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Lansing is added to Division 24

The Lansing Fire Department with three stations in Division 24 has been added to the site thanks to Karl Klotz. Lansing has stations 2,3, and 4. They no longer actively use their station 1 which is currently being utilized for storage. Lansing recently took delivery of a Pierce 100′ aerial platform (PAP) on a Velocity chassis which was previously mentioned HERE. Their fleet is a mixture of apparatus from Pierce, 3D, KME, Osage, Horton and a large squad built on a KME chassis that is painted white and black.

Lansing FD Pierce Velocity tower ladder

Photo by Karl Klotz

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Glenwood is added to Division 24

Karl Klotz has been busy photographing departments in Division 24.  Thanks to Karl, The Glenwood Fire Department has been added to the site. Glenwood has two stations which include a pair of the first HME Ahrens Fox apparatus to have been sold in Illinois back in 2004.

Glenwood Fire Department HME Ahrens Fox quint

Photo by Karl Klotz

Glenwood FD HME Ahrens Fox warehouse fire

Photo by Larry Shapiro

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