chassis from Ford.

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New Ferrara apparatus updates

Ferrara Fire Apparatus has delivered a medium duty rescue unit to Melrose Park. The walk-around squad is on a Freightliner M2106 chassis and has a light tower, rescue tools and storage for multiple air cylinders. We also missed a delivery last year by Ferrara of two Intruder 2 engines which use the HME 1871 cab and chassis. The units have 1500 GPM pumps and carry 500 gallons of water.

Melrose Park IL Ferrar Freightliner MDR

Ferrara delivered this medium duty rescue on a Freightliner chassis to Melrose park. Ferrara photo

Ferrara photo

Bolingbrook Ferrara Intruder 2 engine. Ferrara photo

Bolingbrook Ferrara Intruder 2 engine. Ferrara photo

Ferrara has begun work on a rear mount tower ladder for the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Department. The unit will feature an extended Inferno cab with an 8-inch notched roof extension. The 100′ tower will have a 1500 GPM pump and carry 300 gallons of water. Progress on the building of this unit can be viewed HERE.

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New apparatus update

We received an update to the apparatus order listing that was recently posted.  In addition to the tower ladder on order for Algonquin from Ferrara, there is also a rescue pumper coming from Ferrara as well.

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