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New ambulance for Gurnee

An article in the Trib Local for Gurnee describes the new 2011 IHC 4300/Wheeled Coach Type I ambulance for Gurnee. Funds for the new ambulance were donated by one of the Fire Protection Districts that contracts with the Gurnee Fire Department for service.

Thanks to the Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District, which works closely with the Gurnee department to cover 32 square miles of incorporated and unincorporated land from Waukegan to Route 45, the Gurnee department will replace an old ambulance with a brand new, high-tech one, said Chief Fred Friedl.

Warren-Waukegan FPD President Phillip DeRuntz will present keys to the new vehicle to the department at 10 a.m. on Friday as part of a ceremony at Gurnee Fire Station No. 2, 6581 Dada Drive.

The entire article along with a photo of the new unit can be seen HERE.

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for finding the article.

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Posen is added to the website

The Posen Fire Department has been added to the MABAS Division 22 listings. Posen runs with a Pierce engine and a Pierce quint, two ambulances, a squad and a utility. They also house the MABAS Division 22 Decon unit and a communications van for the division as well. There is a 1938 antique engine which we have not yet featured. Images on the website are from Dennis McGuire, Jr and Karl Klotz.

Posen Fire Department station

The Posen Fire Department station is located at 2440 Walter Zimney Drive. Karl Klotz photo

Posen Fire Department ambulance 2802

Posen Fire Department Pierce quint

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Gurnee ambulance

The Gurnee Fire Department in Division 4 (Lake County) has ordered a new ambulance. They are expecting delivery of a 2010, IHC 4300/Wheeled Coach, Type I unit in December. This will replace their Ambulance 1343 which is a 1998, IHC 4700 LoProfile, Road Rescue Type I unit.

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