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New area apparatus orders

Several fire departments in the area have placed orders for new apparatus.

From Marion:

  • Elk Grove Township – rescue pumper; Spartan Metro Star chassis with a 10-inch raised roof, extrication reels in the front bumper, a 1,500-GPM pump, 750 gallons of water and 50 gallons of foam (due February 2012)

From Pierce:

  • Bristol-Kendal FPD – Contender engine on a Saber chassis
  • Chicago Ridge – Saber engine
  • Evanston –  Arrow XT 100′ TDA
  • Homewood – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder
  • Lincolnshire Riverwoods FPD – Arrow XT 105′ rear mount aerial ladder quint
  • Lincolnwood – Arrow XT 100′ rear mount platform aerial
  • West Chicago FPD – Impel engine

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for updating this information.

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New engines for Glenview

Pierce has delivery photos of two new engines for Glenview which were posted yesterday on the Pierce Flickr site. One is lettered for Engine 6 and the other for Engine 7. Both of these companies currently have 2006 Pierce Enforcer engines with standard pumper bodies. The new units are Pierce Arrow XT engines with rescue/pumper body configurations similar to Engine 8 which was built in 2009.

In a previous posting HERE, we had mentioned receiving information that one of the new engines would have a standard pumper body while the second would have a rescue/pumper body and live on the east side of town to run extrications similar to Engine 8. This other rescue/pumper was also to be the haz mat engine with the additional storage space while Engine 8 is the technical rescue engine. Since both new engines are the larger style, we’ll have to wait and see what information can be learned about the manner in which Glenview will outfit and deploy these two new units.

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

A new Pierce Arrow XT rescue/pumper for Glenview Engine 6 is ready for delivery. Pierce photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Glenview Engine 7 is poised to receive this new Pierce Arrow XT rescue/pumper which appears similar to Engine 8. Pierce photo

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New truck for Lincolnshire-Riverwoods

The Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD in MABAS Division 4 is ordering a new aerial to replace Truck 53, a 1996 Seagrave 100′ single axle rear mount with a 1.500-GPM pump and 500-gallon tank.

Lincolnshire-Riverwoods FPD Seagrave rear mount aerial

The new truck will be a 105′, Pierce rear mount aerial ladder, with a 1,500-GPM pump, and 500-gallon water tank, on an Arrow XT chassis with seating for six. Unlike the Seagrave, the new unit will feature a tandem rear axle. There is a possibility that the new truck will have a black roof with a gray ladder, otherwise it will have a white roof and white ladder similar to the Seagrave.

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Box Alarm in Glenview

At the Glenview Box Alarm last week which occurred at a park district storage facility, Steve Redick made his way around the scene and documented the engines that were pumping.

Wilmette Fire Department engine 27 E-ONE

Wilmette Engine 27 was due on the box and laid a supply line to Glenview Truck 14. Wilmette has two stations. One runs an engine and houses the spare engine, while the other station (26) runs a tower ladder and has a spare tower ladder. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Enforcer engine

Glenview Engine 7 was on a hydrant supplying Engine 6. This is a 2006 Pierce Enforcer. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Engine 8 is Glenview's newest. It is a 2009 Pierce Arrow XT rescue pumper with deeper compartments than their other units. Steve Redick photo

Glenview Fire Department Pierce Lance engine

Engine 13 is the oldest frontline engine in Glenview. This is a 1990 Pierce Lance unit which is slated to be replaced next year with a Pierce Arrow XT model similar to Engine 8. Steve Redick photo

Glenview has Pierce apparatus utilizing four different chassis styles; the Enforcer, Lance, Arrow XT, and Dash.

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North Chicago is on the site

North Chicago Fire Department patch

In northern Lake County, the North Chicago Fire Department runs a fleet of Pierce and Medtec units out of two stations. Their 8 square mile district borders the Great Lakes Naval Training Center on two sides. Their newest piece of apparatus is an 85′ tower ladder from Pierce which replaced a 1977 Hendrickson 1871-S/Pierce/LTI 85′ tower ladder. North Chicago is expecting another new Pierce in January. This will be a Pierce custom Contender engine to replace a 1986 Pierce Dash engine with open jump seats.

North Chicago Fire Department Hendrickson Pierce LTI 85' tower ladder

North Chicago's 1977 Hendrickson 1871-S/Pierce/LTI 85' tower ladder which was disposed of recently with the arrival of the new tower ladder. Larry Shapiro collection

North Chicago Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT 85' tower ladder

At North Chicago Station 2 on Buckley Road is their newest ambulance. Purchased in 2009, this was a Medtec demonstrator that was built in 2002. It arrived with blue decals which was the design that Medtec had created so the unit would appeal to a traditional rescue squad. The blue was subsequently removed and replaced with red graphics. This explains why this ambulance design is different looking than the other North Chicago ambulances.

North Chicago Fire Department Ford Medtec Type III ambulance demonstrator

Prior to changing the graphics on this 2002 Medtec demonstrator that North Chicago purchased in 2009, it was in service for a short time with the blue graphics seen here. This photo was taken on-scene at a 2nd alarm fire response in Libertyville in July of 2009 shortly after the new ambulance was delivered. Larry Shapiro photo

North Chicago Fire Department Ford Medtec Type III ambulance

The ambulance with updated red graphics.

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Lake Villa is on the site

Lake Villa Fire Department patch

Another Lake County (Division 4) department has been added to the site. The Lake Villa Fire Department/Lake Villa Fire District/Lake Villa Rescue Squad is an interesting marriage of resources and organizations. Together, they currently occupy three fire stations in Lake Villa and Lindenhurst. The downtown station and most of the apparatus assigned there is owned by the Lake Villa Fire Department which is a private organization. They do their own fundraising in addition to being paid for contract services from the Lake Villa Fire District. The other two stations and the fire vehicles in them are owned by the Lake Villa Fire District. The ambulances in all three stations which are white and blue, are owned and staffed by the Lake Villa Rescue Squad.

Lake Villa Fire Department station

The Lake Villa Fire Department station which has been expanded three times since the original building was constructed. Photo by Hank Sajovic

The Lake Villa Fire Department station in downtown Lake Villa is an interesting building which has had three separate additions built over the years. The building now has eight bays. Each two bay addition has an engraved stone with the year of that particular addition.

Lake Villa Fire Department Engine 241 Pierce Arrow XT

All of the fire suppression equipment with the exception of a 1973 CF-Mack/Welch was made by Pierce. This includes four engines, a pumper/squad, a 105′ ladder, and two tankers of which all but one are on Dash chassis. The newest piece is a 2009, Arrow XT engine at station 1.

Lake Villa Rescue Squad Ford Osage Type III ambulance

The rescue squad currently has five Ford/Osage Type III ambulances which are painted in the traditional rescue squad color scheme of blue and white. As mentioned in a previous post HERE, there are two new ambulances on order and they will be red, and lettered for the Lake Villa Fire District as are the current units.

Lake Villa Fire District Mack CF Pierce engine

Lake Villa Mack CF Pierce engine

The Mack/Pierce engine shortly after it was purchased. It was Engine 2420 at the time, was purchased by the FIre Department and did not have the Wil-Burt Nightscan mounted on the roof. Lake Villa had been a Mack customer for many years. When Mack stopped building fire trucks, many of its customers continued to buy the CF chassis with other companies completing the unit. Lake Villa's transition to Pierce began with this unit. By the time they were ready to purchase their next vehicle, Mack was no longer offering the CF chassis. Photo by Larry Shapiro

Annandale, NJ Mack CF engine

This engine from Annandale, NJ is an example of a four-door fabricated by Mack. The rear doors are recessed, flat, and cover the step. The engine was originally built in 1981 and was updated and refurbished in 1996 by The Swab Wagon Company. Larry Shapiro photo

There are three rather uniquely interesting units on the roster in Lake Villa. One is a 1933 Pirsch antique that’s in great shape. The other two units are a throw back to a time when all of the Lake Villa engines were built by Mack on CF chassis. They have a 1973 CF-Mack that was refurbished with a new body complete with high-side compartments by Welch, and the other is a 1989/1990 CF-Mack/Pierce combination. One trait which makes this unit especially nice is the four-door conversion which was fabricated by Pierce. When Mack enclosed the CF cab with four doors, the rear doors were flat, straight, and set in from the contour of the body by several inches. Pierce fabricated the enclosure using a set of front doors for the rear of the cab which kept the same contours and body lines of the cab from the front to the rear.

Lake Villa Fire Department 1933 Pirsch antique

Lake Villa Fire Department 1968 Mack CF engine

This is one of the CF Mack engines that preceded the Pierce units in Lake Villa. Engine 621 as shown here was built in 1969 and carried 750 gallons of water with a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

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Troy FPD is added to Division 15

Another fire department has been added to the site thanks to the diligence of Karl Klotz … although we’re still awaiting images of the stations. Nonetheless, the Troy Fire Protection District is now on the site showing apparatus from both stations. Troy recently opened a new headquarters station and began ordering apparatus in a new color scheme. As recently as their 2008 IHC/Medtec ambulance and 2008 Kenworth/Pierce Contender tanker, all of their apparatus was lime green, . They now have four units that are painted black over a very deep red. Two new Pierce Arrow XT engines are in service as well as a Ford/Medtec ambulance and a brush unit on a four-door Ford pickup.

Troy FPD Kenworth Pierce Contender tanker

Troy FPD IHC/Medtec ambulance

Troy FPD Pierce Arrow XT engine

Troy currently has two engines carrying number 2221. They have not as yet determined what the new designation will be for the older engine 2221.

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New Pierce in St. Charles

Another new Pierce has been delivered, this time into St. Charles.  Job #23187 is a 100′ rear mount aluminum aerial ladder on an Arrow XT chassis. Truck 101 has a 2,000-GPM pump and carries 500 gallons of water. This is the first Pierce into what has been an all Seagrave department for many years.

St. Charles Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT aerial

One of the first aluminum aerial ladders by Pierce in the Metropolitan Chicago area. Pierce photo

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New Pierce in Evanston

As reported earlier, Evanston has received their new Pierce Arrow XT engine for Station 23. This has a 1,500-GPM pump and a 500-gallon water tank.  It features an extended cab with a raised roof and non-painted roll-up compartment doors similar to Engine 21. The cab features short barrier style doors which is a first for Evanston. It carries Pierce job #23324. As pictured here, it does not yet appear to have been adorned with the Northwestern University Wildcat emblem as was speculated since the university provided funding for this unit.

Evanston Fire Department Pierce Arrow XT engine

Evanston's new Pierce Arrow XT for Engine 23. Pierce photo

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Roberts Park has been added to the site

Roberts Park Fire Protection District patchAnother department has been added to Division 21. Thanks to Bill Friedrich and Karl Klotz for images representing the Roberts Park Fire Protection District which serves Hickory Hills and Justice. They run out of two stations with 17 career personnel and 60 part-time personnel. Most of the fire suppression apparatus is Pierce with one engine built by Crimson. Of interest is Ladder 31, a 2008 Pierce Arrow XT 100′ rear mount aerial with no pump and no water tank. This is one of the units that has been featured as the apparatus on the TV show “Rescue Me.”

Roberts Park Fire Protection District Pierce Arrow XT ladder 'Rescue Me'

Although both stations are located in Justice, Station 32 on Archer Avenue used to house the Justice Fire Department.

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