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Long Grove rollover with entrapment 9-9-13

This from Larry Shapiro:

Long Grove firefighters were called to the scene of a tractor-trailer rollover on the ramp from northbound I53 to westbound Lake Cook Road early this afternoon. This is the site of many truck accidents annually. Arriving with Long Grove companies was Buffalo Grove Tower 25. The driver was trapped in the vehicle and needed to be extricated.

After the driver was transported to the hospital, fire units stood by for a towing and recovery company tasked with uprighting and removing the truck and trailer.

Long Grove Fire Protection District

A semi lays on it’s side with the driver trapped in the cab. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District

Firefighters remove the driver to a stretcher. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District

The patient is removed from the truck. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District

Firefighters pickup tools after the patient was removed. Larry Shapiro photo

Long Grove Fire Protection District

Buffalo Grove Tower 25 was at the scene. Larry Shapiro photo

A-Express Towing and Recovery

The truck lying on it’s side off the ramp. Larry Shapiro photo

A-Express Towing and Recovery

A heavy wrecker is hooked to the trailer. Larry Shapiro photo

A-Express Towing and Recovery

Iinitially two trucks were used to bring the truck and trailer back onto it’s wheels. Larry Shapiro photo

A-Express Towing and Recovery

A third truck is added to upright the truck and trailer. Larry Shapiro photo

A-Express Towing and Recovery

After the truck was uprighted by the towing company. Larry Shapiro photo

Additional images can be viewed HERE including the full uprighting of the truck.

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Barrington Countryside FPD signs staffing agreement

From the Barrington Countryside FPD website:

Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District Trustees formally signed an agreement with Schiller Park-based Paramedic Services of Illinois (PSI) to provide the District with 33 full-time firefighter/paramedics when it begins independent operations on January 1, 2014.

The contract’s signing at a September 5 special meeting allows Fire Chief/Administrator Jeff Swanson to begin working with PSI to fully staff the District’s Barrington Hills and Lake Barrington fire stations.  Trustees also began discussions with PSI on ways to further increase staffing levels with supplemental part-time personnel.

Plans call for hiring to begin in October, with firefighter training and familiarization starting in early November.  All District firefighter/paramedics will be employed by PSI but report directly to Chief Swanson.

As part of the staffing agreement, PSI will hire Barrington firefighters who wish to continue their careers with the BCFPD after they lose their jobs with the village in December.

Trustees had delayed the signing of the PSI contract because the village has not yet released the names of the firefighters who will be laid off.  That makes it difficult for the District – and the affected firefighters – to plan accordingly.

“We hope the village will release those names immediately, so those firefighters have ample time to apply for positions with the District,” Chief Swanson says.

These firefighters will receive salary and paid time-off benefits that are identical to what they earned as village employees.  They will also have the opportunity to become officers in the new department.

Meanwhile, BCFPD trustees received a letter of support from elected officials representing Barrington Hills, Lake Barrington, North Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington and Cuba Townships, and Lake County – nearly every jurisdiction the District serves.

The letter applauds trustees’ decision to approve the staffing agreement with PSI, saying it “will ensure that well-qualified, experienced personnel – including those who may be separated from the village of Barrington as part of its reduction in force – will be available to serve all the District’s residents.”

With the PSI agreement completed, District trustees will focus on confirming a date to divide the apparatus and equipment jointly-owned by both the District and village of Barrington.  Board members may consider supplemental equipment purchases, depending on how the current equipment is divided.


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Seen around town …

This from Drew Smith:

Was driving by MPC Lighting & Communication today and saw this ex-military vehicle outside being worked on. I'm told it is a MRAP built in 2007 or 2008 for $648,000. It served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was recently decommissioned. The story I received us that the DOD has too many of them, they are too costly to moth ball and maintain, and that the first 12 were given to local law enforcement SWAT, with NIPAS being the sole IL recipient thus far. It is highly armored, had all weapons removed, but retains many desirable features. The chassis is 12VDC vs the old military 24VDC. It has a very large winch on the front and a ramp/stairs at the rear. I'm told NIPAS will paint and letter it to match their fleet. I was also told that the Feds did full PM service and installed all new tires before delivery. 


NIPAS Emergency Services Team

Decommissioned US Army MRAP that was acquired by the NIPAS EST. Drew Smith photo

Also, Rutland-Dundee had a new engine there for some installs.


Rutland Dundee Fire District

Rutland-Dundee FPD engine. Drew Smith photo

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