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Chicago apparatus on-scene

Steve Redick submitted several images from a 2-11 alarm fire on the 13th of October. His summary is:

1340 E 72nd St last night…traffic was horrendous so there was nothing for me by the time I arrived. The fire involved a large ornate vacant rectory, with what I think was a gable roof. The fire bldg was attached by a walkway on the first floor to the body of a very large traditional style church. It appeared to me that the fire was all top floor and attic so exposure risk was pretty minimal. In my shots of the rear you can see the debris pile from what I assume was the collapsed gable roof. Lots of spares at this job….

Chicago Fire Department Spartan Luverne pumper

This 2002 Spartan/Luverne engine is currently part of the spare apparatus. It is shop #D598 and was previously assigned to Engine 82 at 817 E. 91st Street. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 126

Engine 126 from 7913 S. Kingston is running with a 2001 Spartan/Luverne, shop #D583. This 2001 model is almost indistinguishable from the engines delivered in 2002. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 122 2009 Spartan Crimson engine

Engine 122 has one of the 2009 raised roof Spartan/Crimson pumpers, shop #D650. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department engine 72 Spartan Crimson

Engine 72 has a 2006 raised roof Spartan Crimson engine bearing shop #D633. This is virtually identical in design to the 2009 unit assigned to Engine 122. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department E-ONE tower ladder

Tower 34 was using this spare 1988 E-ONE Hurricane 95' tower ladder with shop #E265 that was previously assigned to them. Steve Redick photo

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Submit your photos

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see photos of rigs on-scene or in action? We think it would. So, we thought we’d offer an opportunity … a challenge … an outlet … to share some images with others. Nothing fancy, just nice shots that showcase your department or your work. They can be current events or older shots. Images sent in will not be redistributed or shared elsewhere (with the exception of how people use or share these posts). We’re not looking for large files. Just consider sending us what you find interesting and feel that others will like to see as well.

This is just something we thought we’d try, and if it works and people submit images, well then that’s great. If not, .. well we can say that we tried! Depending on how many images come in, we might do a shot of the week, month or …. dare I say it …  a shot of the day!

Images are always more interesting with a brief caption, so send a little bit (or a lot) of information along with the image. Please only send in your own photo, not one taken by someone else. We don’t want to upset anyone or infringe on their ownership.

Here’s a great example from Steve Redick.

Chicago Fire Department engine 95

Back porches on a vacant. Engine 95 had a nice shot to the rear as you can see in the photo. The smoke condition drifted across the expressway creating a jam up for a few minutes. Photo by Steve Redick

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Joliet Fire Department Patch

We recently received a Joliet Fire Department patch to update the JFD pages on the site. Along with the patch came an introduction/description of the patch and it’s design. Much thought and energy went into the design of this patch as described below.

Joliet Fire Department patch

The Joliet Fire Department Patch

The design of the patch creates a visual image which signifies an organization that is well trained and capable of responding to and controlling the emergencies which daily threaten the citizens of, and visitors to the City of Joliet. This patch stands alone, is unique to the JFD, and represents the values of the JFD.

The Joliet Fire Department (JFD) shoulder patch was designed by the Uniform Committee and was implemented as the official patch in April of 1997.

The Joliet in gold at the top denotes the new Joliet. The center of the patch denotes the emblem that is on all of the JFD equipment. The number 1852 in the red area is the year that the city was chartered and the year that the fire department was officially recognized to protect the city.

The area surrounding the inner design denotes the services provided by the JFD;

  • Fire – fire fighting, fire prevention, fire and arson investigation, public education, juvenile fire setting counseling, and the hazardous materials response team.
  • Rescue – includes confined space, below grade, high angle, building collapse, water rescue, and specialized rescue involving farm equipment.
  • Medics – the JFD is an Advanced Life Support provider with paramedics on ALS ambulances and engines. All other equipment is staffed by EMT-B’s or IDOT trained first responders.

The red, white, and blue overall color scheme represents our nation’s flag.

The red flame is associated with an emergency needing immediate attention while the blue area creates an image of confidence and self control.

Finally, the shape of the patch is made to resemble the shield worn on the firefighter’s helmet.

All ten Joliet stations were posted to the site several weeks ago, and it was brought to our attention that many rigs were missing and some were not shown in the proper stations. All 10 stations have now been updated with the help of Deputy Chief Randich and although there are still several missing images, we hope that we are substantially more accurate and up-to-date with the current state of the JFD fleet and stations. Thanks to Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic for providing additional images.

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New must-have book on the CFD

Many in the Chicago area know or know of Steve Redick, a Senior Fire Alarm Operator with the Chicago Fire Department (CFD) and a contributor to this website. Steve’s father Warren Redick, retired some years ago after a distinguished career with the CFD. Warren was an avid photographer who loved the fire service. Beginning in the 1950’s, he was way ahead of his time when he began shooting Kodachrome slides at a time when most other photographers were shooting in black and white. He had a keen eye for composition and his exposures were always spot on, which resulted in a collection of dramatic and beautiful images of the CFD apparatus both posed and in action.

Steve describes the book as:

An historical photo retrospective of the Chicago Fire Department. The book features several hundred brilliantly restored Kodachrome images of the men, apparatus and fires from the 1950s and 1960s. Also included is historical data, including dates, locations, equipment information, as well as a wealth of interesting facts and anecdotes. This is a must see book of seldom seen photos of a bygone era in Chicago firefighting.

Warren Redick Steve Redick CFD Historical Book

Here is a link to a preview of the book, and ordering information as well.

Pricing is as follows:
Softcover                       46.95
Hardcover                      59.95
 Image Wrap                   62.95
shipping is additional, but Steve is ordering a case of books which he will sign for buyers in addition to providing a large savings on the cost of direct shipping from the publisher.

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Chicago apparatus updates

Several Chicago rig photos have been updated, some with new units and others to present a nicer photo. Hank Sajovic, Jack Connors and Steve Redick are to thank for these images.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 69

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Chicago apparatus updates

The following CFD apparatus photos have been updated:

The photos were submitted by Steve Redick and Jack Connors.

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Cicero photo updates

Images of apparatus assigned to Cicero Station 3 on 34th Street have been updated. A recent trip to the area by several photographers on a sunny day provided the means for nicer photos of the tower ladder, engine 3 and the spare truck. The group consisted of Bill Friedrich, George Reichart, Don Feipel, Jeff Schielkie, Steve Redick, Hank Sajovic, and Larry Shapiro.

Cicero fire Department EONE E-ONE Cyclone II Tower Ladder

Cicero IL EONE E-ONE Cyclone II HP100 TDA Super Tiller Truck 2

2009 EONE HP100 Tillered Aerial as Cicero Truck 2. Photo by Steve Redick

Illinois Fire Photographers Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Bil Friedrich, Steve Redick

The fire-buff photographers with Stickney Truck 1204. From left to right are: Hank Sajovic, Larry Shapiro, Don Feipel, Bill Friedrich, Jeff Schielkie, George Reichart, and Steve Redick. Photo by Chief Larry Meyer

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Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

On Saturday, the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago opened it’s doors to allow a preview of the work that has been done to date. The museum is not yet open nor is it finished but a tremendous amount of effort has taken place. There were more than 70 visitors who had the opportunity to look at an Ahrens Fox pumper, several static displays including uniforms, buckets, helmets, scale models, an old fire alarm board, artwork and photographs. The building itself looks great and the red bay doors really dress up the exterior.

The 5-11 Club Canteen offered refreshments and there were homemade pastries for snacking. Steve Redick was on-hand with a camera and has offered a few photos.

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

The exterior of the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago, which was once the quarters of Engine 123. Photo by Steve Redick

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

Closeup of the exterior stonework on the building which houses the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago. Steve Redick photo

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

Historical painting which is now part of the museum collection. Photo by Stve Redick

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

A vintage status map from the Englewood Alarm Office. Photo by Steve Redick

Fire Museum of Greater Chicago

Steve Redick posing with the amplifier panel which he used while working at the Englewood Alarm Office . Photo by Larry Shapiro

Englewood FIre Alarm Office

Steve Redick circa 1980 with the then state-of-the-art amplifier panel at the Main Fire Englewood Alarm Office. Photo Courtesy of Steve Redick

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Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol

Steve Redick found this video interview on WGN Channel 9 yesterday about a book that was released by Keith Seafield on the History of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol. Beginning in the 1800s, the insurance industry funded the insurance patrol to minimize damage done to building contents due to water damage from fighting the fire.

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final CFD stations are online

Today, the final 16 CFD firehouses were uploaded to the site! This is a milestone that we have been waiting for and required the assistance of several people to accomplish. As with many postings, this does not mean that every piece of apparatus is represented … just that each house has an active link. There is 1 (and only 1) house with no images posted at all … rigs or house, but that is an exception.  otherwise, every link has at east one … perhaps all images posted.

Four links on the CFD index listing remain inactive as of today … these are the Quinn Fire Academy, The Special Operations warehouse plus the two Air Mask locations.  These links will be activated soon.

It is possible that a list this comprehensive representing the Chicago Fire Department does not exist on any website … and when the remaining placeholders are filled this will truly be a first!

With that said, here is a listing of the current additions to the site with images submitted by Jack Connors, Karl Klotz, Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic

1st District: Engine 58, Engine 112

2nd District: Engine 68, Engine 71 and Engine 94.

4th District: Engine 57, Engine 113.

5th District: Engine 116

6th District: Engine 73, Engine 74, Engine 82, Engine 92, Engine 104, Engine 120, Engine 126 and Truck 24

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