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New engines for Bartlett FPD

From the Sentinel ES Facebook page:

COMING SOON  The Bartlett Fire District in Bartlett, Illinois is expecting TWINS!!! These Crossfire pumpers will be the FIRST Rosenbauers for the department! THANK YOU Chief William Gabrenya and the Bartlett Fire Protection District for your business. We cannot wait for these beauties to be completed!

Features include:
Commander chassis 78? cab with 11? raised roof
Sealed lever bank pump controls
750 gallons of water
1500-GPM pump
For a complete list of features visit our website:

Bartlett FPD orders Rosenbauer fire engines

click to download

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Bartlett Fire Protection District news

Excerpts from the

Bartlett Fire Protection District Fire Chief William Gabrenya

Bartlett Fire Protection District Fire Chief William Gabrenya

The Bartlett Fire Protection District board has appointed William Gabrenya as the new fire chief, effective June 28. Gabrenya, currently the assistant chief and a 27-year veteran of the fire service, will replace the retiring Chief Michael Falese. His formal swearing-in ceremony is set for July 17.

Gabrenya began his career in 1992 as a volunteer firefighter in Bartlett. He joined the Palatine Fire Department in 1995 and served there until 2017, when he returned to Bartlett as assistant chief.

Gabrenya’s educational background includes obtaining an executive fire officer certification through the National Fire Academy-United States Fire Administration, chief fire officer certification through the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal, and chief officer accreditation from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. He is one of only 1,200 accredited fire chiefs worldwide.

He earned his master of public administration in local government management and leadership from Northern Illinois University, and his bachelor of science in fire science management (cum laude) from Southern Illinois University.

Gabreyna is married to Dr. Kristina Gabrenya, and they have two children. He is a veteran, having served eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he attained the rank of sergeant.

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Bartlett Fire Protection District news

Excerpts from the

Bartlett Fire Protection District Fire Chief Mike Falese, who is retiring next month, has announced the promotion of Lt. Brian Becker to the position of assistant chief.

The office of assistant chief is currently held by William Gabrenya, who is expected to succeed Falese as chief.

Becker joined the fire protection district in June 2008, has developed a mentor/coaching program for new hires, manages the district’s facilities division and is currently enrolled in the University of Illinois-Springfield Master of Public Administration program.

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As seen around … Bartlett

This from Steve Redick:

Bartlett & Countryside FPD fire truck

Steve Redick photo

Bartlett & Countryside FPD fire truck

Steve Redick photo

Bartlett & Countryside FPD fire truck

Steve Redick photo

Bartlett & Countryside FPD fire truck

Steve Redick photo

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New ambulances for Bartlett

This from Martin Nowak:

Bartlett Fire from the Foster Coach website

Medic 1 – Ford E-series

ambulance photo

Bartlett Medic 1. Foster Coach Sales photo

Medic 2 РFord F-series 

ambulance photo

Bartlett Medic 2. Foster Coach Sales photo


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Barrington Box Alarm 1-8-13 (part 3)

Images from the Barrington Box Alarm from Larry Shapiro.

fire water tanker dumps water

Wauconda and East Dundee tankers fill the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

fire scene with water shuttle

The water supply officer manages the tankers dumping into the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

Forest Preserve sign for the property. Larry Shapiro photo

many fire engines staged at fire scene

Many fire engines line Penny Road as firefighters finish up at the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

Barrington fire engine with lots of hose off

Firefighters begin to reload multiple lengths of hose onto the engine. Larry Shapiro photo

firefighters working with hose line

Carpentersville firefighters work a line. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

Firefighters douse the smoldering ruins with Class A foam. Larry Shapiro photo

barn fire in Barrington Hills

White smoke shows the location of the former barn. Larry Shapiro photo

fire engine drafting from portable tank

Barrington engine drafting from the portable dump tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

Arlington Heights Ambulance 1

Arlington Heights’ new Ambulance 1. Larry Shapiro photo

HME chassis water tankers

Two large water tankers on custom HME chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

More images are available to view HERE.

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Barrington Box Alarm 1-8-13

The Barrington & Countryside FPD received a call reporting a barn fire this afternoon at 544 Penny Road in Barrington Hills. The vacant barn is on the Cook County Forest Preserve property behind a vacant house which used to be occupied by a caretaker. The structure was fully involved when the first Barrington companies arrived, and the alarm was upgraded immediately to a box alarm for water tankers and additional personnel.

View Larger Map

The structure went down quickly and no exposures were threatened. Five tankers shuttled water to the scene. Departments with tankers were Long Grove, Palatine Rural, East Dundee, Wauconda, and Bartlett. Engines came from Carpentersville, Lake Zurich, Algonquin-Lake in the Hills, Hoffman Estates, and Fox River Grove. Palatine responded with Quint 81 in addition to Cary Squad 255, Buffalo Grove Ambulance 26, and Arlington Heights Ambulance 1.

Tim Olk, Scott Peterson, and Larry Shapiro all went to the scene and will have images to share.

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The color of fire trucks (part 3)

The third post in this series outlines the departments in Division 2 that have converted their apparatus over the years to red.

The Bartlett & Countryside Fire Protection District had several generations of engines that were painted bright yellow. These included two Hendickson-Howe engines, one Ford-Howe engine, one Ford-Grumman engine, two Seagrave engines, and a Chevy-Super Vac squad. They switched to black over red in 1986.

Bartlett & Countryside FPD Hendrickson Howe top-mount engine

This unit that was assigned as Engine 612 was delivered in 1973 by Howe. It featured a small top-mount pump console for the 1,000-GPM pump. It carried 800 gallons of water and was on an International chassis with a Hendrickson 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection

The Hanover Park & Ontarioville Fire Protection District had multiple units that were white over lime green before switching to black over red in 2001. They had three Hendrickson-Howe engines similar to the ones in Bartlett, a Hendrickson-American-LTI truck, a Spartan-EONE squad, a Spartan-EONE engine, and an EONE Cyclone engine, all of which were painted white/green.

Hanover Park FIre Department Hendrickson LTI fire truck

Hanover Park ran this 1977 American Fire Apparatus unit that had a 100' LTI rear-mount aerial and was built on a Hendrickson chassis with an 1871S cab. Larry Shapiro collection.

Previous posts in this series are HERE and HERE.

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Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue updated

Bill Friedrich submitted images of the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District apparatus that has been missing from the site. Included are the shift commander buggy, two utilities, and the long awaited 1993 X-Bartlett Seagrave with the new paint job. (it’s third life-time color scheme)

Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District Seagrave Engine 1821

Engine 1821 is the front-line engine out of Station 3. Bill Friedrich photo

Bartlett Fire District 1993 Seagrave engine

1993 Seagrave engine as painted for the Bartlett Fire District prior to being sold to the Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartlett Fire District Engine 662

When the Seagrave was repainted black over red to reflect a changeover in the apparatus fleet, it was in service as Engine 662. The new lettering no longer included "Countryside" as part of the district's name. Larry Shapiro photo

Bartlett Fire Protection District Engine 612 Seagrave

The Seagrave was originally Engine 612 when it was delivered in 1993. At that time, the entire Bartlett fleet was painted yellow and the lettering displayed Bartlett & Countryside Fire protection District. Larry Shapiro collection

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