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New mobile command post for Rockford (more)

Rockford has traded in their former mobile command post which is being offered for sale

From the LDV website:

This used mobile command center features a Freightliner MT-55 with 40′ overall length walk in van body as the platform. Full specifications are available upon request.

  • 5.9L turbo charged 210HP Cummins diesel engine
  • Allison HD 4-speed automatic transmission
  • (4) Havis Shield 500w quick raise lights
  • 20′ telescoping mast and camera system
  • Large exterior storage compartments
  • (2) Coleman 15,000BTU roof mounted a/c unit
  • Propane furnace with newer propane tank
  • Winegrad satellite system
  • Ample interior storage with freshly painted oak cabinets
  • Full galley area including microwave, coffee maker, sink and refrigerator (new in 2017)
  • Bench seating and large table in command area
  • LDV tv/monitors in work and command areas
  • Onboard weather station
  • Interior night lighting
  • Type Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Year 2000
  • Make LDV
  • Model Step van
  • Mileage 16500
  • Size/length 40 ft
  • Heat No
  • A/C No
  • Location Rockford, IL
  • • Freightliner MT-55
  • • 30′ walk in style van body
  • • 250″ wheel base
  • • Hydraulic brake system
  • • Kohler 15W liquid-cooled diesel generator with 2500 hours
  • • 22′ retractable awnings
  • • Heavy duty leveling system
Rockford Police Department mobile command post for sale

Rockford Police Department mobile command post for sale

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New mobile command post for Rockford

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The Rockford City Council on Tuesday approved the purchase of a $374,500 mobile command vehicle that will be shared by the fire and police departments.

A large trailer, it will serve as a training and incident command post for the fire department when responding to large-scale emergencies or for training exercises. Police could use it during critical incidents or SWAT team deployments. It could be a shared command space in cases of a natural disaster or mass casualty incident, Rockford Fire Division Chief Matthew Knott said.

The vehicle is being bought from Lynch Diversified Vehicles of Burlington, Wisconsin. Funding is coming from a $250,000 Assistance to Firefighters grant, $25,000 from the fire department operations budget, and $100,000 from the police operating budget.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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Four months ago, 17 men and women became recruits for the Rockford Fire Department. Friday, 16 of them graduated. 

Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten says this class brings the fire department back to full staff. The 16 firefighters were selected from more than 600 applicants.

Included in the class is Natalie Adasiewicz who is one of fewer than ten women in the department and the sixth generation of firefighters in her family.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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Residents of the Buckingham Square Apartments were evacuated Wednesday as heavy smoke poured from the two-story building in the 4100 block of Florida Drive in Rockford.

Shortly before 1 p.m., a resident of the apartment complex went outside and flagged down a Rockford Fire Department vehicle that was headed to another call from Station No. 11, which is next door to the apartment building.

Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten said the apartments are separated by fire walls.  The cause of the fire as well as a damage estimate have yet to be determined.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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The Rockford Fire Department saved Christmas for one family after their home was nearly destroyed by a fire two weeks ago

The Rivas are just one of several families being adopted by the Rockford Fire Department this year.  While firefighters typically deliver gifts to the family’s home, they made a special exception for the Rivas, bringing them to the station for a visit with Santa. 

“We’re out all year long putting out all the fires we see all the devastation it causes families and we would just like to help out when we can other than just showing up and putting the fire out,” said Rockford Firefighter/Paramedic Chad Moe. 

RFD delivered presents to 11 other families throughout the Rockford area.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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Every day, paramedics in Rockford are seeing drug overdoses and they believe the problem is getting worse.

“Sometimes you get five or six in a day, “said Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Unger.

“If we go a shift without having one then we’re pretty lucky,” said Firefighter/Paramedic A.J. Dilonardo.

Getting called for an overdose every day isn’t out of the norm for Rockford firefighters. They are responding to overdose calls more than ever before.

In 2010, they had 181 overdose calls. It saw peaks and valleys the next few years; 241 overdose calls in 2012, 181 in 2015. But so far 2017 has overshadowed them all with 254 overdose calls just through October.

“Not always does it get called out as an overdose, sometimes it gets called out as an unconscious person, unresponsive,” said Dilonardo,

Rockford’s ambulances are stocked with Narcan. Paramedics say they sometimes have to give people two, three even four doses of it to save someone from their overdose. And it’s not just heroin they’re seeing people overdose on.

“St. Anthony has been giving us a lot of training in how to recognize not just heroin overdose but fentanyl, and even now tranquilizers. Stuff that’s used for large animals that people are getting their hands on, ” said Lt. Trevor Hogan

There’s another dangerous and powerful opioid paramedics are preparing to see hit our streets. One that could spike our overdose numbers even more. It’s called .

“There hasn’t been any cases around here. There’s certain areas in the country this has been occurring but it’s the next step we could be seeing,” said Hogan.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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The Rockford Fire Department says Station 1 is just one of several that has been around for decades. 

“Some of the buildings are from the ’20s and goes through the ’50s and ’60s,” Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten says.  

From old air conditioning systems to a leaking roof and a water system that seems to back up, the department says it’s time for some of these facilities to get a face lift.  One of the key improvements it wants to make is revamping it’s layout to make sure the station is all on one level.

But, the City of Rockford says it’s facing a $10.2 million shortfall without any capitol improvements like the fire department needs. However, Mayor Tom McNamara says updating some Rockford Fire stations isn’t off the table.  A proposal with capitol improvements would cost the city an extra $2 million next year alone. 

At the end of the day, RFD says it’s all about providing their crews a suitable environment to work in. 

The city has until March 31 to approve a budget.  

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Evanston Fire Department news

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The Evanston Fire Department announced at a Tuesday meeting that it is considering the implementation of mobile healthcare as part of its community outreach program.

In its first ever community meeting, the fire department sought input from Evanston residents for a review of their 2014 strategic plan, which remains in effect until 2020. Division Chief Paul Polep said though EFD primarily interacts with community members at their worst moments, the department is trying to expand its outreach.

But four police department officials were greeted Tuesday night by an empty room at the Levy Senior Center.

In a discussion of their strategic plan, Fire Chief Brian Scott said the department was considering investing in a cutting edge mobile integrated healthcare program to Evanston.

The mobile healthcare program would allow residents to be treated in their own home instead of at the hospital. Under the new model, a nurse practitioner or physician assistant capable of making diagnoses and writing prescriptions would be sent to the patient’s home.

“It’s a better way to better serve the community,” Scott said. “It’s a better way to address people who have chronic health issues because sometimes 911 is all they have.”

This program could also be used by residents who suffer from serious illnesses like diabetes.

The mobile physician assistants and nurse practitioners would be provided by Presence Saint Francis Hospital and NorthShore University HealthSystem.

Scott said he looked to the Rockford Fire Department for inspiration after it implemented the program in 2014 through a partnership with SwedishAmerican. The fire department saw a 54 percent decrease in emergency department visits, a 38 percent drop in ambulance runs and a 28 percent reduction in hospital admissions by patients enrolled in the program.

The department’s goals extend beyond the mobile healthcare program. Scott said he also foresees the potential use of drones in future operations.

Scott, himself a recreational drone owner, said the drones could be used for extended operations including lakefront rescues and surveillance of buildings damaged by large disasters.

There will be two more community meetings on Nov. 4 and Nov. 15 where residents will have the opportunity to provide feedback regarding the strategic plan, Scott said. There is also an online survey where residents can express their expectations for the department.

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New ambulances for Rockford

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

Congratulations and Thank You to Chief Derek Bergsten and the Rockford Fire Department. Rockford took delivery of 4 new Wheeled Coach / F450 4×4 Type 1 ambulances on 9/14/17. These state of the art medics have custom exterior and interior compartmentation, hoseline temperature controlled medication drawers, Knox Vault Medication security system, liquid spring suspension and the patented CoolBar HVAC system. All of this customization, and a delivery date under 3 months from order confirmation. Were thrilled to have Rockford Fire as part of the Fire Service, Inc. family!

4 new Rockford FD ambulances

Fire Service Inc. photo

4 new Rockford FD ambulances

Fire Service Inc. photo

4 new Rockford FD ambulances

Fire Service Inc. photo

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Rockford Fire Department news

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A Rockford firefighter was injured, but not seriously, when he fell through a floor while battling a structure fire last week.

The firefighter, whose name was not released, was taken to the hospital where he was treated for injuries to his ribs and shoulder and released.

“No broken bones, just banged and bruised up,” Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten said. “He’s at home with his family.”

The Rockford Fire Department was called to 1223 15th Avenue just after 4:30 a.m. for a fire at a vacant two-family building. Firefighters found flames coming from the back of the building when they arrived and knocked down the main body of the fire within minutes.

The firefighter fell while trying to advance into the interior to get to the hot spots. He was heading up to the second floor when he fell through to the first, Bergsten said. Bergsten said it’s been about five years since the last firefighter injury of this nature.