Buffalo Grove Ferrara Igniter engine

Buffalo Grove 2010 Ferrara Igniter engine (217) on-scene after going into service. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove extrication

Buffalo Grove firefighters remove the victim from a car that drove into a building on the north end of town. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Engine 26 (217) on-scene at an extrication within hours of being put into service today in Buffalo Grove. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Buffalo Grove put their new Ferrara engine into service just after lunch today and within 3 hours it responded on two medical runs and a car into a building that required extrication.  Reports came in to the police that a car had driven into the Rainbow Cleaners at 482 Half Day Road (at Buffalo Grove Road). When police arrived they reported three injuries including the driver who was unable to get out of the car. Firefighters removed the roof of the Lexus inside the cleaners before pulling out the driver who did not appear to be seriously injured. The other victims signed releases and were not transported.