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New ambulances for Lisle-Woodridge FPD

From the August 22nd BOT meeting. Lisle-Woodridge ordered two 2025 Ford F-550 / Demers ambulances.

On page 156 of the attached packet; #ambulancebid; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #MacQueen; #Demers;

click to download; #ambulancebid; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #MacQueen; #Demers;

click to download; #ambulancebid; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #MacQueen; #Demers;

click to download; #ambulancebid; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #RoadRescue; #FireServiceInc;

click to download; #ambulancebid; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #Horton; #FosterCoachSales;

click to download

Lisle-Woodridge FPD board meeting packet

thanks Daniel

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New engine for Lisle-Woodridge FPD

From the Pierce Flickr page:; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Pierce composite; #Pierce; #Enforcer; #FireTruck; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Pierce composite

thanks Martin

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Hazmat Box in Warrenville, 8-17-23 (more)

Excerpts from

A dangerous chemical spill in the western suburbs prompted a HAZMAT response Thursday evening, when a toxic and deadly gas was accidentally concocted during routine pool maintenance.

Just before 5:30 p.m., the Warrenville Fire Department responded to The Westlyn apartment complex in the 28000 block of Diehl Road and the call was soon upgraded to a box alarm, prompting a response from HAZMAT technicians in surrounding communities.

Fire officials confirmed that chlorine and muriatic acid were spilled by accident. The dangerous combination creates chlorine gas.

Hazmat technicians made entry into the building to contain, neutralize, and remove the product from the building where they discovered a hazardous vapor cloud.

A spokesperson with the complex said that a maintenance team was restocking pool supplies when there was a mixture of chemicals that caused a reaction in a mechanical room.

It led to a massive emergency response and an hours-long evacuation.

Firefighters used a large portion of the parking lot during their response, as their setup outside was just as important as it was to get inside to contain the spill.

On their way out, the HAZMAT team followed a rigorous decontamination process.

Firefighters ventilated the building, and just after 7 p.m. residents were able to return to their apartments.

Four people were treated and released by paramedics for non-life threatening injuries.

Several surrounding fire departments responded to assist Warrenville firefighters, including Wheaton, Lisle-Woodridge, Downers Grove, Boilingbrook and Naperville.

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Hazmat Box in Warrenville, 8-17-23

This from Daniel Hynd:

Warrenville FPD responded to an apartment building on Diehl Rd on the evening of 8-17-23 for a chemical spill inside the pool area. Hazmat teams from Naperville, Lisle-Woodridge, Downers Grove, Bolingbrook, and Argonne National Lab were able to mitigate the spill within 2 hours.; #hazmat; #DanielHynd; #firefighters;

Daniel Hynd photo; #hazmat; #DanielHynd; #firefighters;

Daniel Hynd photo; #hazmat; #DanielHynd; #FireTruck;

Daniel Hynd photo; #hazmat; #DanielHynd; #firefighters;

Daniel Hynd photo; #hazmat; #DanielHynd; #decon;

Daniel Hynd photo

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House explosion in Lisle, 7-1-23

Excerpts from

Neighbors said they heard a house explode in the in the 4500 block of Ivanhoe Avenue in Lisle on Saturday afternoon. It was not immediately clear if anyone was inside the home when the explosion happened, or if anyone was injured in the blast.; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #houseexplosion;

Northern Illinois Scanner Incidents; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #houseexplosion;

Northern Illinois Scanner Incidents

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Lisle-Woodridge FPD engine for sale

Found at

2011 Pierce PUC Pumper

Truck Type Used Pumpers and Engines
Manufacturer Pierce
Year Built 2011
Mileage 40,511
Location USA – Midwest
Stock # 16956
  • Stock#: 16956
  • 2011
  • Pierce 
  • Pierce chassis
  • Length: 33′ 9″
  • Truck height: 10′ 8″
  • Wheelbase: 213″
  • GVWR: 53,800
  • Seating for 4; 3 SCBA seats
  • Mileage: 40,511
  • Engine hours: 1,235
  • Detroit Series 60 515 HP diesel engine
  • Allison 4000 EVS automatic transmission
  • Additional equipment not included with purchase unless otherwise listed.
  • Pierce PUC 1500-GPM side-mount pump
  • 750-gallon polypropylene tank
  • Driver’s side discharges: (2) 2 1/2″
  • Crosslays/speedlays: crosslays: (2) 2″, (1) 2 1/2″
  • Officer’s side discharge: (1) 2 1/2″, (1) 4″
  • Rear discharges: (1) 2 1/2″
  • Front suction: (1) 6″
  • Piped for deck gun; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #PUC; #forsale;

thanks Rob

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House fire in Lisle, 4-17-23

This from Daniel Hynd:

Photos from a house fire in Lisle on Monday 4-17-23; #Lisle-Woodridge FPD; #house fire; #DanielHynd;

Daniel Hynd photo; #Lisle-Woodridge FPD; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #Ascendant; #Enforcer; #DanielHynd;

Daniel Hynd photo

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New home for former Lisle-Woodridge FPD tower ladder

This from Daniel Hynd:

I found pictures of Lisle-Woodridge FPD’s old tower ladder in it’s new home at Grant County Fire District 8 in Mattawa, WA

Photos from GCFD8’s website 

Here’s a link to the original posting from Brindlee Mountain; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #GrantCountyFD8; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Grant County Fire District 8 photo; #FireTruck; #Pierce; #GrantCountyFD8; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Grant County Fire District 8 photo

Also from Danny Nelms:

Lisle-Woodridge FPD old Tower 51 at it’s new home with Grant County Fire District 8 in Mattawa, WA

2011 Pierce Arrow XT 100′ Platform 
Sold by Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus around September of last year
(Photos from GCFD8’s website)

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Box Alarm fire in Lisle, 3-13-22 (more)

More photos of the Box Alarm fire in Lisle, 3-13-22 from Tyler Tobolt:

Here are photos of the Lisle – Woodridge Box Alarm. 

Heavy fire and smoke were showing on arrival, crews did go defensive for a little while and Tower 51 was setup to use their master stream. 

More photos are HERE

#TylerTobolt;; #firescene; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Tyler Tobolt photo

#TylerTobolt;; #firescene; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD;

Tyler Tobolt photo

#TylerTobolt;; #firescene; #Lisle-WoodridgeFPD; #Ascendant

Tyler Tobolt photo

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Box Alarm fire in Lisle, 3-13-22

This from Daniel Hynd:

Lisle-Woodridge FPD was dispatched to an apartment fire in the 5400 Blk of Burr Oak Rd on Sunday, March 13th. Companies were met with heavy fire on arrival. The alarm was upgraded to a Box alarm 20 minutes in.

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