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New squad for Palos Fire Protection District

This from Kevin Griffin:

Palos Squad 9 – 2023 Transit-350.
Photos and work by Element Graphics and Design, Inc.

Photos by Element Graphics and Design, Inc.; #PalosFPD; #FireTruck;

Photos by Element Graphics and Design, Inc.

Photos by Element Graphics and Design, Inc.

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Palos Fire Protection District news

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr:

Palos FPD donated a 1998 E-One to Project Fire Buddies.; #PalosFPD; #ProjectFireBuddies;

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New home for Palos FPD ambulance

Excerpts from the

Chris Faltin’s new vehicle comes with all the bells and whistles. It also has an outdoor emergency lighting system. And with all the space inside, it’s well suited for its next incarnation and at least one trip to Soldier Field, where he plans to use it for tailgating at this Sunday’s Bears game.

He purchased the 2005 International 4300 Road Rescue ambulance for his towing company, paying $10,000 for it after the Palos Fire Protection District posted it at an online site for government surplus items. Officials with the auction company have noticed a spike in people purchasing old ambulances, for both work and pleasure.

His towing company plans to gut it out and then use it to help heavy duty vehicles such as trucks broken down on the road. The fire department removed all of their logos, but the emergency lights remain.

His company has 11 vans for various emergencies, along with six tow trucks. This month’s purchase is the first ambulance.

Ambulances are becoming popular purchases on the auction site, but police cars are the most popular vehicles.

The pandemic as well as the high cost of RVs has made ambulances a more appealing option for those wanting to explore the U.S.

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New engine for Palos Fire Protection

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce Palos Fire Protection District, IL 33305

Palos FPD Engine 6333

Pierce composite

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New engine for Palos Fire Protection

From Fire Apparatus Magazine:

The Palos Fire Protection District has ordered a Pierce Enforcer PUC 1500/500 pumper. Delivery in June.

thanks Ron

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Palos Fire Protection District history

This from Mike Summa:

The backbone of many fire departments in the 1950’s.  Palos Fire Dist. Tanker 6316, a 1955 Mack B85/Bean 750-1000.  Enjoy and comment.
Mike Summa
1955 Mack B85/Bean fire engine

Palos Fire Dist. Tanker 6316 – 1955 Mack B85/Bean 750/1000. Mike Summa photo

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New ambulance for Palos FPD

This from the Foster Coach Facebook page:

Brand new Horton on a Ford F550 chassis

Palos FPD ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

Palos FPD ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

chevron striping on rear of ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance interior

Foster Coach Sales photo

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New engine for Palos FPD

This from Josh Boyajian:

I had an opportunity to shoot Palos’ new engine. It’s a 2015 Pierce Saber, with a 1,500-GPM pump,  750-gallon water tank, and carries Pierce Job #28519.
Josh Boyajian
New fire engine for the Palos FPD

Palos Engine 6303 – 2015 Pierce Saber, 1500/750 so 28519. Josh Boyajian photo

Palos FPD decal

Josh Boyajian photo

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New engine for the Palos FPD

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a shot of Palos’ new engine @ Global. It’s on a new Saber chassis.


New Pierce Saber engine for the Palos FPD

New Pierce Saber engine for the Palos FPD. Josh Boyajian photo

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Jail for theft from Palos Fire Protection District

Excerpts from the about the culmination of events that began in December 2013:

An Oak Forest woman on Monday described as a “terrible mistake” stealing $352,000 from the Palos Heights Fire Protection District, where she worked as a part-time bookkeeper.

Michelle Sopko, 46, pleaded guilty to the embezzlement scheme and was sentenced to eight years in prison under a plea agreement accepted by a Cook County judge. After she pleaded to one count of theft of government property valued at more than $100,000, Sopko was immediately taken into custody, waving goodbye to family members in the courtroom before being escorted out.

Prosecutors said Sopko stole money from the fire district via 177 separate transactions over a 30-month period from 2009 through 2012 — paying herself overtime that she didn’t accrue and wasn’t eligible to receive.  She worked for the Palos Heights Fire District for four years before being fired in December 2012 after the fire chief discovered that she had signed the district treasurer’s name on a check without the treasurer’s knowledge or consent.

Assistant State’s Attorney Mike O’Malley said Sopko also created two “ghost” employees, including one who was a former fire district employee, and diverted their salaries to her bank account, with the money going for food, clothing, mortgage payments, home repairs and travel. He said the thefts began in May 2009, shortly after Sopko persuaded the district’s former chief to allow her to handle the district payroll. As soon as she took on those duties, “she began stealing,” he said.

O’Malley said that while the Sopkos’ combined income stayed “stagnant” at about $100,000 a year, a review of their bank records and credit card statements showed that their spending soared after the embezzlement began. Spending that was just under $90,000 in 2009, the year Michelle began working for the fire district, jumped to $177,000 in 2010, $187,000 in 2011 and $211,000 in 2012, he said.

Money went toward everyday items including groceries, clothing and mortgage payments but also allowed the family to “travel wherever and whenever they wanted,” O’Malley said, citing trips to Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

O’Malley said that because of the embezzlement, the Palos Heights district is facing penalties and fines levied by the IRS and had to take a loan to buy a piece of firefighting equipment rather than use available cash.

The couple was arrested in December 2013, but Michelle Sopko had previously insisted her husband wasn’t involved in the scheme. He was a deputy fire chief in Oak Forest and was later stripped of those duties, but he still holds the rank of lieutenant in the department. He is also on the park district board in that city.

The district last month sued Sopko in an effort to recoup the stolen money. In an email, Conway said Sopko has admitted to the allegations in that lawsuit, and the district is accepting the partial payment “in light of Ms. Sopko’s admission to the district that she no longer possesses the stolen funds and in light of her representation that she does not have the financial resources to make an entire repayment.”

The sentence didn’t require that Sopko make the fire district whole for the theft, but O’Malley said Sopko’s family members, including her mother, have offered restitution in the amount of $120,000. Sean Conway, an attorney for the Palos Heights district, said it expects to receive a payment of $60,000 this week and subsequent annual payments of $15,000 for the next four years.

Sopko was motivated “by greed” and engineered a “systematic and calculated theft,” O’Malley said, adding that “she has earned every day she is going to spend” in prison.

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