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Arlington Heights Department news

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Fire Chief Lance Harris is proud to announce that the Arlington Heights Fire Department was again approved as an ISO CLASS 1 organization, following a thorough evaluation by the Public Protection Classification Insurance Services Office. Additionally, the Arlington Heights Fire Department received one of the highest scores recorded at 97.21.  This is the fire departments second consecutive evaluation receiving this honor.

ISO ratings are designed to score a fire department’s ability to protect their community, with ISO CLASS 1 ranked as the highest possible class. Currently, out of approximately 40,000 fire departments nationwide, there are just over 400 departments to hold an ISO CLASS 1 rating, with only 29 in Illinois. 

Key factors that contributed to the fire department improving its CLASS 1 rating score were improved record keeping, training, the fire department’s Community Risk Reduction Program, the accredited dispatch agency Northwest Central Dispatch, and the village’s water distribution system in combination with maintenance and testing of the villages fire hydrants.  

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Arlington Heights Fire Department news

From the Village of Arlington Heights:

Village Manager Randall Recklaus has announced that Lance Harris has been named the new chief of the Arlington Heights Fire Department. Harris has served as fire chief for the Village of West Dundee, and the deputy chief of fire for the Elk Grove Fire Department, where he worked for 25 years in various roles. Harris is a long-time resident of Arlington Heights and will begin his role effective June 27, 2022.

Lance Harris earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Lewis University and his Chief Fire Officer Certifications from the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshall and the Center for Public Safety Excellence. Chief Harris is a member of the Illinois Fire Chiefs Association and the Metro Fire Chiefs Association.

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Working fire in Arlington Heights, 1-16-22

From Larry Shapiro:

A few scene photos from a fire at 2619 N. Ridge Road in Arlington Heights Sunday night (1/16/22). It came in as fire in a bathroom and the first engine reported fire visible from the roof. Units on scene were from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, and Palatine.

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Larry Shapiro

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Apartment fire in Arlington Heights, 1-7-22 (more)

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The 80-year-old Paul C. Strusiner who authorities say started a Jan. 7 fire that damaged several units in an Arlington Heights apartment complex was charged with aggravated arson and ordered held on $75,000 bail Tuesday. Police say he is being treated at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights for medical reasons unrelated to the fire.

The fire broke out at 12:22 a.m. Friday. Police officers and firefighters arrived to find flames coming from a first-floor unit which had a car parked in front of it. Later, officers noticed the car circling the parking lot and they approached the car, which was being driven by the defendant, and noted the front seat appeared to be melted.

The defendant told authorities he started the fire by lighting a piece of paper and leaving it on a table, prosecutors said, adding that the statements he gave police amounted to nonsensical ramblings.

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Apartment fire in Arlington Heights, 1-7-22

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A fire broke out in an Arlington Heights apartment building located at 400 West Rand Road just after midnight. Officials believe the fire started on the first floor and spread to the second floor. A total of 96 apartments were evacuated.

The Arlington Heights Police Department arrested an 80-year-old man who lived in the apartment where the fire started. Police said the man was taken into custody after making statements about the fire to police. Detectives were reviewing evidence with Cook County prosecutors, but no charges have yet been filed.

Police said, while most of the families who live in the building were allowed to return to their homes, about a third of the apartments remained uninhabitable. Police said they all are believed to have temporary housing arrangements, but the Red Crosss is providing support services.

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Fatal fire in Arlington Heights, 2-4-21 (more)

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The Arlington Heights Fire Department responded at about 8:16 a.m. to the 1900-block of North Spruce Terrace after a report of a house fire. Firefighteres entered the home and found a 75-year-old man and his 72-year-old wife. They were transported to Northwest Community Hospital and both died shortly after arriving.

The fire was brought under control by 8:44 a.m. with help from neighboring fire departments.

The fire originated in the kitchen based on preliminary evidence. The state fire marshal is involved with the investigation to determine the cause.

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An elderly couple died in a fatal house fire Thursday morning in Arlington Heights, the third deadly blaze in the northwest suburbs in recent weeks. Authorities identified the husband and wife as Lewis Smith, 75, and Joan Smith, 72, of the 1900 block Spruce Terrace.

They were found unresponsive in their home shortly after 8 a.m. and were transported to Northwest Community Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Firefighters arriving at the scene found flames coming from the roof and the windows blown out. Once inside the house, firefighters found the husband unconscious, near the top of the staircase, with his wife unconscious in a second floor bedroom. The couple was unresponsive and were unable to be revived at the scene.

A preliminary investigation found the fire likely started in the kitchen, and there were working smoke detectors in the home.


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Fatal fire in Arlington Heights, 2-4-21

Firefighters from Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and Mount Prospect were dispatched to 1929 N Spruce Terrace in Arlington Heights around 8:20AM on Thursday (2/4/21) for a reported house fire. While en route, companies were advised that two residents might be inside and that neighbors reported hoarder conditions within the home. 

Flames were confirmed on arrival by Engine 2 who took a hydrant down the street followed by Palatine Engine 83 who setup in front of the house. The fire was in the rear of the house. Firefighters entered the house to search for the residents and found two adults. Both victims received medical attention before being loaded into ambulances. 

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes and companies then chased hot spots and smoldering fire found throughout the cluttered contents.

It was reported that neither of the occupants pulled from the house survived.

winter house fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo


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House fire in Arlington Heights, 1-22-21

Arlington Heights police and firefighters were sent to 302 Ivy Lane close to 9PM Friday night (1/22/21) for a reported house fire. Engine 4 was the first to arrive and reported fire through the roof, a second floor window, and siding. They advanced a line into the house as other companies arrived. Arlington Heights Engine2, normally the second engine for this district, was initially on another assignment and Palatine Engine 83 arrived in their place and took a hydrant across the street. Buffalo Grove Tower 25 is the first truck to this area and setup in front of the address. Three lines were deployed to fight the fire which was extinguished in under 10 minutes.

smoke at house fire

Larry Shapiro photo

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Working fire in Arlington Heights, 12-6-20

Arlington Heights firefighters were sent to the Christian Church of Arlington Heights at 333 W Thomas Street Sunday afternoon for an activated fire alarm. Companies arrived to find heavy fire inside the building and the alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 working fire. The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes. Smoke was visible from separate areas of the building and companies had trouble pulling interior ceiling that were wood so Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights firefighters were sent to the roof to ventilate. 

Arlington Heights units were assisted by firefighters from Buffalo Grove, Mount Prospect, Palatine, and Rolling Meadows plus a Prospect Heights battalion chief.

Pierce Quantum fire engine at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo


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Working fire in Arlington Heights, 11-28-20

Arlington Heights firefighters were called to 115 S. Wilshire Lane on Saturday evening (11/28/20) for a reported fire. Arriving police and fire units encountered smoke in the residence and discovered a fire in the rear. The alarm was upgraded to a Code 4 for the working fire which brought additional units from Arlington Heights as well as mutual aid companies from Prospect Heights, Buffalo Grove, and Palatine. Firefighters made quick work of extinguishing the flames and the additional personnel were not put to work and released before long.

house fire scene in Arlington Heights

Larry Shapiro photo


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