Tinley Park Fire Department news

Excerpts from the ChicagoTribune.com:

James M. Patton, 69, a former firefighter and assistant fire chief in Tinley Park, was killed when his plane crashed into a field Saturday at the Chicago Glider Club in Minooka, according to Will County Sheriff Deputy Chief Tom Budde.

Witnesses at the club, told investigators they saw one of the wings of Patton’s plane dip after the glider detached from the tow plane. The glider then stalled and nose-dived into the field shortly after.

Patton’s wife Gwen, said her husband has held a pilot’s license for his Cessna plane for at least 25 years. He began flying the glider plane about 10 years ago.

He was a 25-year veteran of the Tinley Park Fire Department. He started out as a firefighter in 1967 and rose through the ranks to eventually be named assistant fire chief in 1976. He held that post until he retired in 1992.

He was involved in setting up MABAS. He also played a key role in helping computerize the fire department, Deputy Fire Chief Steve Klotz said.

Patton is survived by Gwen, his wife of 48 years; two daughters, Lisa (John) Ouradnik and Chris, and two granddaughters, Molly and Carter.

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Tinley Park Fire Department news

Excerpts from the ChicagoTribune.com:

Tinley Park has hired an executive search firm to find a replacement for former Fire Chief Ken Dunn, who retired at the end of June.

Trustees approved paying a firm $20,500 to conduct the search, which will include candidates from both within and outside the fire department.

Giving what is almost a guarantee to the village, the company said that if the chief selected as a result of the firm’s search were to leave the village for whatever reason during the first two years of his or her employment, the company would conduct a new search for the village and not charge a fee for the work, other than seeking reimbursement for expenses.

Mayor Dave Seaman said the village does not have a real set time frame for selecting a chief, and that speed isn’t a factor, so much as getting the right person in there. He expects the company would ultimately identify perhaps three or four top candidates for village officials to consider.

Daniel Riordan, the department’s deputy chief of fire prevention, was named interim fire chief last month, and although his term runs through the end of September, it could be extended by the village board if needed.

Tinley Park Fire Department news

Excerpts from the ChicagoTribune.com:

Tinley Park trustees have approved naming Daniel Riordan interim fire chief once Chief Ken Dunn retires at the end of this month.

Riordan, 58, is deputy chief of fire prevention with the department, where he has served for 35 years. His term as interim chief begins July 1 and runs through Sept. 30.

Dunn, who has been the department’s chief since 1996, announced his retirement in March.

The department was founded in 1901 and currently has 121 part-time firefighters, with the department operating four stations and a fire training tower next to the village’s police station, according to the village’s website.

During the interim period, the village plans to use a search firm to find a replacement for Dunn, although a firm has not yet been hired. The search will consider candidates from within as well as outside the department.

Riordan, who is senior inspector in the department’s fire prevention bureau, said he had not yet decided whether to apply for the position.

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