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Waukegan is added to the site

The Waukegan Fire Department has been added to the listings in MABAS Division 4. The last department in the county to be added is the largest. Waukegan has five stations with more than 28 pieces of rolling stock. All houses have an ALS rescue unit, and four run engine companies. Waukegan Station 4 staffs a 105′ Pierce quint alongside Rescue 1644.

Waukegan Fire Department

Waukegan Squad 1651 is a 2004 Seagrave. Jeff Rudolph photo


Waukegan provides a bomb squad with containment vessel for Lake and McHenry Counties out of an annex building at Station 1. They also have a dive unit, haz mat unit, a large squad, and a 6×6 ARFF at the Waukegan Regional Airport.

Waukegan Fire Department

Waukegan 1667 serves as the bomb squad for Lake and McHenry counties. Larry Shapiro photo

Waukegan Fire Department

1665 is a 1984 Oshkosh T-12 6×6 1500/3140/310AFFF. Larry Shapiro photo

They have Seagrave and KME engines, a Pierce and Seagrave aerial, plus Medtec, Wheeled Coach, and Taylor Made ambulances.

Waukegan Fire Department

Engine 1613 is a 2011 KME Severe Service 1500/750. Jeff Rudolph photo

Waukegan Fire Department

Rescue 1643 is a 2007 Medtec on a 4300 IHC chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

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Skokie updates

Skokie has received a new ambulance for station 18. This 2009/2010 unit is t he first Horton in Skokie. The previous ambulances were Medtec units and prior to that they were from Road Rescue. Skokie buys through the Northwest Municipal Conference Suburban PurchasingCooperative list of approved suppliers and Horton was on that list when this unit was ordered (Wheeled Coach and Foster Coach/Medtec were also on that list which has since expired).

Skokie Ambulance 18 Horton Type I

Skokie's new 2009/2010 Horton Type I for Ambulance 18. Larry Shapiro photo

Skokie Ambulance 18

Passenger side of the new Horton ambulance at Station 18. Larry Shapiro photo

The previous 2003 Medtec Ambulance 18 is now Ambulance 17R and the 2000 Road Rescue which had been Ambulance 17R was traded in.

Horton ambulance interior

The interior of the new Horton ambulance. Larry Shapiro photo

rear chevron on Horton ambulance

A rear view of the ambulance showing the full chevron striping and LED lighting. Larry Shapiro photo

The Ford/Taylor Made command unit for Battalion 16 has, until now, been missing from the site. The photo is now available HERE.

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