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CFD fire house new construction update

The following information comes from Bill Post regarding new fire houses in Chicago.

While most Chicago Fire Fans out there already know that the City of Chicago will be building a new Fire Station for Engine 109 ,Truck 32 , Ambulance 34 and Battalion 14 at 2343 S Kedzie within the next year or so, as it is the last of 9 new fire stations and one new Heliport that was part of Chicago’s “Neighborhoods Alive” building program that was proposed in the year 2000 and started with the building of Engine 63, Truck 16’s, Ambulance 89’s and EMS field officer 458’s new station which officially opened in late 2003/early 2004 , a tenth new fire station is now being proposed by the City at 3901 N S Wabash for Engine 16 and Ambulance 35.
It’s official and the Public Building Commission was supposed to have held a meeting in the “Grand Boulevard”
neighborhood in March to discuss the proposal. While I don’t know if funding has been approved for the project yet, once funding is approved it should take a total of about 30 months to have it built which includes about 9 months to complete the design, 6 months to prepare the site and another 15 months to complete the construction. So assuming that funding is secured and the project is on schedule ( which is not always the case) the station probably won’t be opened before sometime during 2013 (if we are lucky).
The proposed site is a vacant lot. That’s about all the information I have so far.
Bill Post

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CFD gives engine to Dixmoor

The Chicago Fire Department gave a retired engine to The Dixmoor Fire Department in Division 22. The 1992 Spartan/Luverne 1500/500 was assigned to Engine 30 before going into the pool of spare engines.

Dixmoor IL engine 43 formerly Chicago Engine 30

Engine 43 in Dixmoor was formerly Engine 30 in Chicago. It is a 1992 Spartan/Luverne 1500/500. Photo by Karl Klotz

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