This from Drew Smith:

Was driving by MPC Lighting & Communication today and saw this ex-military vehicle outside being worked on. I'm told it is a MRAP built in 2007 or 2008 for $648,000. It served in Iraq and Afghanistan and was recently decommissioned. The story I received us that the DOD has too many of them, they are too costly to moth ball and maintain, and that the first 12 were given to local law enforcement SWAT, with NIPAS being the sole IL recipient thus far. It is highly armored, had all weapons removed, but retains many desirable features. The chassis is 12VDC vs the old military 24VDC. It has a very large winch on the front and a ramp/stairs at the rear. I'm told NIPAS will paint and letter it to match their fleet. I was also told that the Feds did full PM service and installed all new tires before delivery. 


NIPAS Emergency Services Team

Decommissioned US Army MRAP that was acquired by the NIPAS EST. Drew Smith photo

Also, Rutland-Dundee had a new engine there for some installs.


Rutland Dundee Fire District

Rutland-Dundee FPD engine. Drew Smith photo