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Palos FPD apparatus updates (more)

Images from Karl Klotz of the new truck and ambulance for the Palos FPD.

ambulance photo

Palos Ambulance 6302 is a 2013 Ford F450/Marque Type I. Karl Klotz photo

Pierce Velocity ladder truck

The new Truck 6304 is a 2014 Pierce Velocity 0/0 105′ rear mount. Karl Klotz photo

The truck was featured HERE.


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Palos FPD apparatus updates

This from Martin Nowak:

I stopped at the Palos Fire District Friday. Took pictures of their new Truck 6304 and Ambulance 6302. I also took pictures of their old A6302 which will become a dive unit. Thank you to the firefighters of Palos FD for allowing me to take pictures. Also, I sent my photo of the old Truck 6304. 

Truck 6304 – 2014 Pierce Velocity 105? Ladder Truck.
Ambulance 6302 – 2014 Ford F-450/Marque 
The truck is at Station 1, the ambulance is at Station 2.
E-ONE Hurricane aerial ladder truck

The previous truck for the Palos FPD. Martin Nowak photo

Pierce Velocity aerial ladder truck

Driver’s side of the new truck. Martin Nowak photo

Pierce Velocity aerial ladder truck

Martin Nowak photo

fire department door seal

Martin Nowak photo

Pierce Velocity aerial ladder truck

New Pierce Velocity truck for the Palos FPD. Martin Nowak photo

ambulance photo

New ambulance for Palos FPD. Martin Nowak photo

ambulance photo

Rear of the new ambulance. Martin Nowak photo

ambulance photo

This ambulance is being converted into a dive team unit. Martin Nowak photo

ambulance photo

The old and new ambulances. Martin Nowak photo


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New truck for Palos FPD

Drew Gresik found the new unit for Palos FPD Truck 6304 on the Pierce Flickr site:

Pierce Velocity aerial ladder truck

New truck for the Palos FPD. Pierce composite

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Schaumburg’s new Truck 52

Pierce 100' aluminum aerial ladder

2013 Pierce Velocity 100′ RM aluminum ladder for Schaumburg Truck 52. Tyler Tobolt photo

thanks Tyler


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Schaumburg’s new truck

Pierce has posted an image of the new truck for Schaumburg on their Flickr site

Schaumburg Fire Department new Pierce truck 52

Pierce Composite

thanks Ron, Josh, Martin, & Tyler

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New truck for Darien-Woodridge

Jim Skrabel from Darien-Woodridge forwarded this image from the Pierce plant of the new 105′ truck scheduled for delivery in early June.

Darien-Woodridge FPD Pierce Velocity Truck 619

The new "all red" 105' Velocity aerial for Darien-Woodridge. Photo by Darien-Woodridge FPD Lt. Rich Sanborn

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New quint 9Q1 in Berwyn

Gordon J. Nord, Jr. submitted images of the new and old Berwyn Quint 9Q1

Berwyn Fire Department Pierce Quint 901 9Q1

The new 2012 Pierce Velocity PUC with 1,500-GPM pump, 300-gallon water tank and 100' medium-duty ladder. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

Berwyn Fire Department Seagrave Quint 901 9Q1

Berwyn is replacing this 1997 Seagrave 100' quint on a single-axle chassis with a 1,750-GPM pump and 300 gallons of water. Gordon J. Nord, Jr. photo

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Rockford orders four rigs

The Rockford Fire Department currently runs several pieces of apparatus that are in need of replacement. Over the past four years, they have disposed of three 1976 Pirsch quints. They still have a fourth 1976 Pirsch quint and a 1976 Seagrave 100′ TDA in reserve. They recently placed an order with Pierce for four new units. Three Velocity 105′ quints with steel ladders and a Saber engine have been  ordered. Two of the quints were being built as stock units and will be delivered within 90 days. The 3rd quint and the Saber are being built specifically for Rockford and are expected within 6-8 months.

The Saber engine will have a 2,000-GPM pump, 500 gallons of water and 30 gallons of foam. The quints will have 2,000-GPM pumps and 500-gallon water tanks. All units will be white over red. Rockford will be putting three units up for auction when the new units are in service. These include a 1976 Pirsch quint, a 1995 Pierce 105′ quint, and a 1991 E-ONE Hush pumper that formerly belonged to Naperville.

Andy Hilk found this article detailing the city council agreeing to the apparatus replacement.

A vote in Rockford City Council ensures the fire department will get four new vehicles by the end of the year.

Alderman voted 12-1 in favor of the plan and the fire department expects it will have some of the equipment in the next 30 days.  Older vehicles will be replaced. The department will get 3 new quints, which are engines with ladders and one standard engine.

All total, the four vehicles have an estimated cost of $3.2 million.  The city will lease them for 7 years at a rate of $350,000 per year. Rockford will continue to lease new vehicles for other departments. It’s part of a long term plan aimed at upgrading the city’s fleet in a cost effective way.


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New area orders from Pierce

Bill Friedrich informs us of the following units that are currently on order from Pierce for area departments.

  • Geneva FD – engine on an Impel chassis
  • Beecher FPD  – engine on an Arrow XT chassis
  • Arlington Heights FD – engine on a Quantum chassis
  • Channahon FPD – engine on a Quantum chassis
  • Norwood Park FPD – engine on an Impel chassis
  • Pleasantview FPD – 100′ aerial on a Velocity chassis
  • Schaumburg FD – engine on an Impel chassis
  • Schaumburg FD – 100′ aerial ladder on a Velocity chassis

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