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New engines for Joliet FD

From the Fire Service, Inc. Facebook page:

(2) Custom E-ONE engines
 Cyclone 80” CA cab with Vista Roof
 Stainless steel body
 Low hosebed
 Top-mount pump controls
 780-gallon water tank
 1,500-GPM Hale QMAX pump
 Federal Signal Products emergency warning lights
 FireTech HiViz LED scene lights; #JolietFD; #EONE; #Cyclone; #FireTruck; #drawing;

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Joliet Fire Department News

From December memos for two new engines. 

Budget Amending Ordinance 2 New Fire Engine Purchases (003)


WHEREAS, after holding a public hearing and giving notice thereof in the manner provided by law and ordinance, the Mayor and City Council have examined and approved an Annual Budget for the City of Joliet for the fiscal year 2023; and

WHEREAS, the 2023 Annual Budget did not include a recommended expenditure of $ 200,000 for the additional purchase of the 2 Fire Engine Purchases; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and City Council hereby find the 2023 Annual Budget should be amended to include said unforeseen expenditures; and

WHEREAS, funds are available to effectuate the purpose of the amendment; and

WHEREAS, the Mayor and City Council hereby find that the proposed amendment to the Annual Budget is fiscally sound and adoption is in the best interests of the residents of the City of Joliet.


SECTION 1: The 2023 Annual Budget for the City of Joliet, Will and Kendall Counties, Illinois is hereby amended to include a $200,000 expenditure (Org 30070020, Object 557500) utilizing General Funds for the additional purchase requirements of the 2 new Fire Engines.

SECTION 2: The Annual Budget and amendment approved by this Ordinance shall collectively constitute an “Annual Budget” for the purposes of Section 8-2-9.1-1 through 8-2-9.10, inclusive, of the Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILCS 5/8-2-9.1 et seq.), as amended, and as an annual appropriation ordinance as set forth in Section 8-2-9.4 thereof.

SECTION 3: This Ordinance is adopted pursuant to the home rule powers granted the City of Joliet by Article VII, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of Illinois. In addition, this Ordinance is adopted pursuant to the authority and in accordance with the procedures set forth by law. To the extent that this Ordinance conflicts with any provision of law, this Ordinance shall be construed so as to preempt such law pursuant to the home rule powers of the City of Joliet. This Ordinance shall be deemed severable.

SECTION 4: This Ordinance shall be in effect immediately upon its passage.


(partial) Meeting Minutes – Final Tuesday, December 5, 2023 5:30 PM City Hall, Council Chambers Public Safety Committee


Ordinance Amending the 2023 Budget for the Two New Fire TMP-6707 Engine Purchases

Attachments: Budget Amending Ordinance 2 New Fire Engine Purchases (003)

Jeff Price briefly explains Ordinance Amending the 2023 Budget for the Two New Fire Engine Purchases

Councilwoman Quillman, and Councilwoman Reardon ask questions about price difference.

Jeff Price explains difference.

Councilman Clement questions why if original contract was signed would there would be any price increases.

Jeff Price explains price difference from original contract is because of changes they made not because they increased original contract.

A motion was made by Councilman Joe Clement, seconded by Councilwoman Sherri Reardon, to recommend for approval COUNCIL MEMO #TMP-6707: Ordinance Amending the 2023 Budget for the Two New Fire Engine Purchases.

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New truck for the Joliet FD (more)

This from Chris Skrabel:

Joliet new Tower 6; #firetruck; #ChrisSkrabel; #EONE; #E-ONE; #JolietFD;

Chris Skrabel photo

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House fire in Joliet, 7-19-23

From Chris Skrabel:

Followed truck company 9 from joliet to a large mansion-style house fire. Good knock by joliet, held to their working fire response.; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo; #JolierFD; #ChrisSkrabel; #housefire;

Chris Skrabel photo


At 4:31 p.m., the Joliet Fire Department responded to 606 Rookery Lane for a structure fire. The first units arrived within 3 minutes of the call and were met with heavy smoke and fire coming from the two-story single family dwelling.

The building was unoccupied and under construction, and all workers were able to get out of the building. Multiple hose lines were used inside to extinguish fire on the second floor. Other crews performed water supply, search, ventilation, salvage and overhaul, safety, and support functions.

The fire was declared under control at 5:40 p.m.

Crews from stations 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 responded to the scene. There were no injuries to report. 

Last September, that the Joliet City Council made 606 Rookery Lane a public nuisance

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New truck for the Joliet FD

From Fire Service, Inc. Facebook:

Joliet Illinois doing an acceptance on another E-One aerial. Thank you for your continued business.; #JolietFD; #FireServiceInc; #EONE; #firetruck;

E-ONE photo

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Peoria Fire Department news

Excerpts from; #PeoriaFD; #TonyCummings;Peoria Fire Department Battalion Chief Tony Cummings has been promoted to assistant chief.

Chief Cummings began his career with the department on May 22, 2000. During his career, he has worked the ranks of engineer, captain, Battalion Chief of EMS and Division Chief of Operations. He is a 23-year aaramedic for the Peoria community and has served as an instructor to other paramedics and EMT’s on the fire department and other agencies.

Chief Cummings is a 1992 graduate of Peoria High School and Illinois Central College. He received an Associate Degree in Applied Science and Fire Science, a graduate of Western Illinois University, where he received a Bachelor of Science, Fire Administration and Management, and a graduate of Arizona State University, where he received his Master’s degree in Executive Fire Officer.

He is an active member with his fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated, as well as a proud member of the Afro American Firefighters Association Peoria chapter.

Chief Cummings is a proud father of three children, his oldest Darren also was just hired by the Peoria Fire Department.

After 29 years of service to the Peoria community, Chief Rick Morgan has elected to retire.

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Joliet Fire Department news

Excerpts from

An iconic venue in Joliet was damaged by a fire on Wednesday afternoon, with an investigation currently underway after the blaze.

According to officials, the fire at the Patrick Haley Mansion, located in the first block of South Center, broke out Wednesday afternoon while staff were preparing for an event.

The fire was brought under control within 40 minutes, and firefighters remained on scene for several hours putting out hot spots.

The mansion, built in the 1890’s, is a popular venue for weddings and other events, and Joliet residents say it is an important part of their city’s history.

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Joliet Fire Department news

Excerpts from

In 2022, the City of Joliet collected about $11 million from ambulance fees. This year they hiked the standard ambulance fee to $2,800, an increase expected to bring in an additional $934,000 a year. The new fee matches the amount Medicaid pays for ambulance service through the Ground Emergency Medical Transport program.

Joliet residents pay nothing out-of-pocket for city ambulance services, but the hike will allow the city to collect more money from Medicaid and private insurers used by residents.  Joliet waives any part of an ambulance bill not covered by insurers for city residents and employees who work in Joliet regardless of where they live if they require ambulance service in the course of their job duties.

“It’s a federal program that allows us to collect from our Medicaid ambulance patients, which accounts for nearly half of that $11 million,” Fire Chief Jeff Carey said.

The city previously charged fees of $1,800, 1,900, and $2,000 based on the level of life support provided during ambulance service. The same $2,800 fee will now be applied to all ambulance patients.

More than 90% of Joliet Fire Department ambulance calls involve city residents.

The city also charges a fee of $15 a mile for ambulance calls, and a $300 fee is charged for city assistance provided to private ambulance services.

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Working fire in Joliet, 9-25-22

Excerpts from the

A fire was reported at 4:02 p.m. Sunday at 69 North Chicago St. in Joliet. When firefighters arrived, flames were coming from the third floor of the vacant building, and there was also fire on the second floor.

Access to the third floor was closed off, so firefighters had to cut through the second floor ceiling. The roof was ventilated and both floors were checked for extension.

Joliet firefighters were on the fire scene for at about 90 minutes. The cause of the remains unknown.

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Joliet Fire Department news

From The Joliet FIre Department

On June 6, 2022, at 1206pm, the Joliet Fire Department, with crews from stations 6 and 7, responded to a report of a single semi-truck accident on I-80 with the cab hanging over Houbolt Rd.  Upon arrival, crews found the driver was still in the cab and only the weight of the trailer was keeping the cab from falling onto Houbolt Rd.  Tower 6 was placed over the top of the cab and assisted the driver from the cab and into the basket.  The driver suffered very minor injuries and was transported to Ascension St. Joes in good condition.  The Illinois State Police are investigating the incident.; #JolietFD; #tractor-trailercrash;

Joliet Fire Department photo

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